Sunday, July 31, 2005

I was worrying about some people I know reading my blog, what if I offend someone and dont even know it? No worries, I just goggled my name and there must at least 1000 Melody Hamiltons out there. All more newsworthy than me. One is a rodeo queen is that not a hoot?

2 cookouts this past weekend, good friends, good fun. Trudy's son Eric is really very likable, alot of teens are all surly and dark these days. Linda and Steve didnt show up to either one, and Steve wonders why I feel the way I do. I think soon it will get a point where it will cease to matter. Cant wait to get there.

Pee diary today, not fun. I wanted to go to the dogshow but no I get to stay at home and pee in a hat. I have to go grocery shopping, just cant pee while I am there LOL. I hope the meds help, my back STILL hurts from the exam thursday.



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