Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I overslept this morning and then stepped in dog poop when I got up. It was not a great beginning for today. I thought it would be a really bad day but it was ok.

Wylie is acting like she is in heat again, all whiney and drippy and grumpy as hell. She has been spayed TWICE now I really dont know what is going on!! Brent has so much faith in our vet but I am starting to wonder.

My parents 49th anniversary is tomorrow...I thought it was today and called a day early but I forgot last year so I guess I am doing good ha.

Read in the star that nicolette sheridan is thinking of doing reality TV. I would watch LOL! I thought my addiction to celebreality was pathetic until I saw how pathetic Whitney and Bobby are. How sad they are...how I love to watch! Dont know who is sadder!



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