Thursday, August 11, 2005

What a week. Certainly had its highs and lows. Really low point, another frigging bladder infection, this one feels like my kidney is involved again. High point...I got some awesome pink sandals for 8.99! High point...the brats are coming for a visit in 2 weeks for sure and I didnt even have to deal with the ex to make it happen. Kelly did most of the work. I did have to ask off, and worried about that but it was ok. Low point...the baby Star literally got the piss scared out of her by loud thunder but she happened to be on MY bed when she wet herself. High has been good this week, I am still a little behind but I got alot done and there was no drama. Oh, I Forgot one bit of drama but it didnt really effect me. Low point... had to take extra lasix yesterday, i felt like maybe I was getting the "drowning" feeling again. I am so paraniod where my health is concerned anymore. When I was healthly I didnt appreciate it.



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