Thursday, January 25, 2007

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.....

Yesterday was an adventurous day for me. lets go back and relive all the fun....

I had to get my blood drawn, its usually a quick process. But I got added to my husband's health insurance this year as well as keeping my own (Hopefully this will help me from adding alot to my mountain of medical debts) and there was some discussion when I checked in as to what is primary and secondary. Then I go back to the lab and I hate to wait 45 minutes, they were short staffed. Usually I am in and out. I took my book but I had people on both sides of me, the lady on the left started talking to me. Then the older couple to the left were having a loud conversation about grits. Yes grits. They weren't arguing really but they were having a loud disagreement as to whether grits are a grain and would he have eaten eggs that morning if she had made them?? The answer (I know you are dying to know) is NO he wouldn't but his point was that she didn't know that. Needless to say I didn't get any reading done. I wonder if me and the Canadian will be like that in our later years? But anyway when I finally got back to the lab, it was quick and no pain so that was nice.

After the visit to the vampires, I had to get some groceries. I had 3 items on my list. But I walked out with $46 worth of groceries! How does this happen? Are there aliens that abducted me in my past and implanted a micro chip to make me buy more groceries than I need so they can track human eating habits? (hey, it could happen!) Look at what I was tricked into buying! Yummy frozen mini eclairs!

Last night I fell again, I have been falling alot lately, its the nature of the beast when your legs and feet don't work like they are supposed to. The dogs thought I was playing and were all over me, they are not too bright sometimes. The worst part about falling is trying to get myself up off the floor. Sounds easy but for me its not. I have to crawl over to the nearest taller object and pull myself up with just my arms as my legs are useless in such a situation (no yoga classes for me)

I talked to Stuffgirl last night and she has a date Sunday with Cute military guy!! She is excited, long hair guy never took her dates she says, they just "hung out" whatever. She is young and good looking she should be having fun so I am glad. The other guy she went out with never called her. She thinks its because they went to all you can eat pizza buffet and he saw how much food she can pack away for such a skinny girl LOL. Kornfan says he has been invited to play guitar with a band that has had some local success, so I am thrilled! Maybe he will get rich and famous and be a rock star and buy his mom extravagant presents (hey it can happen too LOL)

Back to last night. I wasn't sleepy and was up later then usual. I was laying there close to sleep when I hear a barking dog outside. I lay there wondering who is the inconsiderate person with the barking dog at midnight. The barking continued and I was getting irritated, when it occurred me that barking was coming from MY yard!!! I got up and checked and Baby had gone out the dog door and for some reason was barking like a fool!! Greyhounds are not usually big barkers but no one told her and she is very vocal. Took me forever to get her inside and I had to lure her in with a treat (that's right lets reward this behavior but I was desperate) I am sure all my neighbors hate me this morning.

Maybe today will be a better day. At least I have eclairs.



Blogger Beth said...

wow, your day was very eventful! And the eclairs look yummy!!!!

I may be dumb, but can I ask what's wrong with your legs and feet? MS? Just wonderin....

Tell that girl to enjoy her date and to make sure she has lots of 'em...she should be wined and dined!

7:10 AM  
Blogger poody said...

DROOL!!! I want those asnd the banana bars too! I hate falling too. I fell about a month ago at home and had to crawl to the kitchen to hoist up on the counter. Damn these "granny legs"

1:54 PM  
Blogger Scarlet said...

Too much sugar is making you fall. GIVE THOSE ECLAIRS TO ME, NOW!!!!


4:54 PM  
Blogger Ms.L said...

Ohh gosh,enjoy those eclairs.
What a day,what a day..

My dad has this syndrome(I have no clue what's it's called,I wonder if you guys have the same thing??) But he's also on blood thinners for clotting,and he's always falling down,poor guy.
It sure sucks doesn't it? I'm sorry:(

I love listening to people argue or 'discuss' things out in public,hee hee.

6:48 PM  

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