Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We adopted a new greyhound 2 weeks ago, he is so awesome i love him so much!!! Nothing can take away the pain of losing my other babies but he helps. He helps so much! His name is Icarus, and we call him Icky lol.

Went to Virginia to visit my mom and my kids. had a great visit, although there was one fight with mom over the vacuum cleaner (of all things really???) I don't know how we get into arguments, it happens without me even realizing. Its ALWAYS been that way with her and me. Too much alike maybe? I dunno. But other than that it was nice. Saw the brats, Stuffgirl is still engaged and almost living with her futures family. Kornfan is living with his girlfriend and her baby, I really am not sure about that. I really like his girlfriend and the baby is a cutie but the baby calls him daddy and is way attached and i am worried if things don't work out its gonna hurt everyone more. But its their lives i am just on the sidelines lol.

work has been crazy, a real good friend of mine left her husband and has turned into someone i dont know. She says she hasn't changed so i guess i didn't really know her anyway. I warned her that her associations with certain peoplw would not look well and sure enough she is in trouble at work, serious trouble which i NEVER thought possible for her she used to be such a good worker. And I think back to when i went through my divorce was I THAT different? Did i change that much? I got in trouble at work then too but mostly it was because my ex kept calling and getting me upset during work hours not cool. Oh well. That was 4 jobs and a lifetime ago lol.

time to feed my doggies, later :)


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Hello Icarus!

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