Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ha I am posting again and it hasn't been a year yet :) shocking. I dont think i have any followers anymore, oh well.

I am still wearing the eye patch (arrr matey) but will have cataract surgery on March 9Th and will have almost perfect sight in one eye!!! Awesome, I am excited. Downside, i have to go back to wearing a contact lens in the right eye until the cataract is ready in that one. Ugh, boo to contacts but it will be ok. I just have to get fitted for one its been 2 years since i wore them.

My 2 best friends are drifting away from me.....they want to do really physical stuff that i cant do and they have a new bestie now and i feel left out. It was bad for a while for me but now i am used to it. They say i never call them, which is true but its hard to talk and they tell me about all the fun stuff they have been doing lol. Why are good true friends so hard to come by?

Hubby loves the cardiac reahab, i knew he would. He even got put in time out for working his heart too much lol.

OK out for now Happy March and beware the Ides!


Blogger Vegas Princess said...

Yay, comments are up on this one! :)

I was so sorry to hear about your beloved puppy passing. It is always so hard to lose a pet. They are members of our family so it is such a sad time.

I am glad your hubby is doing better but holy cow! You guys have been through a lot. Good luck with your surgery. It may be a pain but it is the best thing.

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