Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Well my new pretty pink shoes hurt my feet...but I wear them anyway. They are so pretty but damn my feet are hurting LOL.

The party went off well but I had to leave before it was over!!! grrrrrrrrr. Brent had accidently left Melvin outside and we had to come home. Greyhounds cannot take the heat and it was 95 here and miserable! Poor Melvin is the fuzziest greyhound too. I was so scared on the drive home that he would by laying motionless in the backyard..it takes an hour to get home from Becs. But it started getting cloudy the closer we got and he was just fine, not even really hot. The party went on without the organizer though and Anna sent pics and it looked like a good time. I just wish I had gotten some cake LOL

There is a girl at work that is gorgeous. I mean really attractive in every way. And lately she has gained some weight (she got married) and all she does is complain ALOT about how fat she is and how she needs to diet and what diet and what exercises. She is getting obssesive about it. This doesnt usually bother me but I am really tired of her goreous size 10 self complaining. I dont want to get into what size I wear but I havent worn a 10 since I almost died and literally could not eat. It gets old when I am carrying around alot of fat and I know I look like shit but I dont like hearing her saying how bad she looks when she is just so nice looking, I would LOVE to be her size!!

I have been thinking alot about Jude Law. I just dont get why Sadie would hire a nanny that looked like that!! (I saw her picture, she is a hot nanny). You gotta wonder, she knows her ex cant keep it in his pants...did she set him up?? I would like to think no but surely there are plainer nannys just as qualified?? And what is his problem that he cant lock a door? The kid walks in during?? I have had kids for 18 years now and not once have they walked in on me! I LOCK my door during.

I dunno what made me think of that. Thats enouigh meaningless rambing for today

Oh this pic is from the party...I am the short fat one in the middle in the black shirt. Anna is to the left of me, dixie to the right and Linda the tall one in back.



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