Friday, August 19, 2005

This morning there was a dead bird in my bed. Don't know the significance, hope its not like a horse head in your bed!! It was so tiny laying there, it was perfect. No blood or icky bugs crawling, I guess it hadn't been dead too long. I know its baby Star's handiwork. The little dogs take all their "prizes" under the bed so the big dogs cant steal them and Star and Wylie are the only 2 greys that can jump on the bed. Maybe it was a giftie like kitties give? Picabo used to leave me gifties but they were usually headless. ewwwwwwww.

AS far as I know the kids are still coming. I am pretty excited, like a kid myself! Kelly's room is an awful mess though. I have cleaned some in there but I have MUCH more to do. I hate cleaning, and all aspects of it. I love clean stuff, just don't like the actual process. Brent made a comment about the toilet in our bathroom being past an expiration date! LOL. I guess I need to clean it huh? I'll get right on that.

The whole house is a mess right now. We are redoing the floors and Brent wants to do it all himself, no help. He does such a good job..He is good at everything he does...I don't know how he ended up with a screw up like me. But the downside of him doing it is it takes a long time to deal with the mess. There is no way I can cook now and he hasn't even started the kitchen. There is a desk blocking the stove and a recliner blocking the sink. The recliner at the sink is not a bad idea, LOL sit down while I wash dishes (I hate that chore too). But its going to be interesting with the kids here, and the house tore up.

Well I have to go clean that toilet now. Here is a picture of the Baby Star, she had her one year birthday last week! Hard to believe.



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