Thursday, September 22, 2005

I am home sick today. Another kidney infection, what fun! The doc couldnt do the test yesterday because of the infection so I have longer to dread it and now its 2 tests not one.

My 2 best friends went to the beach to beachbound hounds and did not invite me. Bec was afraid I was mad at her and I was. I am still not happy. They know I am insecure and get hurt really easy. Bec says that I would hate it and wouldnt be able to do stuff because of my condition, but I would have liked being asked even if I decided it was something I could not do. I felt like a fool, I was going on and on about us doing something this weekend to celebrate the 3 birthdays and they were like oh we're going to the beach. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I am being unreasonable I know it but I think I am gonna like this for a while. I'll get over it...LOL I have to,I have no other friends!!

I know I whine too much, gotta stop the whining.....



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