Monday, August 29, 2005

The kids are gone, it was a nice visit. I felt guilty though if I didnt spend every waking second with them, so that stress is gone. Since I pretty much got to see them only a week this year I had to cram alot in. Unfortunately, I didnt have the funds to do everything I would have liked but still I think we all had a good time. Kelly doesnt change but Alex is a hairy sweaty man now. Thats so hard to believe. Not that long ago he was a chunky blond haired blued baby, he looked like one of the babies that are so pretty they use them to advertise stuff. He is still blond and blue eyed but not pretty LOL! He has to shave now, and his legs, well you cant see them for all the hair. He had a black eye from some martial arts he does. Unbelievable. Ask me if I feel old. Kelly being an adult isnt that jarring to me, she has always thought she was an adult. Anyway they are gone and life goes back to normal. Whatever THAT means.



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