Sunday, September 04, 2005

A long weekend for me! I am not doing much, just some mininual housework and sleeping in (sleeping in for me is anything after 7...this morning I slept until 8:15 woot). I have been watching alot of the Katrina stuff, there are some bloggers on here that went there to awesome it that? I wonder if I was completely healthly would I have done that? I doubt it..these people deserve awards and accolades or something. I didnt watch any Katrina stuff yesterday although I still kept up online. I needed a laugh so I watched Kathy Griffin's show on Bravo. she is so funny!! I just love that show...and she is a dog lover too. A real dog lover not some teacup chihuahua carrying princess. I have a teacup Chihuahua, does that put in the same league as Britney, Hililary and Paris???gak.

I have to try to find some gasoline today. My Neon wont take regular so I am limited and rumor has it that Belton is Dry!! I have stayed home this weekend to save gas, but I still need some for the work week ahead. I am HOPING for a Harley ride this weekend, its better on gas, and we can get out. Brent is in one of his lets never the house modes so I hope he takes me.

Kanye West says Bush doesnt care about Black people!! DUH!!!!! Bush doesnt really care about white people either, Kanye, he only cares if you are RICH. Now I am sure he cares a great deal for any black rich people there are out there! This country is going to Hell, led by that man. I didnt vote for him and cannot believe that the majority did.

Well enough ranting...later


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