Saturday, September 10, 2005

Its been a long tiring week, even if it was a short work week. I cant seem to write much on weeknights, I have no time. I have more than working mothers (although technically I am one) I know but seems that way. I dont even know why the hell I am bothering. I dont know if anyone reads this. I am addicted to reading other peoples blogs though. I find it fascinating even the mundane posts. I have some I check EVERY day, more than once a day too. Its like an obsession. But its better than being a real live stalker I guess. LOL even if I wanted to Stalk I would never be motivated. Hell I am barely motivated to do what I need to do every day. Really, though. Think about what dedication it would take to be a stalker. LIke that B2K guy. He scares them crap outta me. He ran a church, showed up for work every day and still had time for all that stalking and killing? I cant watch CSI or crime shows because I cant sleep thinking someone is going slip in while I am sleeping. I can imagine that happening.

What I cant imagine is what all those Katrina people went through before they died or what the living had to do to survive. My mind cannot comprehend it all. I cry almost daily over the stories as more and more comes out. I read Rosie's Blog and she has posted a womans body floating in the water. I cried when I saw that too. I guess everyone is grieving over this.

I watch celebrity fit club so I wouldnt cry and then cried anyway LOL! Victoria Jackson is a lovely woman, and just a nice person it seems like and her dad pretty much her whole like told her she was fat! I am sure he was a good dad since she seems to have turned out so well but no ones self esteem could handle that. Victoria Jackson, you go girl! You are beauiful at any size!

Ok enough for now...later


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