Friday, August 26, 2005

Bad day at work, I am so far behind. They fired someone but wont hire anyone to replace her. I am sinking deeper in paperwork LOL! I am truly doing all that I can do, I really dont think I can possibly do more. Very frustrating.

Teen drama with Kelly, she and her boyfriend had some issues. Dont know whats going to happen there. She is showing him thoough I guess LOL she is off at the BHP football game with one of the twins (I love those boys!!! They are cutie patoties). Purely platonic but still it will probably drive BF to jealousy. Ah, the drama of it all.

Called Steve, I cried, I waited several days so I wouldnt but I did anyway. Its so sad, I was looking at pictures online of Bird and cried then too. I cry almost at anything anymore. I saw the Green Day Video "wake me up when Spetember comes" and cried Buckets! NOW I just hear that song and start blubbering!

one last day with the kids, they go back sunday. Kelly wants to go to breakfast at Sandys, hope they can get their butts up and out in time.



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