Monday, September 26, 2005

We flea bombed the house tonight after bathing each took hours! We really have too many dogs. I feel like I am breathing in a noxious cloud hours after the boming. I hope I dont die in my sleep, I dont want to be done in by a flea bomb of all things. Very undignified. Not as bad as Elvis but I dont imagine I will garner as much attention as he did LOL.

I am making some big decisions about the whole rescue thing...I dont know how I can contimue with all the stress, but then I read stories that break my heart and I wonder how can I not do it anymore. I just dont think I can anymore though. Who knew dog rescue could be so stressful?? It isnt supposed to be that way I dont think. BUt the people that get things done are the pushy ones, the ones that alienate everyone else. Tonight I was made to feel like I am not doing enough. Fine. I am so outta there.



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