Thursday, October 20, 2005

The barking foster dog is better now. She only had 2 barking spells last night. I think she misses Linda, its like she is looking for her. Who knows. Whiney Wylie is the vocal one night with her usual whines. She hates this dog food, she is so picky!

I had to wear that holter moniter for 24 hours and what a pain. I couldnt wash my hair this morning, and now its just blech. I envy those people that have thick hair and dont have to wash every day. If I dont, my hair looks like a grease pit even though my skin is not oily. I dont get it.

The big question is to go to the corn maze or not this weekend? Everyone wants to go and have fun but I just question how much it will be. Frankly it doesnt sound like fun to me. I dont want to sound like a stick in the mud but I dont get it. So I just dont know. The bike ride sounds nice, not sure how many more biker days we have left this season before it gets too cold. I should go enjoy the bike more, its seems like we have been broke since we bought it so I should ride it everyday!

gaaah I just read this post and how boring! But I am going to post it anyway



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Blogger Spider Girl said...

One year I went on a full-moon midnight walk through a corn maze. It was a fund-raiser for some local kids so I thought, why not?

They gave us flashlights and we prowled around and got lost and bumped into other lost people. It was surprisingly fun. :)

10:41 AM  

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