Sunday, October 09, 2005

Its been a quiet weekend, one that was needed. Some friends of mine went to get tattoos today and asked me to go but I am too broke to get one. I am not 100% sure I want one anyway. I am very old school about stuff like that. I have so many friends that have greyhound tattoos and those are so awesome, but I am just not sure they are for me.

They played the repeats of My Name is Earl last night and I laughed and laughed!! I LOVE that show. Its funny and very clever. Its this years Arrested Development. Now I hope me liking it isnt the kiss the death. I think Joan of Arcadia was the best show last year and we all know what happened to it.

The bosses at work will be gone all week next year, can you say a stress-free week for me???? wooohooo.

my right foot is really swollen and it hurts when I walk on it. I dont have any idea what I did to it. I took lasix today ( I am supposed to take that every day but I dont)and see if that helps. If its the heart, then it should help. Between my heart and my bladder problems and now my foot I am defective human these days! i might just have a pity party but I have alot going for me too so I guess not.



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