Saturday, October 01, 2005

Yesterday something happened to my computer and windows went kaput. Hubby reinstalled pretty quickly but I lost all my blog links and my pictures! I was able to get some of the blog links back, I am going to miss the ones I cant find again. I really have become strangely addicted to other peoples blogs.

Still have fleas...these are a mutant strain or something...maybe its a new weapon of mass destruction the government is testing on us! We have tried almost everything and nothing has helped.The dogs get some relief but its short lived. Its embarrassing too! Luckliy these are picky fleas, they are not interested in all at biting us humans. Maybe there is just so much tasty dog blood around here. yech. Now we have to check for tapes too. Hopefully when the weather gets cooler we can get this problem licked.



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