Saturday, October 15, 2005

Its been an interesting couple of days. My foot got bigger and bigger and I felt silly but went ahead and went to the doc. Well, she was talking about admitting me for IV lasix and really had me freaked out. She says the swelling is from my heart failure and by the time I saw her the swelling was up to mid calf. The other leg is swollen too just not as bad. Anyway, we decided to take 2 lasix shots yesterday and come back this morning for 2 more. This morning my foot is still pretty bad. But when I go to the doctor on call, he acts like its nothing to be concerned about and told me to go home and take my oral lasix. What the F? I was so confused, I cancelled a fun day in Gailtingburg for this?? Anyway I am home and took my oral lasix but I can tell that the shots helped me more. I lost 7 lbs of fluid when they weighed me this morning, but I feel like its coming back, I don't know though. The lasix really makes me feel like shit, like it depletes everything out of my body. It doesnt bother other people. Anyway I double my dose today and tomorrow and go back the doc (the first one, the one I liked) monday. Pretty much I am stuck at home pissing the weekend away, literally!!

On the bright side, we have a new comfy seat for the Harley now! I cant wait to try it out. I think a 2x4 would be more comfy than that stock seat. Also its such a scam...they deliberately make them awful so you will upgrade the seat. I am onto them!

I am off to pee again...and again and again...... arg!!



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