Wednesday, November 23, 2005

4 days off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I can endure this day I will have 4 freaking days off in a row!!!! Happy happy dance!!! I have no plans either. Gonna make the Canadian take me out to eat on thanksgiving since I still have the kitchen from Hell. But its looking better though. New stove, oven and stove hood on in place but not hooked up yet. Tiling the countertops is 1/2 way done. He didnt like the look of the black grout with the beige tiles...well DUH! So he has been chipping that out. Maybe a grey now? The new sink is a black with grey specks, its called granite and the appliances are black so he thought black grout. Wrong. Oh well.

Target is doing this really cool thing of haveing celebrities give you a wake up call for shopping the day after thanksgiving. I really like that idea, whoever came up with it is a marketing genius!! NOT that I am getting up that early...and shopping...ugh. I do most of my shopping online. BUT target has free shipping this weekend online so their ploy worked on me,,,I am so easy......

Happy thanksgiving eve!



Blogger Mike said...

4 days off?? I don't wanna hear it! :P Hell, I even have to work tomorrow! In any case, enjoy your Thanksgiving!

3:28 PM  
Blogger susubala said...

Off for 4 days !!! GReat, Great..enjoy the life..

1:56 AM  

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