Sunday, October 30, 2005

The clutter in my life

I have a clutter pile. I always have a clutter pile, no matter how hard I try NOT to have one. I just cannot help myself. I dont want clutter, I hate clutter but it is drawn to me, like a moth to a flame. I even have a clutter pile at work.

The reason I bring this up is the clutter that was in my kitchen. Hubby is in the process of tiling the kitchen floor. He did the den and it looks awesome, I am going to get a new camera SOON so I post some of my own pics. Anyway, while I was out cheerfully and unsuspectingly running errands, he removed a countertop from the kitchen, moving my clutter pile to another pile and creating this giant clutter pile! Its unimaginable, i wish I had my camera to show pics but then I would be embarrased. And the Canadian (hubby) is a little OCD about my clutter and it drives him crazy. So I guess I need to tackle the clutter pile that has no end today. gaaaaaaaaaaah!

Hope everyone else's weekend is better than mine.........