Thursday, November 10, 2005

Staying awake at work........

Is very very difficult for me. Not that I sleep but I get dozy. My boss is 65 which is not that old but she HAS to have the thermostat set at 80 freaking degrees (sorry I dont know what that is in celcious, see I cant even spell it). that and the coffee maker is broken contributes to my sleepiness. I am not supposed to have caffeine but I have to suck it down to stay alert. Yesterday was the longest 8 hours.........weeeeeeeeee and I get to do it again today...and tomorrow. Funny, when I get home I am tired but WIDE awake LOL.

Urologist today for something called a CMG...I bet I am awake for that! I thought the Geneva convention protected me from torture! UGH.......Nothing has been pleasant in the urologists office.




Blogger dixiedarling said...

Having dealt with a urologist for years (kidney stones, such fun) - I understand what you are talking about - Good Luck!!!

10:51 AM  

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