Monday, December 26, 2005

Hollywood Disposable Marriages

There have been so many breakups this year in Hollywood, I think its so very sad. Now, I am a divorced person so I should not be all hypocrital and preachy but I feel these people are not taking marriage seriously at all. What's another annulment or a another divorce? Renee and Kenny lasted 4 months, which was longer than they dated from what I understand. 4 months? I know from my experience that 4 months is nothing, there is no way to judge how the future will be after the first rocky months! Chad Michael Murray...5 months (although it seems he cheated). And Britney was married for like 15 hours the first time? The Hilton sister got an annulment after a few months. I really don't think they are giving it a shot to work at all. So I say Hip Hip hurray for Kathy Griffin and her husband Matt. I watched them on her reality show and thought they were such a cute couple, and really devoted to each other. I was devastated when I heard they were separated (I am still reeling from the Sonny and Cher Divorce!) you know in Hollywood that ALWAYS means divorce. But they have quietly announced that they are back together, trying to make it work. I hope They make it...they have my total support! Go Kathy and can do it, dont be another statistic!

That being said though, I am hoping Britney gets rid of that sponge she married!



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hey Mel, Hope you had a good Christmas. I sure did. I am trying to figure out my camera and how to download the pictures on the computer. I am so stoopid about computers.

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