Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I was Tagged!!!

I am a little behind on getting this done. I planned on doing this yesterday but I couldnt get to my blog or anyone else's last night!! It really upset me LOL, I didnt get my blog fix. Anyway, Here you ya go Trish.

10 Random things about me you may not know

1. I am legally blind without my glasses or contacts. Its so bad I have to buy brightly colored bars of soap cuz if I drop a white bar in the shower I can never find it!

2. I met my husband online.

3. I am very sensitive and get my feelings hurt really easy.

4, Rumor has it that I am related in some distant way to the Smothers Brothers.

5. I cry at the drop of a hat, I even cry before the sad part of the movie. Like Steel Magnolias, I know whats coming and I usually cry from start to finish.

6. In High School I was into drama and had a 2 word solo in the Musical The Music man! I also played a dwarf in the Hobbit. Hollywood, here I come haha!

7. I had Heart Failure almost 3 years ago, according to some doctors I am lucky to be here. My heart is permanently damaged, and doesnt pump efficiently. There is no cure but I am lucky as I respond well to some really fun drugs with really fun side effects.

8. I dont like alcohol, good thing since thats off limits for me now.

9. I love Coffee, bad thing cuz thats supposed to be off limits too.

10. I used to be very active in Greyhound Rescue, I am still am some.

9 places I have visited

1. one of the Bahama Islands, LOL I cant remember which one.

2. Ottawa Canada

3. Jekyll Island, Ga.

4. Jacksonsville Fl.

5.Toronto, Canada

6. Washington DC (lots)

7. The Outer Banks, NC.

8. Lake Lure NC where some of Dirty Dancing was filmed!


8 ways to win my Heart

1. Flowers, I am with Trish on this one. Even though I am allergic there is no feeling like getting flowers.

2. Take me out to dinner and NO I dont mean Sonics or Mcdonalds!

3. Love my dogs

4. hugs and lots of em

5. Indulge me when I am feeling needy (ok so thats most of the time but sometimes it would be nice!)

6. Love letters. I still have them but I wonder what happened to the romantic man that wrote them? It would be nice to just get a post it note these days from him LOL.

7. let me quit work

8. tell me you love me every day.

7 things to do before I die

1. Quit working (LOL am I a broken record on this one??)

2, Do the Vegas thing baby!!

3. Make it to the Dewey Beach annual Greyhound gathering.

4. Marry Rich...opps I already screwed that one up!

5. See my daughter have a daughter as stubborn and willful as she is! Payback, honey....

6. Go on a cruise, I dont care where but I would prefer tropical.

7. Meet Steve Martin...dunno what I would say but I would love to met him.

6 things I am afraid of

1. Dying

2 Dying alone

3. Spiders, I mean a really abnormal fear. I hate them!

4.Never being able to quit work.

5. Drowning...I cant swim

6, Bridges and tunnels but the worst is Tunnel-Bridges

5 things I dont like

1. Working :)

2. Liars. I cant stand being lied to.

3. paying for the Harley...really its a hobby, it shouldnt be so *^%&^^$ expensive!

4. getting older sucks but its better than the alternative.

5. my Ex husband....its sad really how a relationship can get so bad. We are no Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger but it gets close.

4 ways to turn me off

1. fart

2. hate animals, I dont understand how people can hate dogs! Some people do though.

3.ignore me

4. get drunk

3 things I do everyday

1. think about quitting work

2. check email and blogs

3. sleep!!

2 things that make me Happy

1. My new dishwasher!!

2. The Hubby...who can at times make me miserable too

1 thing that is on my mind right now

1. I hope I am not getting a cold.

Wow that took over an hour to do LOL I am exhausted!! Before I go I'll leave you with a conversation with my mother this past weekend after I had taken a shower at thier house

Mom: Did you have any suds in the shower?

Me: What?

Mom: Suds, you know like lather? Did the soap suds up?

Me: uh..Yeah "standing there with a stupid look"

Mom : Well, I can get anything to make suds anymore. They have done something to our water.

ME still standing there looking stupid with no response.

Now I dont know what the heck she meant. I dont know who "they" are and I wasnt going to ask. But I did have suds and lather in the shower. I dony know if this is an example of her paranioa or whether there is a real water problem.



Blogger Trish said...

Thank you Thank you Mel :) We have a lot in common.
*I met Michael online too
*I think I can find a white bar of soap though
*I'm a sobber too
*I don't like alcohol
Well there's others too, but I already did my list, so I won't "post" on your blog lol
I liked it!!!

10:19 PM  
Blogger Tai said...

Hey...maybe she meant that the water is 'hard' now, and that's why she can't make any suds?

Sometimes if the water changes, it'll affect the soap.

(I'm going out on a limb here, but I think that's what's going on!)

10:52 PM  
Blogger nicki said...

interesting post mel :) i love those types of posts!!

3:27 PM  
Blogger Mel said...

Tai...hmm maybe you are onto something there. Any idea who "they" are then? The evil people at the water treatment place I guess! See there...NOW it makes sense.

9:11 PM  

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