Friday, September 21, 2007

First Friday Field trip!

Thanks to Sushiboy

For this great idea!!

Last weekend we went up to Lake Lure, NC. It was dark when we got there but here are some pics.

Here is the view from Larkin's on the lake, a restaurant where we gathered together to celebrate Bec's 40th birthday. I know its kinda dark, the view is awesome though. The clouds were so low in the mountains!

The birthday girl with her birthday desert . I had to have one bite of this, it was sinfully good!
The table on the outside deck. I think I have mentioned this before but the movie Dirty Dancing was filmed at lake lure and there is at least one scene in the movie that was filmed on this outside deck. The scene where they are practicing the dance lift is filmed in lake Lure.
This is some sort of decoration there, I don't know what it means but its pretty cool.

Finally, presents! Hubby and I gave her a pair of earrings and a Napoleon Dynamite talking key chain. She absolutely hates that movie (I don't understand why she hates it, Its one of my Favs!) so whenever I see anything relating to it I get it and give it her.

That's all for this field trip. We had planned to stay the night at a cabin that's some one's boss let them use but there were tornado warnings and watches out in our town and I was so worried about the dogs that we came home. I know I know, but I couldn't enjoy myself for worrying about them. They are my babies. But I would have gotten some better pictures if we had stayed.



Blogger Sushiboy said...

Great Trip, too bad it got cut short. Napoleon is a great movie, whats sad is I have done half of the nerdy things that Napoleon and Kip did. :P

12:43 AM  
Blogger Vegas Princess said...

How cool! I love Dirty Dancing, I would have loved to have seen that lake. SOunds like you had a really fun time. It is always nice to have parties with good friends and family.

7:18 PM  
Blogger Jose said...

I'm with your friend, I don't like Napoleon Dinamyte but Dirty Dancing is one of the coolest movies ever. Great trip, nice pictures that show you guys having a great time. Yeah, and what up with that thing in the center. lol

4:06 AM  

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