Monday, December 24, 2007

So this is Christmas....

And its a full moon...above was the moon last night from my front porch. I wonder what full moon means for Christmas mayhem and joyfulness?

I am really so very lucky, we had a great anniversary. I got a gorgeous ring, pictures later. The Canadian did good by me :) He got Lowe's gift cards which he immediately spent on some big tool, dunno what it is but he seems very happy with it. Something for his router I think. BUT now its Christmas Eve and I am here alone, hubby is working nights. My kids are celebrating with their dad's family, my mom and brother and his wife are at my Aunts house and it really sucks that I am here alone. I miss my kids, I miss my family, and my legs hurt. But I have alot to be thankful for so I am just making the best of it. Tomorrow I am spending the night with Bec and having Christmas dinner over there (lasagna, who has lasagna for Christmas???) and then we are headed out early wends am for shopping. I hate shopping but I love deals and I love hanging out with my friends so it still will be fun. I am hoping for post Christmas deals and then I get my kids more clothes, they are buying their own clothes now so they are very appreciative of clothes for Christmas. they used to hate it LOL. I got my daughter a Tshirt that says " I will conquer my procrastination problem...just you wait!" haha! Perfect. Actually its perfect for me too!

Kornfan is now officially an electricians apprentice. It took 3 months of interviews and tests but he made it. YAH! Now, if we can find a vocation for Stuffgirl. She is working at Panera Bread now and likes it but its not really a carreer.

I hope everyone is having a great Christmas Eve with loved ones and family all around them!



Blogger Vegas Princess said...

I am so sorry you are alone on Christmas Eve, but I comiserate with your hubby. Me and my hubby have to work too! But we do have tomorrow morning and afternoon off to spend with his parents so that should be good. I wish you could come over for a Christmas hug!

Congrats to Kornfan! That is great!

I can not believe you are going to go shopping on Wednesday! I am going no where NEAR any stores until after Jan. 1st.

Merry Christmas!!

9:05 PM  
Blogger JQ said...

Merry Christmas!

8:39 AM  
Blogger buffalodickdy said...

Sounds like you'll have company on Christmas Day, and won't be alone like last night! Meeerrryy Christmas!!!

8:40 AM  
Blogger poody said...

Heys sis I wish you called me I was alone Christmas Eve night too watching TV curled up on the couch with Dooley. I had lasagna last night for dinner too! My friend jana made it and it was delicious. I overdosed big time on carbs yesterday and feel bad today. And I am at the "w"! How rude!

11:11 AM  

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