Friday, February 01, 2008

Its STILL winter...

January was the longest month, I thought it would never end! If we can get through Febuary Spring will be here. Gotta love early springs and late winters but I vote for no winter! As you can see from the picture, Mocha also hates winter, she gets as close to the heater as she can. I tried to get the little dogs to go out in the icy rain this morning and I swear if they could talk they were looking at me and saying "aww HELL no"!

I've felt kinda blah all week. I think I have another kidney infection or another stone. I should have gone to the doctor this week but it was nice to have a week with no doctors appointments! I finally made an appointment with the ear doc for my hearing loss. Its bad, they tease me at work all the time about it. I may need a hearing aid at 47!! But I am hoping maybe they just have bad wax buildup? I have no problem with wearing a hearing aid but i dont think my insurance will cover it. With all my medical issues and my grey hair I really feel like I am in an episode of the twilight zone where people age rapidly! I could dye my hair but I did for so many years and Igot just tired of worrying about it.

Tomorrow I will see my family, I hated not being there for christmas. We are exchanging christmas a little late tomorrow night with Pizza as the holiday feast :)

Its too soon to comment on the steam mop, we need to use it a little more to see. I was quite pleased the first time I used it though.



Blogger Shelli said...

I am totally the opposite. I thought January went so fast. But, then, I hate/love February and I love winter.

7:09 PM  
Blogger Fantastagirl said...

January flew by - but then life seems to be doing that lately. Have a nice day with the family!

11:20 PM  
Blogger Vegas Princess said...

Have fun on your trip! And I am sorry you don't feel too well. As someone who suffers from several uninary tract infections a year I feel your pain.

12:07 AM  
Blogger Silverstar said...

I agree with you, January sucks and I'm happy its finally over!
Hope your visit with your family perks you up.:)

3:24 PM  
Blogger Bina said...

For the record, my husband is 42 and gets hearing loss from time to time, and yes, it's wax buildup! Gross, but the doctor said it happens to some people. Me? I'm always told that I have the cleanest ears ever. I clean mine with Q tips and my husband freaks out that I'm putting something in there!

And let me tell ya; I had Kidney stones in November of '06. At the time, I just thought there was a large knife stuck in me from front to back and I begged my husband to hit me on the head with a sledgehammer. I had about 6 of them, 6 cm or mm, or whatever. But I remember them putting that morphin in me and felt almost immediate relief! The told me they have to do surgery on stones that are larger than 5, and couldn't believe I waited so long to go to the ER. It was my first ER visit, for me, ever, and I'm 43! God, I hope I NEVER have those again!!!!!!

11:23 AM  

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