Sunday, December 05, 2010

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat....

And the goose , well that would be me lol. Predisone makes me wanna eat everything anything anytime!! Its crazy, i had very little will power before but now...well there is NONE. I made sugar cookies today and eat them right out of the oven before they cooled! I couldn't wait lol. Of course they are better that way anyway. My face is already gotten the "puffy" look that people on Steroids have.

But i feel better so i cant complain but so much, I would rather be fat and alive than svelte and dead. LOL. And i do feel better, its a slow process, very slow but i am getting better. I can feel it. I also found out the vacuuming is prolly a no no right now, but i can sweep ok go figure.

Got some Christmas shopping done this weekend, by myself. Last week i wouldn't have even tried that but its all about feeling better. I went early and its wasn't too bad, the worst part was the check out lines. Online shopping was a bust, although i did use amazon for some stuff. Every site i went to they didn't have the size i needed or it was out of stock. It was frustrating, I was counting on doing most of my shopping online but oh well.

I am excited about Christmas for the first time in years!! I cant wait for my Christmas day lunch with the family. I am still hoping for an i pad but alas its just too much. Stupid Apple and its stupid high prices lol.

OH well , i guess we are getting a puppy. I emailed the lady and told her this is bad time, and she understood but then she sent a picture of the pup. The Canadian saw the pic and i did too and it was instant LOVE. Dammit. I wont post the pic here, i don't know if i can yet. But you will see when i can post pics what a doll this little fella is. He looks like a brown Brindle. The girls at work think i am CRAZY, literally. The crazy Greyhound lady. That's me. Anyway i think the rescue group is getting him next week, so we will have him soon I guess. Anyone have a puppy sized belly band? lol



Blogger CrazyPrincess said...

I am so happy you are feeling better! Woo hoo!

And a new puppy! It seems everyone is getting a new pup lately. Can't wait to see him.

8:21 PM  
Blogger Sushiboy said...

Ah the joys of steroids. Blech. I've had to take oral steroids for my allergies from time to time. No fun. Hope you get feeling better soon.

5:15 PM  
Blogger Mz.Elle said...

heehee,yay! A puppy! You lovely nut you. I kow how hard it is to resist:) Can;t wait to meet him and her all about him!

So glad too,that you're doing better. You've got such a great attitude!

2:49 PM  
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