Monday, October 24, 2005

Lets talk Madonna. She is everywhere this last week. I am such a fan, a quiet kinda fan. I will never make it to a concert, I just dont care much for crowds and the price of a ticket is unreal for sure. I watched her movie on MTV and I loved it! She has really changed. I didnt care for the black and white aspect of it but the concert footages were in color and just awesome. I got a kick out her hubby, an odd couple but adorable. But my favorite Madonna thing is she has Diamond eyelashes!!!!! How fucking cool is that??? It takes a first class true star to wear those. I am in awe......I am not worthy......

I got this pic from Trent's blog, hope there are no issues with me stealing but I have share the eyelashes.


Blogger Spider Girl said...

She is certainly a woman who knows how to change her style with flair.

I was just listening to her older music the other day... :)

10:39 AM  

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