Saturday, March 03, 2007


This was actually a Thursday 13 but oh well!

1. Calculus. I took this in College, I only needed one math class to graduate. After about 2 weeks it was like a was in another country and I couldn't speak the language! After 3 weeks I never went back and took a statistics class to count as a math.

2. Sushi. Sorry I am not eating raw things that possibly may carry worms or other nasty things. ewww.

3. Getting drunk. I have never understand this one. Yes, I have had my wild days, I have been drunk, wasted, trashed whatever. But I also had violent hangovers that would last an entire day. I am not allowed to drink anymore because of my heart condition but I hadn't drank alcohol for years before I got sick.

4. Drugs. I was way too scared to try drugs when I was younger. I didn't want to die plain and simple and I had enough fear that I was scared straight LOL. I don't understand why do something that can kill you!

5. Cigarettes. Not only can they kill but they are nasty and stinky and can turn your teeth yellow.

6. Game shows. I have never liked them. I know lots of people love them, but not me.

7. The apprentice. Donald trump. Need I say more??

8. Parents that let their kids backtalk them and dont teach them to respect others. I had lunch with a girl last week how has a 5 year old daughter. The girl kept imterruping her mother and at one point was screaming at her "mommy you are wrong!!" The girl laughed and said she was raising her kids different than her mom raised her. I see this girl as a teenager, screaming obscenities at her mom. Maybe I am just wrong but I would never tolerate disrespect from my children.

9. Dog haters. My dad hated dogs and this was one thing we never agreed on. How can some people live without the love of a pet? (He did have a cat he loved) How can they mistreat them? I cant watch that show on Animal planet, you know the one where the animal control people answer complaints? I am in tears every time I watch it.

10. Liars. I am too old and too set in my ways, but if you want to get on my bad side just lie to me. This goes along with another pet peeve, people that say they are going to do something and never do it and never had any intention of doing it. Case in point my dog sitter that kept making appointments and never showing up.

12. Religious pious hypocrites. People that go to church every Sunday and wends day, volunteer to be deacons or whatever but as soon as they get home talk about everybody else in the church. Tearing them to shreds verbally and starting gossip. I grew up seeing this, not my parents but I have some relatives like this.

13. Hunting, I have to agree with Jen on this one. My hubby used to hunt but now says he wont anymore since we were involved in dog rescue. I don't see sport in killing some defenseless creature. I guess this makes a hypocrite since I do eat meat.

I have one more thing I don't understand

14. Infinity. My mind cannot grasp this concept. Have you ever sat down and thought hard about infinity? Blows my wee mind.


Blogger Nobody™ said...

I totally agree with all of those, except that there have been a few game shows I have enjoyed.

9:52 AM  
Blogger Fantastagirl said...

Great list!

The one that I especially agree with is #12- drives me insane...partially why I don't attend church.

10:54 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

I totally agree with everything! Like that show, Nanny 911...I don't get parents who let their kids YELL at them and HIT them!! WTH???? Beat that butt!!! :)

11:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't get #8 either. I have a childhood friend who's got a son, and he is TOTALLY in control, not the other way around. I can't understand animal cruelty either, or religious bigots.

11:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

.... or why hot dogs come in packs of 10, while the buns come in packs of 8. Some may say, "well it's because the hot dog bun makers want you to buy 2 packs", but even then it still wouldn't add up....

11:20 AM  
Blogger Mrs. Slushie said...

#12!!!!!! I know lots of people like this and well, I don't like them!

12:30 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

great list Mel
I'm with you on all of them!!


4:19 PM  
Blogger poody said...

Wow okay Calculus is not meant to be understood. I took it in high school and only passed it because I had a principal who loved me and basically tutored me thru the whole thing. Do not ask me to remember it now. I do not think I have ever used it but could be wrong!
I love sushi. I learned to love it when I lived in Hawaii.
I am a cheap drunk. I don't drink too much. I had hepatitis in nursing school so I am saving my liver for other things.
I did all kind of drugs in high school. In fact, if it was something I could either smoke or pop I took it. Idiot kid! But, I was over all that before I got out of high school too. I sometimes wonder how, but I did make it through.
I used to smoke ciggys but I was only ever a social smoker at best. I haven't had one in a long while and when I do imbibe it's always so dissappointing. Not what I expected even though I know what to expect!
I used to be addicted to The Price is Right when I worked night shift. I was pretty good too. I haven't seen it in a long long time!
Donald Trump would be nothing without his money!
My friend Jana's daughter who is a teenager now was a little brat. We went to see Sebadoh once at a record store.They were playing a little set. It was crowded and Kaylee wanted something from one of those little gumball machines. She threw the biggest fit and Jana had to take her outside. She was about 3 yrs old. Anyways, they were filming for a video. About 2 months later we were watching MTV when who do we see but Kaylee on TV throwing her tantrum!!! How funny was that? She was so mortified she would run and cover the screen when it came on! We told her she should be careful when acting bad because you never know when you will end up on TV!!
I am so not understanding how you cannot be a "dog person" My office mate wouldn't even hold a puppy last week that one of the girls brought in.
I am not into liars either. Just tell me like it is please.
My office mate is a big hypocrite too. She talks about the gay people in the company and says she thought about this fact when she started working here. She wondered if she could work with so many gays!
Hunters suck. Save Bambi!

11:40 AM  

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