Saturday, March 10, 2007

Wild Grease Hogs Fever..

Its all about Travolta today I guess. Wendsday hubby and I went and saw Wild Hogs. I really liked it. Its kinda stupid but its funny stupid. Hubby was almost crying from laughing at one point! As much as I love me travolta I think William Macy was the best part of the movie. Tim Allen....for some reason I cant separate him from the santa clause movies, I expected him to start ho ho hoing on a Harley! LOL. And Martin Lawrence. I am not a fan of his, but he didnt irritate me at all like he usually does in this movie. Its a good movie about good friends.

Then today Grease was on...Travolta at his finest...woohooo he had a rocking bod then! I LOVE that movie!!! But I like Travolta now too, he might not have the bod he used to have but he still can get to me interested to go to any movie he is in. He is up there with Clooney, but Clooney is still my #1 dream man.

I watched some of Saturday night fever, and was reading some stuff about that movie too. I didnt like Travolta's look in that movie. Its no Wild hogs hahaha.

So there is my film review. I am going to start to go the movies more often. I would have gone today but I was not thrilled to see anything thats playing here. Remember, small towns only get the big movies, alot of the ones I want to see have limited releases, and never make it here. oh well.



Blogger Liz said...

I still love watching Greese and yes I own the soundtrack. How can you not sing when you hear those songs?

12:03 AM  
Blogger poody said...

John Travolta is my favorite movie star of all time. He is so hot and I have loved him sinde Welcome Back Kotter.

7:55 PM  
Blogger K said...

I heard Bill Macy was pretty good in it...I think I'll wait til video....but at least I know it will be funny! :)

8:07 PM  
Blogger Scarlet said...

I'd only go see it because of Travolta. Yep, Tim Allen and stoopid santa movies are inseperable now.

Thx for the tiny review, will go see it.

2:05 AM  

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