Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Its OVER!!!!!!!!!!

Thank god the writers strike is over. I am a TV addict and these reality shows are getting to me. I don't watch as much TV as I used to since I discovered Blogging but I still watch quite a bit. The newest reality show I have been watching is the Millionaire's Club on Bravo. Has anyone else seen this? Its about a matchmaker service for millionaires. What? And they work on commission, kinda like a Realtor. And its ALOT of money. So these Millionaires can't seem to find a woman on their own? Its interesting to watch, they will have these events where there are about 20 women and then 2 of the millionaires and the guys get to pick out 2 girls to get to know better. Kinda like a meat market or a singles bar but the women are "carefully screened" according to the website. It baffles me but I cant stop watching!

Yesterday was another bad Monday and I blew up at my boss about another co worker. Not cool of me to do that, not cool at all. But when what someone does affects my work and has been for a while I hold crap in. I feel bad about but I feel I am in the right too. Anyway, my coworker is furious at me but really she almost deserved it. But I still feel so bad.



Blogger Sherry said...

I am soooo ready for some new episodes! I haven't watched that show, but I may now. It's been long enough with out Grey's or Desperate Housewives. I have been watching a lot of Court TV and stuff like that.

9:40 AM  
Blogger Bina said...

I can understand why you feel bad, but maybe that made your boss realize that what you are talking about really IS affecting your work. Now, if it's something you do all the time, it would have gone in one ear and out the other.

Maybe the rest of the week will be better because of it.

10:06 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

I've seen that show....and you can see why those rich guys can't get a date....they are STRANGE!!! I don't care HOW much money you have, you got a stripper pole in your living room...I'm outta there!

1:00 PM  
Blogger Shelli said...

I am so sick of reality TV. Gladiators...dear God. What a nightmare. Thank God the writers are coming back.

1:52 PM  
Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

Now the healing can begin.

2:14 PM  
Blogger JQ said...

Hey confrontations happen, just move forward with dignity, but don't back down from your stance.

6:46 PM  
Blogger Fantastagirl said...

I'm so ready for the writers to be back...

sorry about the work stuff - looking back is there something you could have done differently - would have talking to the co-worker directly made a difference?

9:59 PM  
Blogger Vegas Princess said...

Yea, new shows that don't suck will be here soon! :)

I have had the urge to blow up about a co-worker myself regarding that exact situation. I don't blame you.

12:14 AM  
Blogger People in the Sun said...

Bad news for "My dad is better than your dad." Bad news for that other insanity with the lie detector. The sun is shining, America. Writers, yes we can!

Bosses are a weird bunch.

12:17 AM  

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