Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Little Miss SunshineSmall town hickville decided to play this movie Finally and I went and saw it sunday. What a great movie! I really think it may be the best movie I've seen this year. Its not for everyone though I guess. Its more Character driven than anything and my what characters in this family. The teenager Paul Dana, was so good. That kid is going places!

And I have 2 movie quotes for today from this movie:

"Everybody pretend to be normal"

and my personal Favorite

"Again with the Fucking Chicken!"

I recommend LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE and hey any movie with Mary Lynn Raskjub in it scores a hit with me. Wish her part had been bigger, I am missing Chloe and Jack Bauer!



Blogger Ms.L said...

LOL I say that about acting normal at least once a day;p

I'm glad you got to see it,it sounds like it's really great!

3:29 PM  
Blogger Lori said...

With a line like again with the fucking chicken it must be a good funny movie.

7:35 PM  
Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

"No one get's left behind! No one get's left behind!"

7:38 PM  
Blogger Sherry said...

I haven't even heard of this movie until you...
Sounds like one I'd like.

8:20 PM  
Blogger Doctor Mom said...

I would like to know the context of the statement "Everybody pretend to be normal"

I have been saying that for years... and it doesn't work. Especially with my family... they have no concept of how to begin to pretend to be normal.

Although they do a great immitation of the Adams Family.

10:29 PM  
Blogger kristi said...

I wanted to see this movie but then I never heard anything about it and it is not advertised around here either so I guess I will have to look for it

BTW I read your post the other day on storing the glasses in the cabinet and I tried to post but blogger wouldn't let me. Everyone in my family does it upside down. I think it is really incase there is water in the glass or if you have a bug problem

11:30 PM  
Blogger OutInLeftField said...

I really want to see that movie...ooooo maybe next week! :)

3:58 AM  
Blogger me said...

I really want to see this.

8:21 AM  
Blogger Big Pissy said...

I've heard nothing but good things about this movie....

So that means they'll probably not show it in Hell.... :(

5:50 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

I want to see it too, but I think I will have to wait till it comes out on video.

7:58 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

Again with the Fucking Chicken!

funniest quote
in the movie!!!

7:56 PM  

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