Sunday, October 31, 2010

Auto Immune Hepititis. This is what i have been diagnosed with. Just when i wonder whats next this happens. Biopsy this week, after 2 weeks of getting me off blood thinners to get ready for it. the good thing about this is, i am not as lazy as i thought i freaking have a an excuse now for being useless lol


Monday, October 11, 2010

i am a bad bad blogger. I know it, you know it (not that anyone bothers coming here anymore). I find it easier to do short blurbs as to what is going on thru Facebook but sometimes i need to say more or i need to curse (fuck fuck fuck) which i cant do there because my ultra religious cousin and her family is on there. Although they think i am heathen that's going to hell anyway so i guess i shouldn't care. But i do care what people think. I always have. And that sucks. I wish i could be like my hubby, he truly does not care what anyone thinks.

We have had a rough year, hubby's heart attack and my eye surgery and financial issues because he was out of work for 2 months. We are finally caught up finacially but we have NO cushion at all. We could cut back on cable or or smart phones but i am spoiled and I dont want to lol. thank goodness so far we haven't had to. But my work is thinking of shutting down and going to a medical billing service. They have already taken our insurance away, and my raise this year? .25 cents an hour lololol. I didn't even notice it.

Well i am off to said work thought i would post a pic our new doggie, Icarus. He is handsome don't ya think??