Monday, December 31, 2007

I hope everyone has fun but safe evening! We are staying home and with any luck will be snoozing when 2008 comes in.

So this was Christmas

So Christmas has come and gone, so I thought I would share a few pictures of my Christmas with you. We are going to Virginia this weekend to celebrate with my family so there will be more pictures later.

Please note that this is not MY house, I havent out up my tree since the kids moved out and I NEVER had 3 trees. Last year I thought she put up 4. This is my friends house that took pity on me being alone and invited over for christmas supper.

This is new embroidery machine that she got for Christmas from her Hubby...this baby cost more than my van!!!!

The rest of these are just some images from a post christmas party we went to this past weekend.


Friday, December 28, 2007

I am channeling my inner 13 year old...

I watched Both High School musical and High school musical 2 tonight.

Finally, I know who Ashley Tisdale is LOL, its been on the gossip sites that she got a nose job (for "medical" reasons) and I had no idea who she was!

I am not 13 years old but I LOVED these movies.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

I got the back to work blues...

I sure enjoyed having 4 days off, but all good things must come to an end they say. I do have Monday and Tuesday off next week though :)g

What did Santa get everyone? My hubby was not supposed to get me anything since I got my really cool phone (I still love it!!!!) but he got me a GPS for my van! I have no idea why, I never go anywhere but its really cool. I haven't had to play with it much but you can play movies and MP3s on it too, although the screen is pretty small for movies. He also got me some really warm sweatshirts since I am cold all the time.

I cut my finger last night after hubby went to work, I cut it on a can of beef hash and i really gashed it. I was pretty scared because I couldn't get it to stop bleeding and I am on coumadin. I called hubby and he calmed me down and the bleeding stopped but it really hurts still. He is going to get me some liquid skin glue today and doctor me tonight. Its not enough to need stitches but its a pretty good size though. Now I am trying to remember when I last got a tetnus shot and I have no idea!

Think of me while I am work and all you that also are at work I feel your pain :)

The picture is my anniversary ring from the Canadian, he done good huh??


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

So this is Christmas....

And its a full moon...above was the moon last night from my front porch. I wonder what full moon means for Christmas mayhem and joyfulness?

I am really so very lucky, we had a great anniversary. I got a gorgeous ring, pictures later. The Canadian did good by me :) He got Lowe's gift cards which he immediately spent on some big tool, dunno what it is but he seems very happy with it. Something for his router I think. BUT now its Christmas Eve and I am here alone, hubby is working nights. My kids are celebrating with their dad's family, my mom and brother and his wife are at my Aunts house and it really sucks that I am here alone. I miss my kids, I miss my family, and my legs hurt. But I have alot to be thankful for so I am just making the best of it. Tomorrow I am spending the night with Bec and having Christmas dinner over there (lasagna, who has lasagna for Christmas???) and then we are headed out early wends am for shopping. I hate shopping but I love deals and I love hanging out with my friends so it still will be fun. I am hoping for post Christmas deals and then I get my kids more clothes, they are buying their own clothes now so they are very appreciative of clothes for Christmas. they used to hate it LOL. I got my daughter a Tshirt that says " I will conquer my procrastination problem...just you wait!" haha! Perfect. Actually its perfect for me too!

Kornfan is now officially an electricians apprentice. It took 3 months of interviews and tests but he made it. YAH! Now, if we can find a vocation for Stuffgirl. She is working at Panera Bread now and likes it but its not really a carreer.

I hope everyone is having a great Christmas Eve with loved ones and family all around them!


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Today I am celebrating, and here is why!

  • I got a great report from the doctor this week
  • I lost more weight for a total of 19 lbs! Pretty good for someone who is not trying. I am just eating fewer carbs.
  • I passed the 600th post mark this week!
  • my co workers mom is out of ICU and is going to be fine!
  • Today is me and the Canadian's 10 year anniversary!!!!!!!! Yeah for us!!! Words cannot describe how much I love this man.
  • Now this coming week when I am depressed because I am spending christmas alone I will reread this post over and over to get over my depression.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Today's post is about SEX!

Yeah, I know. I never post about sex. I guess I am a prude but I just don't think about sex all that much. I like it, but I just don't want to think about it. But I have to blog about some commercials I have seen or heard recently. First is for condoms, Trojans I think but I am not sure. It shows a hot club with all kinds of young people socializing and dancing and drinking. Then it shows a PIG going into the restroom (that's washroom in Canadian eh?) and the pig puts money into the condom dispenser and when he walks out with his purchase he heads over to a hot girl at the bar and suddenly he is not a pig anymore but he is a hot guy. OK This commercial is just so wrong on so many levels I don't know where to start! Is it saying all guys are swine so use a condom? I don't get it. And it looks like its promoting one night stands to me. What do I know.

The other 2 ads were on the radio. First Sirius has a new call in show with this woman and she calls herself a relationship expert and sexologist. I am wondering what kind of training does she have? Is there is a sexology degree in college? I googled the term and sexologists have been around for a while but it doesn't say what education or training you need. So I think I could just SAY I am a sexologist and who would know the difference?

But the worst ad also was on Sirius and its an ad for a video you can mail away for that will help you have better sex. It says its for beginners or others that want to improve their love life. Then its says "the video shows REAL sex with REAL people" to demonstrate I guess. But where I come from in Mel land, isn't just porn?????

My head hurts from all this thinking about sex. I dunno how you men do it


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I thought I lost 10,000.00 $ yesterday....

so a $10,000.00 check disappeared yesterday and it it looked like I lost it because I was the one scanning checks yesterday at work. We dug through garbage, tore apart my desk and the are around the check scanner. The more I thought about it the more I couldn't remember even seeing the check ! But I don't trust my memory as its not that great. I was so upset, first I got sick to my stomach, then I started crying....yeah REAL professional huh?? I have worked with large checks for years and have never had one just poof into thin air like that. Anyway, after tearing up the office, my boss finally found it near the mail persons desk, she dropped it on the way to bringing to my area and it had fluttered upside down onto the bottom shelf of a bookshelf. I was relieved I did a very southern thing....I threw my hand up on the air and yelled "Praise the lord"...yeah. The picture is me (hiding in the back) and my coworkers at work.

Anyhooooo...oh I read that Jaime Lynn Spears, Britney's 16 year old sister is pregnant. OK I think we can all agree that Lynn Spears, their mom is not going to win any awards for teaching her children about birth control. I started hounding my daughter from the day she had her first period until now about birth control. I mean come 16 years old??? I had my first child at 27 and was barely mature enough to deal with a baby! I know there are lots of young moms out there and do very well but I know I couldn't have handled it.

I am off to a doctor appointment where I will get a shot and some blood drawn. You are all jealous, admit it.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This sucks. I LOVED his music, i listened to Twin sons of a different mother so much I wore it out. He will be missed.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I was Tagged, see I AM loved :)

I was tagged by the wonderful Jimmycity! I feel loved whenever I am tagged for memes. This one is kinda tough for me to do though. First I had a hard time choosing one person for #1 and then I couldn't think of #3 until I got a text message early this morning. I'll explain as I do the meme.

ok Here are the rules:

The instructions:

1) Post a note about a blogger you would like to see something wonderful happen for. Maybe one whose posts have touched your heart in one way or another. Include details as to why you admire them and what you wish for them. Be as supporting and affirming as you can.
2) Post your favorite memory around selflessness, giving, or doing for others. Something that has actually changed you.
3) As a postscript, name one thing you will actually do for someone in your life before December 31 that is born out of joy.
4) Tag 3 other bloggers who will play the game and find the spirit. Don't forget to leave a comment on their blog so they continue to share the good feelings.

1. I have to pick Poody. She deserves to be loved more than anyone I know and yet hasn't found Mr Right yet. She has great friends though so she is very loved and I love her, but she deserves a relationship with a partner who will treat her with respect and love. This is my Christmas wish for her. I just wish we lived closer cuz I would love to hang out with her!

2. Before my dad got so sick he used to volunteer for the red cross, he was a driver. He would drive people who had no transportation (usually older people) to and from Doctors appointments or grocery shopping or whatever. I think he delivered meals too. He LOVED doing this, my dad got along with most people and he enjoyed meeting and helping them. I take after my mom, I am awkward with people I don't know. I don't know how this changed me but I sure was proud of him. When he left us last year the one thing I really wanted was his red cross pin, I have it hanging up at work.

3. Today I got a text message from my co worker saying her dad was in the hospital. This is bad enough but her mother is bedridden and had no one take care of her. I volunteered to go sit with her dad at the hospital (remember I am awkward with people and I don't really know her dad)while she took care of her mother. I spent 4 hours with him, and the whole time he complained about his daughter (my co worker)! He just didn't want to be alone and I tried to help as much as I could, I know what its like to be in the hospital. So I hope I helped her ease burden in some way, she's had a rough year.

Now I have to tag other bloggers. hmmm. OK I pick Fantastagirl. Her daughter did something pretty giving thing this week! Next I tag Wolfgrrl, she has the best stories to tell so I know her meme will be way better than mine! Last but not least Vegas Princess. She is someone else I would like to see something wonderful happen to, she has been pretty unhappy at work.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Merry Christmas to ME!

Yeah its all about ME today but hey its my blog :)

My phone came and I spent all last night setting it up and playing with it. I freaking love it!!! But I am not not thrilled with the Verizon store here. Turns out they had my account flagged as suspicious and someone accidentally put in their computer that I got a new Razr in Sept. So that's why he wouldn't order my phone, although I really don't understand their philosophy here. If I have the money to pay full retail what difference does it make? Some people get new phones and then turn around and sell them on eBay but I am so not a suspicious person. I always drive the speed limit for goodness sakes. It just bothers me they think I was trying to pull something. I am really happy with the phone though. I am not completely sure how to use some things yet but its nice.

And I think its good I got this phone, its just a material thing but it made me happy. This is my second Christmas without my Dad and I really think this year is harder than last year was. Its the little things that trigger my sadness. I cried when the Little drummer boy came on the radio just because I had a vivid memory in a flash of watching that with my dad when I was a kid.

Also the phone has taken my mind off of my pain for a while. My pain seems so much worse when it gets colder and its been pretty bad lately. It was alot better this past summer but it back with a vengeance. The doctor says the weather should not be a factor! If I lived up North I cannot imagine how bad it would be.

Still not sure what to get the Canadian for our anniversary, Chrome is a great idea and he LOVES it but he already has so much chrome on it and I have no idea he wants or needs for the bikes. So I may get a gift card for the Harley shop. He wants a Lowe's gift card for Christmas. I am not getting him aluminum, that's not a great gift at all! I think 10 years is a big accomplishment for us! The first couple of years I wasn't sure we would make it but we weathered all that and now I am so happily married its sicking.

I have my work Christmas party tomorrow so we all get off early, hooray!!!


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

This is crazy weather!

So last week I was freezing, this week its been in the 70s every day and I actually turned on the A/C in my van today. I wish it would stay like this but I know it wont, I'll just try to enjoy it while I can.

My new phone actually did ship yesterday and Verizon CALLED me today to tell me I should get it tomorrow! Now I wonder if I can activate it right away or is hubby gonna make me wait until christmas??

Speaking of gifts, the Canadian and I have the 10 year anniversary coming up and I have NO idea what to get him. I asked him and he said jeans but I got him some jeans for christmas and I really feel that the 10th anniversary is special is I should get him something personal. Any suggestions??, and Slick- dont even say a BJ LOL. I know how your mind works!


Sunday, December 09, 2007

False advertising or Verizon Wireless why do you taunt me so?

As I have mentioned before, I want a new cell phone. I have wanted one for months now but Hubby said no until my 2 years was up. My Razr has been a good phone but it has had some battery issues, I have had to replace the battery numerous times. I have changed my mind a couple of times on what phone I wanted but at the end of November Verizon debuted the Voyager by LG and I knew it was what I wanted! Its LG's answer to the IPhone, it has a nice touch screen and it opens up also for text messaging or whatever. The camera is a good one, 2 mega pixels. Its gotten great reviews from Wired magazine and couple of others. Hubby has the Moto Q9, which he loves and I considered but the screen resolution is small and I need BIG letters with my poor eyesight. My Phone was eligible for an upgrade on 12/6, and so I asked for the phone for a Christmas present. Yesterday was warmer than its been in a while so we charged up the Gold wing and went to the Verizon store. The Big Marque sign at the store screams "VOYAGER HAS LANDED!!" so I thought I would be walking out with my phone. BUT! They don't have any and not only that they wouldn't order me one either! WTF? Then why does it say its landed? They had the Q and I looked at it but after seeing the demo Voyager (they did have a demo) I knew I wanted the voyager and I will be stuck with this phone for 2 years so I wanted to make sure I was happy with it. I was given a card and told to call back every week and hopefully when they come in I can get there before everyone else that wants one and get one but it wouldn't be before Christmas. What a load of crap! I came home and called Verizon and ordered one over the phone that will be shipped at no charge. They guy said I might get it as soon as Wendsday if the warehouse has them in stock. I doubt they do but at least its ordered and I don't have to call every week and run to the store and fight for one.

In spite of this I am not willing to change carriers, I love Verizon, I have less dropped calls, the clarity is good and my kids both also have Verizon I can talk free to them anytime.

Then on the way home I had another adventure. I got sick really quick and I had to make hubby pull off the road so I could get off the bike. I knew it was heartburn but it was the worst heartburn I have ever had! It hurt so bad I couldn't stand up straight, I was leaning over the bike seat. If I didn't know better I would thought it was heart attack but I had heard of heartburn that felt like a heart attack. Anyway, after about 15 minutes and a Tagamet I had with me it eased. It was then I noticed where we were and I saw why the people that walked by looked at me funny. Hubby had pulled into a parking of a strip mall where there are 3 bars/nightclubs. So I looked like some wasted drunk puking in the parking lot!


Friday, December 07, 2007

Friday Field trip again!

Last weekend we went to a chili cook off that one of our friends has every year. Hubby entered his chili and won! He is the cook in the family not me. I took a bunch of pictures but most of them turned out blurry (why I don't know) so I will post the clear pictures.

Just a random shot, most of the men were outside in the "man Cave" aka garage most of the night where I heard there was much beer and big tales and some picking and grinnin. I didn't venture out there as I have a hard time with the steps in and out of their house.
A Friend we haven't seen in about 2 years, it was great to see him and his wife. The picture of her was too blurry to post.And of course they have dogs, this is Blue.

This is Sherman and his mom. They have another greyhound, Maggie but again the pic was too blurry.
Another random shot. The guy is My friend's handicapped son, he is a HOOT.

And the trophy which is now on our mantle, its really pretty! Hubby makes some awesome Chili.


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Saga of the paper clips....

As some of you know, I hated my job for a long but it was only because of the evil demon from the bowels of hell boss I had. Finally she is gone, has been gone for over a year now and I am liking my job again. I have a new boss that I like, everything is good. But sometimes I do not understand the things she does. We use alot of paper clips, but we are a clerical office and these are staples of the trade (hehe staples of the trade...I am so funny!). So anyway, my partner in crime co worker told me yesterday and we have been asked to use rubber bands or staples instead of paper clips. I asked why and she said they were too expensive. Paperclips are expensive??? HUH? But I am a team player and said hey whatever and will stop using so many. My boss overheard the exchange (there is NO privacy in my workplace) and called me over later and said that the paper clips are not expensive but we are using too many of them. So how is that different? I wanted to ask. But I didn't, I am a wimp but I prefer to think of myself as a team player.

I swear sometimes I think I am living an unfunny version of the movie Office space. I looked online at the supplier we use and a box of the jumbo clips are $1.69, a case is close to 24 $ That seems reasonable to me, but again I say whatever.

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Monday movie review on Tuesday...

So I am bit behind, I saw these movies 2 weeks ago LOL.

The first movie is Bella. I loved this movie but I will be honest here and say if I knew it was a pro life movie I would not have gone to go see it. Not that I have anything against pro life (although I am pro choice, no haters please I don't usually even discuss my politics on the blog) but I do have something against preachy movies. But I didn't know so I went and really didn't even realize it was pro life until I started reading more about this movie online, its that subtle. Subtle but powerful. There are no big action sequences, but its easy on the eye, it takes place in New York City (couldn't tell that from the poster huh?) and the premise is how just one person and one day can change your life forever, so its one day in the life of a waitress and a chef. It was Beautiful and moving and I CRIED, big choking sobs at the end, its not a sad ending but it makes you cry anyway. The lead male is a popular Latino actor and he is HOT, LOL even with a more facial hair than grizzly Adams and he is hot. The only issue I had was the abrupt way it ends, it moves so slowly and languid and then Boom time is gone and its the end and I wanted to know more what happened in between.

Then I saw Enchanted with a friend and her 2 young daughters. At first I wasn't too sure, it starts off like a really bad Disney animated movie but it picks up when the animations turn to real people. I enjoyed this alot, the Princess was cast perfectly, geez she is pretty but then so is Patrick Dempsey LOL. I did not care for the ending with the dragon that felt like it was just thrown in there for no reason but the rest of the movie is sweet and pretty and light. Its hilarious when the princess calls to the city creatures to help her clean the apartment and all sorts of vermin show up, LOL . Its a nice movie for kids, I think its more for girls than boys though.


Sunday, December 02, 2007

The heat is on....

I've mostly been hot natured all my life, I loved the summer the hotter the better! But my body with all its problems cant handle the heat anymore, I really get overheated and I will get sick before I realize I am overheated. That's why this new thing of mine is so confusing to me. I am so cold this winter, I cannot seem to get warm. Its a constant struggle with hubby over the thermostat, The Canadian is happy when its at 67 or 68. I sit and shake and shiver at that, I have found 73 to be the most comfortable temp for me, 71 is tolerable. I am curious, in the winter what do you find to the most comfortable temp to set your thermostat on? I really want to know if I am abnormal or what. I am sure the blood thinner I am is contributing to this constantly being cold. Winter is not even here yet and I am cold.

I looked online and have found varying answers to what is the correct setting. Most of the places suggest setting down to 55 when you are sleeping!!! I would not like that all, so I am not going to tell hubby of my findings.