Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The 9.99 Liz Bag!!!!!

There is something wrong with my font size, it turns out huge even when I type on tiny and I cant see very well to start with so tiny is really hard to see LOL. I dont know what it is, it happened before I changed my template so thats not it. Not sure what is going on.

Hubby is going to have friday, sat and sun off now!!! woot! But he was so grumpy tonight before he went to work...I guess he is just tired...he has to be really. He wouldnt admit it though, and he just loves working overtime. Anyway I am excited to have things back to somewhat normal again, although I hate this shift work anyway. I liked it much better when we both worked the same shift. I was spoiled! Anyway, only 2 more days and then I will get to see him. I had made some plans with the girls at work to go see The Break Up (Go Team Aniston!) this weekend though so I may have to blow them off but I dunno. I hate when my friends blow me off for some guy but does it count if its your husband?? LOL

Drama with Stuffgirl's graduation. My feelings are really hurt over this. I wasnt sure if Hubby could get the time off to go but of course I was going to go no matter what but it would be easier if he comes to drive it straight. I have to stop for the night when I drive it because of my swelling feet and legs. Stuffgirl BEGGED me over the phone to please come. So I arranged a dogsitter (no easy feat when you have 8 dogs, no way can afford to kennel them) and the Canadian has got the time off, I have the time off so we are going. Then I asked stuffgirl what she wanted to do after graduation and she informs me that her dad's (my ex)family are throwing her a party!! So I am going to drive 14 hours (7 up, 7 back) to see her graduate and thats it? She kinda got mad at me when I said something...she said what she can do the party is for her? (and her cousin who is younger but is graduating too) NO way will I be invited to this....his family hates and despises me. Which is fine most of the time but what happens when she gets married?? Anyway I am bummed about that. And we got her an awesome present, cant tell yet because sometimes she reads this. But its awesome!!

In other news, the picture is my 9.99 Liz Claiborne bag I got last weekend at the outlet. I think its a winter bag but I dont care, it is loaded and ready for use. I love it!


Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Warning Warning bitching and complaining below. Read at your own risk. You have been warned.

The Canadian is working a shut down where he works, it means no nights off at all until its done and he has no idea WHEN that will be. Its been 13 days straight of not seeing him awake. I am so lonely, I am just pitiful! All our friends were Bike riding or going to the pool on memoral day and I had nothing to do. I know I am whining! But its my blog and I'll whine if I want too. I miss having him home, I am tired of doing everything myself! The housework has slid because I dont want to wake him and I have no motovation. LOL Living with Mr OCD is great motovation. I shouldnt complain, god knows we need the money, and some people are not working now at all. But I just hope its over soon. If I lived in the country I would be shouting off my deck but since I live in town I will just suck it up. and whine in my blog.


Monday, May 29, 2006

I changed my template, I think I am going to like this. I dunno, we'll see. What I really wanna do is add these lips to the top of the blog. any one smarter than me out there that can tell me how? Hope everyone is enjoying today! Happy memorial day and a big thank you to all the veterans or current military out there!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

I got to meet an internet friend today!

Janice and I met as part of an online greyhound yahoo group several years ago, and we email and chat in pogo. Today, I got to meet her in person! She is just as much fun in person! She is visiting some friends in Atlanta and her friends agreed to drive her somewhere to meet, so we met up in Commerce Ga, and had lunch and then went shopping at the outlet mall. The picture is me, Janice and her husband Gary. the other picture is her friend Dee that drove her and my friend Judy who came with me. We had a blast! Janice lives in Ohio, I dont know if we will ever get to meet in person again and I am so glad we were able to work it out for today. I was afraid I wouldnt be able to drive, my legs are REALLY swollen today, much worse than they have been before, the right leg is really bad, its swollen up the knee now. So the rest of my 3 days off will be spent doubling up on my lasix dose. Last time this happened they almost hospitalized me to give me lasix by IV, but gave me shots on the docs office instead...,..BOOO.

Jance gave me some greyhound socks from favorite store online! I hesitate to post the sock pic as it shows my swollen feet and legs but oh well what the hell! the socks need to be seen! I got a Liz Claiborne bag for 9.99 at the Liz outlet and Its awesome, I will post pictures of it tomorrow. I also bought some bras at the Hanes outlet but I wont post pictures of them haha.


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Irresponsible dog owners...

are everywhere. There are awful people that own puppy mills, but I am not talking about them. OK, there is a lady I know. She has a toy breed of dog, and she decided to mate her toy breed and raise her some puppies. OK...this happens all the time...puppies are born all the time, so why does this bother me? She gave the reason for deciding to have puppies is she has a young son and she wanted him to be able to experience the wonder of birth. WTF? She is not thinking of the dog at all! I am sure she has thought of the money she can make from pure bred puppies too. This really really bothers me. Maybe it shouldnt I dont know. But I do know this about toy breeds...they dont give birth as easy has larger breed sturdier dogs. This is why reputable breeders will chose larger toy females to breed because they can handle it better. Toy breeds sometimes have difficult and problem delieveries, this is why ONLY people that know what they are doing should breed these dogs. Anyway, her dog gave birth to 4 puppies, one of which died. She has not taken them to a vet, and she says the mother is a bad mother because she cant sit still to nurse. Maybe she cant sit still because she is bleeding inside or there was some complication that they cant see and she is in pain??

I am just venting I guess the pups will be fine and the mom will be fine and life goes on huh? But if your dog is a pet, dont try to breed it just get it spayed or neutered. You want a puppy? There are hundred of rescue pure breed animals out there, check with local adoption groups or Please?


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

This is my Gardenia Bush now....

This bush is HUGE. Its taller than most people. I dont know if you can tell just how big it is. I was reading up on it, and all the sites say that growing a gardenia is difficult and requires special soil, fertization and temperatures. HA!!!! The Canadian HATES this bush and has done his best to kill it...he has cut it to the ground but it comes back with a vengence. We do nothing special and yet it gows to a massive size. 2 separate ice Storms have broken it in half completely and still it thrives. I just LOVE when it blooms. it smells so wonderful, you can smell it from quite a ways down the street. The reason Hubby hate it is the smell. he says it smells like funerals. One thing I hate is it attracts bugs like crazy, in particular a small thing called a whitefly. There are millions of those things when it blooms. I read they can kill the host plant but not ours. Ours is Superunkillable plant! I will post pictures of it in full bloom, mine doesnt usually bloom until June.

Just a note.... this bush was here when we bought the house and according to our old neighbor, Miss Georgia, her sister planted it in the 1950s when the house was new. So its older than me, (well of course since I am only 24) I think its a tough old lady.


Monday, May 22, 2006

Normal day

I think Ms L did this, a recounting of a normal day in her life. I am so tired tonight, beyond tired really so I thought I would walk you through my day, it doesnt look like I should be as tired as I am.

4:45 am...The Candian called from work to wake me up...he always says the same things to make sure I am awake cuz my brain will talk for me even if I am still asleep

4:45 to 5:15 let all the dogs out, pour coffee that was on a timer that I set up the night before.

5:15-6:oo check email, read blogs, grunt and stare aimlessly still trying to wake up.

6:oo get dogs in, go in the kitchen and jiggle their bowls loudly so they will hear and come in without a fuss.

6:05-6:15 feed dogs. This sounds easy but its quite a chore.

6;15- 6:30 read news online

6:30 unload dishwasher, put dirty coffee cup in dishwasher. Pour the rest of the coffee into a carafe for the Canadain we he gets home

6:45 - 7:30 Shower, dress, put on make up. Call in Breakfast order. Pack my lunch. give dogs treats and I am out the door.

7:32 Stop at Sandys drive thru for my egg sandwich

7:32-7:50 drive to work, talk to the Canadian who is on his way home.

7:50-8:oo fight for a parking space, eat my sandwich.

8;00 -12:00 work work work. yada yada yada blah blah blah.

12:00 to 1:00 eat lunch, turkey sandwhich and rice a roni (the san francisco treat!)

1:00: -4:00 Work work work yada yada yada blah blah blah again.

4:00- 4:30 run work errands...the bank, the post office and the bookkeepers office. If I am really really lucky I get to go to an attorneys offiice!!

4:30 -5:00 finish up odds and ends, do trash duty (which I am not allowed to do at home because of the heart failure but they seem to think its ok for me to take out everyones trash at work one week a month) clock out and its I am outta there!

5;00 to 5;20 Drive home, returned Stuffgirls call

5;20 - 6:00 actually see the Canadian for 10 minutes before he goes to work.

6;00 Feed dogs again

6:00-7:00 surf net read emails and blogs

7:00 decide not to cook, drive the Wendys drive thru

7:00-8:00 eat, clean kitchen let out dogs and play pogo

8:00- 10 watch 24 while writing this blog entry. talking to Stuffgirl and Kornfan on the phone. Fold laundry, fix coffee for tomorrow morning. let dogs out again.

8:30 Holy crap, Jack Bauer just killed a man with his Thighs!! he must have used the Thighmaster for years!!

10:00 call the Canadian to say goodnight. go to bed.

Yes another exciting day here in Pleasantville.


17 years ago, about an hour ago

My son was born...and yup. you guessed it! That makes me 24 LOL. He was 3 weeks early and very anxious to arrive...the doc was examining me and was pulling his gloves off and said it would be probably another hour and I said very calmly...PUT those gloves back on...he said "what" and I said he is coming NOW and sure enough I was right. They didnt have time to get the forceps or anything and my ex had gone out for coffee and barely made it back to see him. BUT we could all hear him...Kornfan screamed pretty non stop for the first 6 months of his life. I am not talking whining or cranky I am talking fists clenched red faced HOWLING. We still have no idea what that was all about since he is a pretty laid back person. But I knew I was blessed, I lost 3 babies to miscarriages before my daughter was born so every pregnancy I was pins and needles, I KNEW things could go so wrong. However, I had some bad thoughts, thoughts of dropping him off somewhere just so I could get some QUIET. We nicknamed him Fussy Britches, hehe he would DIE if he knew I posted that. SHHH its our secret.

Happy 17 Kornfan!


Sunday, May 21, 2006

Stop the Pork!!!!!

Yesterday some republicans came to our door and left a rubber pig dangling from the doorknob. It says "Stop the pork, stop government spending" on the top of it. But I thought the republicans were the majority now so wouldn't they be responsible for the deficient??? Obviously my college economics class was over 20 years ago and my brain cannot retain information but for so long. Anyway, the pig was FREAKY looking just hanging from the doorknob, like a serial killer has marked our house. I couldn't even get a good picture of the pig. I don't think its long for this world though because Baby has her eye on it.

In other news, I am sure everyone has seen Britney almost dropping her baby. I feel so sorry for her now. The pictures of her crying and upset afterwards really struck me. Now, I have never almost dropped my children but I can only imagine the pictures if someone followed me with a camera around when mine were little. She is a big star and LOVED having photographers around before she got famous so she just needs to suck it up, she got what she wanted now she has to live in the public eye. But its obvious that she loves her Baby and gets no support from his dad, so I really felt sorry for her. She's really just a kid herself.


Friday, May 19, 2006

Yah for Fridays!

Yes I am ready for the weekend. I have no plans except for trying to stay quiet while hubby sleeps. He is back on nights for a while now. Wooo. NOT.

I have nothing to say today, so I thought I would post some pictures of the shelves Hubby has made. He has been in a shelf making frame of mind lately for some reason. I am NOT complaning though, they look great!

The last pic is one he built in the kitchen to put the microwave in but its so pretty we decided not to put the microwave in it. I added the leash rack pic, he made that too. LOL We have way too many leashes and collars, we seem to accumolate them.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mr Fabulous assigned me F words, 10 f words and what they mean to me. F words are harder than I thought! But here they are

My First F word is Flowers. I got these yesterday from my kids, a late mothers day present!! Aren't they gorgeous????? Arent my kids the best ever? I am so over the text message thing. I love getting flowers, and I rarely get them anymore. Hubby says its a waste of money, because they just die but he doenst understand how special I feel when someone gives me flowers. LOL I feel like its all about ME for one minute. Oh yeah I am a secret Diva inside.
I know I just used this picture but I am lazy to look up another one. I Love fireflies, I love watching them...they mesmerize me. I know they are looking for mates but to me it seems to be more than that. Watching fireflies also reminds of my young carefree youth when we would catch them and put them in jars...we used to write our names on the sidewalk with their glowing guts! Ewww Thats is so cruel I cant believe I did that but I did. Sorry Fireflies! Please dont report me to PETA I really am reformed, I just watch them now.
Fanny....My friends dog Fanny. She came in with a load of dogs that included our first Greyhound, Jeopardy. So she was almost ours but hubby fell in love with Jeopardy instead that day. Fanny is a silly goody girl! Greyhounds really are the best dogs, I love every one of them but Fanny is a F word.

Friends!! I dont have many friends, I dont let myself to get close to many people. I have been hurt by so called friends...and if you really want to lose friends just go through a divorce and see how many friends you had that were really his friends, not yours. I dont want to be bitter and alone but I really have a hard time keeping friends. I know this is my own fault, I think back on things I did and know I should have done things differently. But I have several good ones right now and of course my Hubby is my best friend. This picture was me and my friends at Jeykll Island this year. I look horrible, I was so tired that night and crabby and ill tempered and I am lucky I didnt lose friends because I was so Foul (another F word) that night.

Fannie Flagg. 2 F names, do I get double points for this one?? ha. Her books are WONDERFUL! Fried Green Tomatos is a classic beacuse if the movie but her other books are really really good too. Welcome to the World Baby Girl is my favorite I think. I need to check and see if there is anything new out by her.

I love Fleetwood Mac, always have. I would love to be Stevie Nicks...she has such a style that is not me but I long to be like her. Landslide is one of my favorite all time songs. This album, Rumors, I had and wore out several vinyl records before I got it on CD. In fact, this is one of the first Cool albums I had of my own...I dont count my brothers beatles ones he handed down to me. I had Carpenters albums and the Osmounds and Sonny and Cher...I was so not cool until I got Rumours. I was 9 ok, so cut me some slack LOL

Fairies! I love fairies. One of my earliest memories is of these ladies, I had a Sleeping Beauty book and was fascinated with that story. Of Course I liked Aurora's dress in PINK better than the blue LOL
This is a harley Davidson Fatboy. We don't have a Fatboy, we own a Sportster but I love riding the Harley and wanted to include it in this list. I was so scared when Hubby bought this, I had never
been on a motorcycle in my whole life. There is a method to being a good passenger and it was like I was born to be on it. I still have some fear though....lets face it, there is no seatbelt, no airbags....If there is an accident it is gonna HURT. But its so much FUN (Another F word). Its more fun riding with friends too. I love it.

On my favorite all time show is Faith, I loved her character on that show! She was good, she was BAD, she was awesome! And she could kick any demon butt around. Faith is also my middle name. Yes, my initials are MF. Thanks mom!!
Finally, here is a small portion of my flamingo collection. I have more at work and in tall cabinets that I was lazy to get a chair to get them down. I have been collecting flamingo stuff for years! I dont know why but I really like them. They are pretty and they are pink! Flamingos rule!

Well thats it for my 10 F words. It was HARD for me...I had to think several days before I came up with clean f words. If anyone wants to play along just let me know and I will assign you a letter.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

They killed Doc the dog and Denny!

My eyes are so swollen still from crying during last nights Grey's Anatomy. I should have known they would kill off the heart failure patient! It was sad and wonderful at the same time...the writing is so good on that show! But I am gonna miss Denny and Doc.


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Technologically advanced Mothers day......

Guess what I got for Mother's Day from my oldest child... a text message! Now I know you are all jealous so I will try not to gloat over how lucky I am.

It reminded me of on Sex in the City when Burger broke up with Carrie via a post it note. I never liked him anyway.

Stuffgirl did call me twice later this evening though.

PS I did find a dress at Belks, it was 50% off and I got free roses (the last ones even) ! I will get a picture of it later. Its not a petite but its a skirt set with an elastic waist at the skirt that I can adjust the length. Its a swirly paisley pattern with blues and purple, the skirt has a varrigated hem, I think they call it a hankerchief hem. It was actually pretty painless!

Later again

Saturday, May 13, 2006

I have to go dress shopping!!!!! ARGGGGGGGGGGG!

I would rather walk through live coals. I hate shopping and believe me when you are my size there is just nothing pretty out there. So its a given its going to ugly and illfitting. Illfitting because my frame is small and petite but my girth is not petite at all. Yes, I dare you to TRY to find a petite plus size dress that is halfway attractive. But I have 2 weddings, my daughters graduation and my parents 50th anniversary party all this summer and I need something to wear. Dammit. Add to that the fact I dont enjoy shopping and get tired quickly (thanks heart failure!) this search will take a while. I already checked Catherine's and let me just say ewwwwwwwwww to pretty much everything in that store LOL. Today I am going to check Belks. OH I forgot to mention that sewing is my mortal enemy so hemming is out unless I pay someone which I dont want to do since I am sure the dress will be expensive. But Even the thin and beautiful can look ugly in a dress, thus the picture of Gweneyth. Oh Gwen, you are so pretty but that dress is hideous. Geez if she can look bad I am never looking in a mirror again!


Thursday, May 11, 2006

People are irritating me today!

I have a low tolerance today, it seems everything is getting on my nerves! Mostly one of my coworkers. Lets call her Joan. Joan has billions of days of vacation days built up because she never takes any time off!!! She is always there. And her mouth is always running. (thats a different story though). My work has been really slow the past month and people are being told not to come in, or to leave early because there is nothing to do. I had yesterday off. Anyway, around 10 am after sending the temps home and 1 other person was off,my boss asks Joan..."Dont you have anything around the house that you could be doing" Joan says "no I cant think of anything" WTF???????????? I had yesterday off and there is STILL plenty of stuff to do in my house...hell if nothing else there is a sappy movie on Lifetime I am sure! grrrrrrrrrr. Even after it was made clear to her that she HAD to leave, she didnt go until 2:00. If it had been me, there would have been skidmarks going to my car I would move so fast!

Another irritating thing is hubby and I had made plans with our biker peeps to go riding and out to lunch in the mountains saturday but now he tells me they called him into work for saturday! double GRRRR

Also I am irritated at Britney Spears....just because.

The picture is Belusi, he is the dog of my friend that sells her homemade collars. She had some listed on ebay and I snagged this pic because it looks like he has a punk rock hairdo! If anyone is interested, she makes awesome collars with Bling on them (ya know I love my bling) email me and I will give you her ebay listings. She doesnt list many at a time, her collars take alot of time and they last for years (I know this for a fact)


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

People sure do love their pets in the South!

I finally got my camera hooked up to my compter again! I haven't taken may pictures because I knew I couldn't upload them so what was the point? I have been using my camera phone but it doesnt take great pictures. Anyway, I finally uploaded the pics from the MIL visit. I only took 3! But here she is with Baby. As you can tell she wasnt too sure about the big dogs. She was fine with the little ones but she just wasnt quite as much at ease with the big ones. Baby is part of the reason...she has to be touching you at all times, she is really into human contact. She loves to sleep right on TOP of you, the big dofuss! Anyway Baby wanted to lay on top of MIL on the couch and MIL was not too crazy about having a 60 lb dog on top her! She wasnt mean or rude but you can tell from the pic that she is just not too sure about it. Baby was just as happy and relaxed as she could be....she is always happy but she LOVES company and meeting new people!

One funny thing....when driving MIL around we have this one grocery store that has a big sign that has their sale items for the week. Towards the end of the week, she said..."wow peeople down here really love their pets!" I am like...what are you talking about? She pointed to the said PET ICE CREAM 2 for $5.00. LOL She had never heard of the Pet Dairies before and assumed it mean a treat for pets! I got a tickle out of that one!


Monday, May 08, 2006

Prom 2006

Well it is not the best pic, its a camera phone pic but its all I have right now to share. I have been promised more pictures but I know how THAT goes. She did say that they had a professional photographer at the prom and I will get one of those shots. Oh and yes, her date's hair is longer than hers and hers is pretty long, she had it done up at the mall. She said the prom was pretty boring, I remember being let down at my senior prom too....its made out to be so much and mine really wasnt. It wasnt bad, it just didnt live up to the hype.

Back to work today...where oh WHERE dos the freaking weekend go???

Can we talk Gray's?? I loved last night when Mer stood up for herself with Dr Mcdreamy! "You dont get to call me a whore" is gonne be one of my favorite new lines for a while I can tell! I just love that show.


Saturday, May 06, 2006

This picture made me laugh on a sad day for me....

I needed to laugh today. Today is my daughter senior prom and I was not with her to help her get ready, take pictures or anything. I was ok until she told me about the senior walk. I didnt have one of those, and she had to explain that they introduce each couple and say a few words about each of them. Even though she has called me 4 times today and I did get one camera phone pic I am really missing an important event and I am just sick about it. But Keifer with his pants down...well that is just too funny for words! Thanks Keifer for your drunken binge, it helped me through a rough day. I still think Jack Bauer is invincible, although I am havent forgiven him for giving the tape back over the really bad terrorist guy just because Audrey was bleeding to death.



Friday, May 05, 2006

This is what usually happens when we have to split up tables, we get segregated...this is the "men's table"

Hope you all enjoyed the trip to hooters. I know Mr Fab will be disappointed I didnt get one of our waitress and her lemur in her shirt. OK she didnt have room for a lemur in that tight outfit, but it would make a cool picture huh? Oh also, Bec was telling me she doesnt understand blogging and I kept my mouth friends dont know I blog and I want to keep my friends so I dont let them know. I just said I thought a blog was online diary. haha....her picture is in a blog now!!

So this is my rough tough biker bitch look...somehow I just cant seem to pull it off...Sigh.
Bec is hiding from me...but my razor phone sees all hahaha!

She came of hiding to pose....BUT she only would let me take that if she could take one of me.
We had to split up and sit at 2 tables, here is the some of the gang.
These pictures turned out horrible!

But I am posting them anyway to prove I do get out from time to time LOL. Wendsday was my friends son's birthday...sons as in plural, they are twins. They turned 23 and we all went out to Hooters for Bike night. That place was packed! People were fighting for the stools at one point! Bike night is always busy when the weather is nice. Now I like Bike night but I do not care for Hooters food at all. I dont know what it is, must be just me but I always feel ripped off in a way. I forgot my regular camera so I took these shots with my phone but they turned out bad!


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

OH YEAH I am Hip, I am with it...I am Groovy baby!

I was trying to explain to my daughter this new song I had heard and really liked

Me: It says something like misery loves me and its by the group...oh you know the ones. The Fall down guys.

Stuffgirl: Umm...Mom, do you mean the Fallout Boys?

Me: Oh yeah is that their name?

Stuffgirl started out slowly giggling until she was almost howling with laughter. pretty much that ended the conversation. I am so glad I could liven up her day with hilarity at my expense.

No Doubt about it...I am The. Coolest. Mom. Ever.


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Simple Pleasures....

Alot of people have been doing this list, 10 simple pleasures. I think I have done something similar before so if I repeat myself it just I am boring and dont change much.

1. watching the fireflies...we have hundreds of them around our yard and I just love to watch them.

2. looking at the moon. I love to look at the moon. I dont have a good view from my house though because of all the trees so pretty much I dont get to do this enough.

3. talking on the phone with my friends, and my daughter.

4. Sleeping late and lazy days.

5. Eating out. Mothers day is coming so I will make hubby take me out to eat. I dont get to do this enough either because Hubby hates eating out.

6. Tim Horton's coffee!

7. My dogs, they give me so much joy.

8. spending time with my hubby, I miss when we worked the same hours. Now I never see him!

9. OK I am addicted, I would be on there now but its always down for mantenience or whatever Tuesday mornings.

10. HBO. We didnt have HBO for a long time but ordered it for the Sopranos last season. I have really been enjoying it. Its either better than it used to be or my expectations are lower!

IN other news, Stuffgirl called me last night to tell me she bought her prom dress. Its red! Red??? LOL I have never seen her in red. She used to only wear black...everything black. She has discovered color in her old age LOL. I hope I get more pictures then I did of the military ball. She is back with the long haired boy from last summer so she is going with him. I liked short hair boy but I am not a fan of long hair on men. Maybe because my dad was a barber? anyway, only 2 months until her graduation. I am old. Kornfan is not going to the prom as far as I know. He will be 17 on the 22nd! Again I say...I am old.