Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I am in Virginia visiting my mom...thank goodness this trip is better than the last one! she was sick before and paranoid. Anyway, she is better...she still has some issues but its been nice. my kids where both here...i miss them so much! They are both gone now to enjoy new years like young people i will probably be in bed at midnight.

Christmas was way better thann i was just me and hubby but still it was nice. He surpised me with an electric car starter...i cant wait until he installs it...i know i am going to love it so much. my car will be toasty and warm and de-iced before i get in it! I will be so spoiled!!

I am going crazy with lack of internet here this week. I have the verizon to go but it will only connect for maybe 15 min at a time. and this slowwwwwwwww laptop is driving me crazy too. The wi fi on my ipod isnt working and i cant figure out why...hopefully hubby can get it right or i will call apple when i get home. I am such an addict...its so sad. I havent been able to read blogs but i try to stop by facebook everyday. i like facebook :)

I have more but the internet disconnected 3 times while writing this so i am just going to post it while i can lol

happy new year !!!!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Merry everyone!!

I spent most of today shopping!! I am tired, too tired to be depressed lol. I didnt need to shop but hubby did and i tagged along. It wasn't as crazy as i thought it would be.

My daughter is going to be able to spend almost the whole week me next week when i am in Virginia so i am thrilled about that. Not sure about the son, i know he'll be there when i get there but not sure for how long.

I took these sunday night when we went out for our anniversary. I forgot to post about it!! 11 years with hubby! I hope for many many more with him. He is the best, i love him more now than 11 years ago.

Anyway, enjoy the lights and happy holidays!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bah Humbug

So i am trying not to be depressed. I have so much in my life, why should i care that i will be alone both christmas eve and christmas day?? I trying to look at the bright side, after a few days with my mother hounding my every step next week i will ready to kill for some alone time lol. Hubby is working nights blech.

Yesterday i had to go back to my vets the first time since that day we had Jeopardy put down. It was hard. But to make it worse i had to wait to get my flea medication (I hate a fucking flea worse than ANYTHING!! well maybe i hate spiders more) and while I was waiting a family came out carring a large plastic bag large dog sized and they were all crying. I had sit in my van and cry myself for a while i leave. I am getting better but man that was hard lol.
The picture is Jeppy waiting for her dad on day last year, She always wanted to be the first one to greet him

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Its Jane Austin's Birthday today!!

I love me some Jane Austin, she probably my favorite writer (although there are so many!) She wasnt widely read when she was alive, and in fact didnt use her name until a relative published some of her writings after her death. I wonder if she knows how beloved she is now.

My favorite quote of hers :

"For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbours, and laugh at them in our turn?"

Truer words have never been written.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Grinch...thats me....

I am trying to be more excited about christmas, i really am. But i miss my dad, i miss the way christmas used to be. I miss my kids and my mom and i wont be able to go see them until the 26th. I was hopping maybe they could postpone christmas for one day (I mean its just ONE frigging day) but my brother and his wife cant, they already made plans. I was mad and hurt at first but i talked to my sister in law and they have a really good reason. they are taking her mother in for a week long visit to giver her sister a break (her mother lives with her sister). So its ok but i am still blue. Hubby is working christmas eve night so that sucks. Its just me and the dogs. I know am feeling a little self pity but its not that bad i guess. Hubby got me an ipod Touch for christmas which i was really wanting but didnt think he would get it for me. LOL this is how the first time I brought up that i wanted one. A commercial for the Ipod touch came on.

Me. I really want want of those its the coolest thing!

Hubby : I really want a 12 inch dick but i am not getting that either.

So needless to say I was so surprised when he got it for me! I love it but i would trade it for christmas with my family.


Sunday, December 07, 2008

hello is this thing on??

i am back i guess. I gave up on blogging for a while, i couldnt even really say why. I was depressed for a time but then i havent been for a while so thats no excuse. Maybe i just ran out of stuff to say. But when something funny happens i think to myself I want to blog but i didnt. Maybe i am just lazy. OK i am lazy I admit it. I probably have no readers left but i will catch everyone up on whats been going on in Melsville.

I lost 52 lbs...thats a good thing. Bad thing it seems to be stuck and i am not losing any more. But i feel much better, not sure if its the weight or the diabetes but i do feel better most days. Still have days that are full of pain (yesterday was a 2 pain pill day) but things are better.

My work went to a 4 day work week in oct. At first i hated it because i end up working more hours but now i really like it. I feel like i get more accomplished in the longer days and plus i get to sleep more since i dont go in until 9 now. Having fridays off is great!

i wrecked my van avoiding a deer but it wasnt too bad...i was very lucky and hubby fixed it all himself so no insurance or huge repair bills. He is so handy :) But i have issues... mental issues about driving that van now. I know its all in my head but I completely lost control of the vehicle and that scared me. So i am working through that fear lol.

I got new glasses and i can see!!!! I gave up on my contacts and even though i look goofy in glasses i dont care my eyes feel great these days. I dont think I will go back to contacts. I posted a pic of me and my glasses and my new haircut. I was forced to get my hair cut lol my friends ganged up on me. I hated the new hair at first but now its growing on me.

well thats euff for now. Not much happened while i was gone, i really lead such a boring life but i like it that way. I missed my blogger buds :)