Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween 2007

Tara and Willow have nothing to do with my post for today, but I just love these gals and I always have a need post Buffy Pictures! My post is about my paranormal experiences. I have had 3 that I know of, I believe in Ghosts or spirits.

First is my grandparents house. I have tried to trace down the history of this house but I haven't tried too hard since my cousin owns it now and he would think it strange of me to try to find out more about it. According to mom, this house was old and abandoned and run down when she was a kid. It was in a very rural area of NC, it still is pretty rural but not like it used to be. According to mom, some big tobacco executive bought it and spared no expense renovating it, he even had electricity put in and it was one of the only houses in the area to have electric for a long long time. And indoor plumbing! But mom says the tobacco executive did not live there long and sold the house and the land (lots of acreage) to my grandfather. Now, I wish I knew what grandpa paid for that house. He was not a wealthy man but was pretty good at saving money, but i often wondered how he had enough to buy that house in the early 1940s. I am thinking the tobacco guy just wanted rid of it and my grandfather got a deal. Anyway, I wish I knew when the house was built and how old it is. The house was haunted, always has been according to my mother. There was never any visual evidence of this, no chains rattling or footsteps. It was a feeling. Its hard to explain the feeling. A feeling of absolute dread and fear and you could almost see the waves of hatred . It was mostly in one room, the back bedroom. When I was a child I remember running out of the house when the adults were outside like the hounds of hell were chasing me. The feeling did not go away until I was outside the house, My mom and my aunt also have felt it, my aunt says its still there. But my cousin and his family have lived there for probably close to 20 years now so it must not bother them. I think my brother often wishes he had gotten the house just because he was so close to my grandfather but not me. No one could pay me enough to live in it! I wish I had a picture of the house, its an awesome old house on a hill.

I will post about my other experiences later. Happy Halloween and be safe tonight everyone!! My hubby is working nights and I will probably only stay outside an hour to give out candy. We always go outside and sit rather than have the dogs have a cow every time the doorbell goes off. I thought about skipping it these year, I still might.


Monday, October 29, 2007

Movie review Monday!

I suck, I haven't been to a movie at the theater in weeks but have watched some on Cable instead. I am addicted to long as they are not horror. I see the new Saw movie was #1 at the box office last week and I don't get it. I watched the first 2, I hated them. I only saw them because Hubby loves the Saw movies. Anyway here are 2 movies I saw that stood out.

DON"T COME KNOCKING. I am not sure what network I saw this on, maybe encore? Anyway, first this movie is visually stunning. Gorgeous scenes of not so pretty places, if that makes sense. The director really had an eye for background. Sam Shepherd starred in and wrote this movie. He plays an aging cowboy movie star who clearly is unhappy with his life of waste, drugs, women booze ect. He finds out he may a son and just walks off a movie set to find this boy. He ends up finding himself. Its a story of Redemption, its a little gritty but not too gritty. Jessica Lange plays the boys mama, I believe her and Sam Shepard have been a couple for a while. Her role is small but pivotal. I want to catch this movie again, I really liked it. The director won an award for this at Sundance I think.

Then I saw SHUT UP AND SING, a documentary about the Dixie Chicks and the backlash they received from remarks Natalie Maines made about President Busch while touring in Europe. I love these documentary style films, I am not sure why but I really like them. Now, I have never been a big country music fan but I have always liked the Dixie Chicks. I did not understand what all the fuss was about, silly me I thought we had free speech in America. But people really vehemently went after them, country music stations stopped playing their songs and they even had some pretty serious death threats. Throughout it all they remained united and solid and refused to compromise their principles. These gals are awesome, it takes guts to get up on a stage when you have specific death threats. One side note, I tried to go see this in the movie theater when it was out but they did not show it here. Come to find out Greenville SC is prominent in the movie and is NOT shown in a good light so I guess thats why no one showed it here.

More movies next monday!


Sunday, October 28, 2007

My hero!!

Was sitting on the toilet, minding my own business when from out of nowhere a huge spider came dangling from the door frame right next to me!! About the same time as I noticed this spider, the Baby Star (greyhound demon brat dog) noticed the spider too. Before I could start to freak out too much she was off the bed and ran and snapped the spider up and ate it!! And they say Greyhounds are not good guard dogs! I hate a damned spider worse than almost anything, but I guess Star thinks they are pretty tasty :)


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Friday, October 26, 2007

Just more boring Vacation pics for Friday Field trip...

We met my Aunt at O'Charley's for dinner one night. Its unreal the businesses and restaurants that are in Chester now, when I was growing up we had McDonald's and the Swiss Miss and that was pretty much it.

I made them all pose for pictures after dinner, they look THRILLED don't they??

To be fair I also posed for a picture. YUK, I just hate pictures of myself!!! I don't know if you can see the Tshirt I am wearing. Bec gave t to me for my birthday and it says "I AM WAY COOLER THAN MY KIDS THINK I AM" LOL!!

Me oh My I love pie!!! This is in my opinion the best Pie ever! It comes from the Ukrops Bakery (A local chain grocery store in Richmond) and its called Chocolate Fudge Pie. My Sugar levels were GREAT all the week so I treated myself to a sliver. Its so good it made me wanna smack your momma haha!! Thats Kornfan's hand, he also loves pie.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thirteen thoughts that went through my head while I was having my teeth cleaned yesterday.

  1. I cant believe I forgot my antibiotic, thank goodness they had some
  2. Why is their TV on the other side of the room so you can't see it?
  3. I guess the TV is there for dental hygienist, not me.
  4. Rachel Ray really grates on my nerves.
  5. The noise that pick things makes on my teeth also grates on my nerves.
  6. Rachel Ray grates on them more.
  7. So how come no one has home water pics anymore? They used to be all the rage.
  8. I need to buy some groceries but only $20 worth because I am broke
  9. $20 in groceries really wont get much.
  10. Thank goodness tomorrow is payday
  11. Damn Canadian dollar is up!
  12. The child support we send to Hubby's ex in Canada has gone way up because reason of #11.
  13. Who the hell is this new dentist guy? He's kinda cute.
This was yet another another riveting Thursday 13 post.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Finally, I got to hear the graduation present!

Kornfan gave a small concert for his mom. He played music he wrote himself!! Maybe he will be a rock star and have a bathroom he can play baseball in.

He really loves his Fender, just look at that grin!
Stuffgirl was not impressed, she gets to hear him all the time. She says he wont stop playing it.


Monday, October 22, 2007

The Waffle House, not just for Breakfast anymore....

So Kid Rock got into a "brawl" at a Hotlanta Waffle house over the weekend. Tommy Lee was not involved.

The real question on my mind is who the hell wears a tshirt with a picture of themselves on it????

Its freaking Monday again!


Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Field Trip!

For today's Field trip I am taking you to a suburb of Richmond Virginia, where I spent last week.

This is my parent's house, the house I lived in for most of my growing up. I have no idea why the picture is so blurry I think I need a new camera. The ramp is relatively new, There used to be shrubs and flowers there. My dad had quite a green thumb.
This is one of my most favorite restaurants ever. I used to eat at the original Joe's Inn in the Fan Area of Richmond when I went to College at VCU. Mom and I went to the one in Bon Air pictured above.
This is the one in the Fan. Just looking at the picture brings back such memories! I loved going there, and we went quite often. They were open almost all the time and served breakfast all day and lunch and dinner too. I remember walking there late at night when it snowed one time. It was quite a hike if I remember correctly LOL

We went to Cracker Barrel one morning for breakfast, Stuffgirl loves to try on hats! The man behind her I don't know but its kinda Freaky cuz he almost looks like my dad before he got so sick.

This was the first time I have ridden with Kornfan since he got his license. He reminds me of me, I was a nervous driver for at least a year after I could drive and he drives like me. Stuffgirl has always been a confident driver.
Of course no trip to my mom's is complete without a trip to Walmart. She shops there for everything since its so close to where she lives. 2 minute drive easy. I loved this display in the eyeglass place in the front of Wallyworld so I took a picture. Yes I took a picture in a walmart! I love to take pictures anywhere everywhere. No one is safe!

Kornfan gave us a concert with his Graduation present, he loves it! He is really quite talented and thinks he is going to be a rock star. I can only hope he becomes rich and famous and takes care of his dear ole mom in her old age :)

My mom's new glasses make her eyes look HUGE! Here is my brother and my mom listening to Kornfan's concert.

Well, I have more pics of my trip but I am going to break this up into 2 Friday field trips so there will be more to come!


Thursday, October 18, 2007

A conspiracy of Silence...

When my son was about 3 years old, we spent alot of time with my exhusband's family. One day we were at his sister's house and I left early for some reason and my son took off his pants and pooped outside on her sidewalk. Everyone decided not to tell me about it, because (wait for it....) I am anal about such things!!! But someone did tell me, and to this day I am mortified. My son doesn't even remember the incident.

I don't know what made me think about this today


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Legally blonde the musical...

Did anyone see this on Sunday? I love me some Broadway but I never get to see any shows. Rural South Carolina is just not a big venue for Broadway shows, although Spamalot is coming next year and I am going to try to go. But I digress (gawd I love sayin that), I wanted to talk about how much I LOVED Legally Blonde and how much I appreciate MTV for televising this because I would never have gotten to see it otherwise. The Show is awesome, this is not your old stale musical, this one is hip and youthful and I ate up every second of it. The Lead was played by Laura Bell Bundy, and she was perfect! I had to Google her, I had never heard of her before but she is not a newbie, she's been around a while. The best part was of course the "Bend and Snap" number!

Also this week I watched the new Show Samantha Who with Christina Applegate...this is officially my favorite new show this season (Pushing Daisies is a close second). I hate to announce how much I liked it, I am the death knell for a show. If I like it is doomed. There are so many but Arrested Development, Waterfalls and Dead like Me are a few I doomed by liking them too much. Anyway, Christina Applegate is so funny, she is the next Lucille Ball. The show is cute, she is cute and Barry Watson is OH SO cute LOL. Check it out!

What is everyone else watching and loving?

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Yes its the monday after my vacation. I am not happy. That is all.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I think I am finally caught up!!!

On my blog reading. It took hours LOL good thing I have no life huh? I am sorry, I couldn't comment on everyone's blogs but I read them all. I did comment some though

I am cleaning our bedroom this weekend, its quite a chore. Yes it was BAD. I have no closet space in this house and have been so many different sizes of clothes that I have saved them all in case I almost die again and lose weight. I know that sounds dramatic but it seems to be the only way I will lose weight these days. I lost 10 lbs since I was diagnosed with Diabetes but you cant tell it on me. I cant tell it anyway. Hubby said he can tell but I think he is just being nice. Anyway, I had all those old sizes in my dresser and no room for my clothes that fit so I had taken to just stacking them on top of the dresser. What a mess!!! But we are (ok Hubby is) in spring cleaning mode (I know its fall, we are major procrastinators ok??) and hubby said if I can get the clothes cleaned up he will clean everything else. Sounds like a win win situation right? ack! My back aches and I am tired and I haven't been able to sleep in my room (we are sleeping in the spare room) because of the stacks of clothes on the bed. Hopefully I can finish my part today. I have 4 huge garbage bags of clothes to give to good will. And I found some clothes that were MIA, LOL! I am excited to be organized again though.

In other news, the visit with my mom went good but she gets to me after a while. You have to walk on eggshells around her its is so easy to offend her these days. She does crazy things but I don't think she is crazy, just old and entitled I guess. I wore her out this week, she will need a week to recover. LOL I wore myself out too. I will have much more to post and I have lots of pics for posting. For now I will leave you with a pic of me, my son and my mom. Oh my kids were there for most of the week too, lost of pics of them too.


Friday, October 12, 2007

I am home safe and sound!

I have lots to post but it will have to wait....I be tired.


Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday field trip

I am leaving this morning for my week long trip to visit my mom. I should have lots of blog material anyway, and if we survive each other it will be a nice trip! I don't feel so great but I am going anyway. My side and back still aches and hurts but the Urologist (aka quack) says that my kidney stones should not be causing me any pain!? Funny how I was fine until the kidney stones came along and how it hurts exactly where my left kidney sits! Anyway, when I get back I have an appointment to see another urologist for a second opinion. Hopefully this one is not a quack :)

I leave you with the Friday field trip this week. Sunday hubby and I rode the wing to a park on the Saluda River. I dont know the name of the park but we go there a couple of times a years, its really nice! Oh, and if you bring bread THEY will come.

No internet connection so I will be out of touch. Boo.


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My Best friend lost her best friend this week

Rainbow Bridge

There is a bridge connecting Heaven and Earth.
It is called the Rainbow Bridge because of it's many colors.
Just this side of the Rainbow Bridge there is a land of meadows,
hills and valleys with lush , green grass.
When a beloved pet dies, the pet goes to this place.
There is always food and water and warm spring weather.
The old and frail pets are made young again.
Those who are maimed are made whole again and they play all day.
There is only one thing missing.
They are not with their special person who loved them on earth.
So each day they run and play until the day comes when one suddenly looks up.
The nose twitches! The ears are up!
The eyes are staring! And this one suddenly runs from the group!
You have been seen and when you and your special friend meet,
you take them in your arms and embrace.
Your face is kissed again and again,
and you look once more into the eyes of your trusted friend.
And you cross the Rainbow Bridge together,
never again to be separated.


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Howard Stern, love him or hate him?

I have really been getting into the talk radio shows on Sirius lately. I just love this new show Yo on E! on the E station, but I also have been listening some to Howard Stern. I know he has lots of fans, he has several stations that play him all day. I have never cared for him, but lately I have been listening and agreeing with some stuff he was saying and forgot WHY I don't like him. This morning he had Jerry O'Connell on there promoting his new show THE CARPOOL (which was not bad when I checked it out tonight), but all Howard wanted to ask about was Jerry's wife, Rebecca Romjn. Now I didn't catch all the show but what I heard made me wanted to go clean my ears out!! He was asking what it is like to play Rebecca's "titties" and about going down on her! It was crude to speak about the man's wife in such a way! You could tell Jerry didn't know quite how to respond. Anyway, that's why I don't like him. Just my opinion, I know lots of bloggers like him but what about you lurkers? Love him or hate him? I still think he is entertaining and I like him as long as he is not demeaning women, but unfortunately that seems to be his appeal. I don't get it.


Monday, October 01, 2007

Movie review Monday,kinda

I didnt go to the movies this weekend, Hubby was off and we went for bike rides. I really want to see Death at a Funeral, maybe I can go when I am in Virginia next week. I caught up online on my TV shows I missed last week (Greys and Heros) and I did watch some movies on TV, so I will review them. Note to men, I only watch girly films for the most part. I will not watch Horror unless forced, and rarely watch war movies. Anyway the first movie I saw was on Cinemax :

ENCHANTED APRIL is a gorgeous film. Its about 4 women that rent an Italian Villa to get away from their unhappy lives in London. The scenes in London are dark and wet, its always raining and dreary. The scenes in Italy are in bold vibrant color. The women start to change their lives and fix their problems because it seems the villa is magical calming effect on them. I really liked this movie. Its a period piece, set in the 1920s, and I am sucker for those. The actresses are really good. I felt a calming effect just watching this!

Then I saw this Canadian Gem on IFC. Sandra Oh at her best, need I say more? The woman is awesome! She is an aspiring actress that is trying to balance her life as a modern woman with her family's tranditions and expectations. This is one I could watch again and again.

I wont be here next monday but I plan on going to the movies alot while I am gone so I should have plenty of reviews coming up after that.