Sunday, March 07, 2010

Wow I was really a downer in that last post. I have friends, hopefully good ones but still i always feel left out. Most of my friends want to do athletic stuff, hiking and dancing classes and i cant do any of that, although i can do a bit more than i could before, i still have bad legs. Oh well. I see the girlfriends on TV shows and wonder why i cant a group of friends like the sex in the city ladies or the ones on cougar town lol.

I have my cataract surgery Tuesday. I am nervous....its silly after my last eye surgery was more complicated but i am nervous about this. I cant wait not to wear an eye patch. :P

With all the surgeries and heart attacks in this house i havent been able to travel...I havent seen my mom or my kids since last summer. I miss them!



Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Why are friends so hard to come by for me, and when I do get close and let someone in, i just get disappointed BIG time. How come some people have kept close friends since school days?? How is that possible? I know i should try harder but then always get hurt. People suck today lol hopefully tomorrow will be better.

That is all