Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

The picture is for Mr Fab, I think these are Lemurs. I think so But he is the expert, not me.

I have too much to say to do a wordless Wendsday today. I tried to post last night but Blogger ate my post and its gone forever! Anyway, here is an exert from the conversation I had with the no show "dogsitter". I was trying to give her the cold shoulder at work and she came up to my cube:

Dogsitter : "I am sorry about yesterday. It was a really bad day at my house."
Me : "Well, you better have a really good excuse, Missy"
Dogsitter: "I caught my husband cheating and I left him yesterday"
Me: "umm.. that works"

So needless to say I felt terrible. But then part of me felt like she still could have called. I am not sure what to do but like I said before Beggers cant be choosers. I have called every dogsitter in the phone book and none will come out to rinky dink small town in the middle of nowhere. And we can't afford to board 8 dogs. Now this gal seems to have a drama surrounding her (and we all know how well I do with Drama) but she's all I have right now.

My dad's first oncologist appointment is today, so it really be a scary day.

I have 161 full size candy bars for the trick or treaters tonight. Even with that amount I will probably run out, I do every year. Our neighborhood is THE place to bring kids to go door to door. Not sure why but they bring them in from other towns even. Happy Halloween Bloggerville!


Sunday, October 29, 2006

Waiting and waiting....

That's what we did all freaking day. The gal that said she would watch my doggies while we are out of town SAID she was coming by to meet them today. All morning was a frenzy of cleaning and all the doggies got baths. I got tired and laid down for a while, still no call. Finally The Canadian had to run some errands so he left for about 2 hours. NO call. Finally at 4 I called her and she said she was just finishing up a late lunch and she would call be back in about an hour after seeing what her hubby had planned. No call. Finally we left and went grocery shopping, no call. Its 8:35 now and no call. You know when I tell someone I am going to be somewhere, I show up or at least call. I don't know how reliable this gal is going to be but then again Beggars cant be choosers. Maybe I just be nit picky but I do expect someone to come when they say they are coming. gyrrrr.

But the house got a good cleaning that it needed so I guess its ok. I was going to post pictures of clean doggies but blogger is being a biatch again.

Still it irritates me that she didnt at least call. I work with her so I will see her at work tomorrow and I will expect an explaination.


Saturday, October 28, 2006

24 season 6 official trailer

How do they expect us to wait until January??? Oh Jack how I miss you and Chloe and all your wacky friends! Sure I am enjoying Grey's anatomy but it will never replace you in my affections.

Yes, I know. I need to get a life. *sigh*


Friday, October 27, 2006

Rush Limbaugh is an Idiot and other Random thoughts.

I tried to post this yesterday but we all know how Blogger was yesterday. I was freaking out over the infamous Internal 505 Error until I realized everyone had that error. Whew.

So I am the only one that really hopes that Rush Limbuagh gets Parkinson's disease?? I know that's harsh but what an idiot! And his apology wasn't really an apology. It was kinda like "If I was wrong then I am sorry". I think he is sorry, a sorry excuse for a human being.

Also, I read this week that we surpassed 3000 of our servicemans deaths in Iraq. What happened to "Mission Accomplished"? I get sick to my stomach thinking of the senseless loss. I support our Brave men and women that are serving there but I cannot support this administration that sent them there.

Dad's appointment with the oncologist is Monday, I was hoping he could get in this week. We still don't know what stage the Cancer is in, or any treatment options. Since he has emphysema also I doubt they will try a surgical route but I am no doctor. Dad is pretty depressed, I am upbeat when I talk to him but I don't feel very upbeat. My kids are going to stay this weekend with him and that's the best medicine ever. Its all about the grandkids with my parents! The picture is my dad. Handsome isnt he??? LOL I take after him!

Lynda is awesome, she wrote about my dad on both of her blogs!! Her whole family has become my inspiration on how they have dealt with the loss of Lynda's Sister, Laurianne.

Today is Friday wooohooooo! I need a weekend!


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wordless Wendsday

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

No good news on a monday

Well as you can tell my dad's news was not good. We dont know how bad it is yet or what kind of treatment options he has. It really sucks, and there is not much more to say about it, I need to get up there to see him soon but I am not sure when/how/why. Hubby wants to go too but someone has to stay here with the dogs, I dont see me finding a good dogsitter on the spur of the moment.

Funny story...kinda. I cried so much last night and was really congested (I stay congested but it was worse last night) that after we went to bed, the Canadian woke me up and told me "The neighbors called, your snoring is keeping them awake" LOL. Poor guy.

Everyone is asking about my biopsy results but they just gave me an appointment for Nov 8, I havent seen the doctor yet. So I dont the results yet. I am just thrilled to have been granted an audience with the Wizard. Really, Dorothy had an easier time getting to the Emerald City than I had trying to get this appointment!

So I had a really bad monday, work was crazy and my dads news. I am hopring today is a bit better,


Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday, Monday....

Mondays suck. Even if my job is way better with the WW gone, its still rough to get up and face the workweek. Oh well.

My dad has not heard from the Biopsy yet, I am taking this as a good sign. It better be a good sign, surely it is right???

I finally got an the ever elusive appointment with Neurologist to learn my own bopsy results. LOL It was like pulling teeth to get it! He's a rockstar or something he must be to be so popular!

For all you cat lovers out there, this is my sidewalk. I dont know whose cat this is (maybe across the street) but he/she likes my yard. he/she wont let me get close enough to pet her but I managed to takl her picture. She is pretty!! I think its a she, I dont know why. She loves to tease my doggies.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

30 Rock Scene

I love this new show! Its hilarious. And this clip is so me, I get food on my clothes all the time.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

I am a lying Mother.

You see my Daughter has a myspace page. I had one before she did, but I dont really use it often.

Anyway we were talking, and I asked her about an old boyfriend of hers that is one of her friends of myspace, and we got to talking about her other friends on there. It came out that my son has a page too. I asked for the info so I can be one of his friends and she told me but then he said he really did not want to me go on there. I said If he didnt want me to I wouldn't. And I really meant it when I said it. But the whole Pandora's box thing was too much for me and I went there. I feel awful in a way. But there was nothing there that would embarrass him so I dont get it. But what remains is my guilt. I really dont lie, I think I have blogged before about how much I hate lies and I vowed quite a while ago to never lie again. Its hard. But when I made him the promise I fully intended to keep it, so did I really lie?

But I did snag a new photo of my son, hahaha! he is really posing in this so I will share my ill gotten gain.


Friday, October 20, 2006

Thursday Thirteen on Friday!

13 things about me. Some of these may be repeats as I have done this before.

1. I used to be in dog rescue, and I miss the dogs and the good feelings I got helping them.
2. I hate drama and confrontation. Some people thrive on it, I avoid it at all costs.
3. I feel that chaining a dog in your yard is cruel and inhumane. If you want a dog but know you wont want to deal with it indoors, just buy a stuffed dog.
4. Right now I take 8 medications a day.
5. I drive and talk on the cell phone at the same time.
6. Even though I am divorced, I believe in Marriage.
7. I have very few friends that I trust.
8. I will order anything online that is a free sample. I have gotten free diapers, gum, an umbrella, a baseball cap, hand soap, serenity pads and tampons in the last 3 months. I give away what I dont use (no I dont use serenity pads just yet LOL)
9. I cant figure out my mp3 player.
10. I owe so much money to doctors and hospitals, I pay monthly and unless I rob a bank I dont see that they will ever be paid in full and sometimes its hard to sleep at night because of this. I have good insurance but still owe bunches.
11. Most of my dogs prefer my husband over me. One of them will come and fuss at me if he is late getting home from work. I am serious!
12. I have seen Barry Manilow in concert (give me a break I was 12 ok!)
13. I talk to myself all the time. Its sad really.

Its friday wooohooooooooooooooooooooooo!


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Best Week Ever!

Last week I rented from the gal above (No not Paris) and I have to tell everyone how wonderful she is! She even cooked for me, her grilled cheese prowess is unsurpassed! Thanks, Jen, I had a great time!

My dad's biopsy is over, he will have results before the end of the week. He said it was very easy, he was surprised how easy. He was home by 4pm!

I still havent heard back from my Neurologist, the gal said "I will call you tomorrow" 3 days ago. I guess I will call again. I wish I was a pushier person! My hubby tells me grow a spine, but I dont want to be rude. I have my limits though and I am not on hormones anymore so bring it on Miss "his schedule is full"!


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wordless Wendsday

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I was offline Most of the day...

There were bad storms this morning and torrential rain all day, so I am assuming this was the problem. But I didnt get in a good post and I havent had time to catch up on my blogroll reading. I am a little cranky too, I hate being out of touch. LOL. Anyway, I worked hard today and am tired . Dad is having his Lung Biopsy tomorrow, I am really worried about this. He smoked for so many years and smoked alot (3 packs a day). I credit him for me never having any desire to smoke. The dirty ashtray smell was ALWAYS in my house growing up, I hated that smell, and never ever thought smoking was cool. But back to my dad. I dont know how I will deal with this if he has cancer, I know we will, people have to face this all the time. Just never me, I have never lost a close relative I just know It will suck so bad and I will be a major basketcase. SOOO I am trying to be optomistic.

Speaking of biopsies, I can't get my Neurologist's office to schedule my follow up from my biopsy. I mean lets face it, I wanna know what I am dealing with here. But they keep saying his Nov schedule is full and they are trying to find a place to fit me in. I have worked for doctors and I know how difficult scheduling can be but I have a right to know my biopsy results sooner rather than later! I guess I have that right. But I dont want to wait much longer.

Thank goodness Nicole and Paris are friends again so I don't have to worry about that too!


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Breaking News!!
Yes it appears that Paris and Nicole are friends again! I am so happy to see this, arent you????


Saturday, October 14, 2006

Beware the Vacuum Cleaner

I was vacuming the bedroom today when the HEAVY metal closet door (its one of those old fashioned slide doors) fell on me hitting me on the side of my head. It really hurt. It still hurts. This is not as good as the time Stuffgirl was vacumming under her bed and leaned down and her hair got caught in the vacuum , slamming her head to the floor. So the moral of my story is vacuming is dangerous business.


Friday, October 13, 2006

grey's anatomy parody

Its friday!!! Yeah!

I remember all those people in this clip, Yes I am old :)

Happy friday!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Boring post

Yesterday I was off. I played pogo and worked on the mound of laundry again. Really I think the whole neighborhood sneaks thier laundry in because its just 2 people living here for so many dirty clothes! Anyway, also yesterday I had to my blood drawn and while I was there I got B12 shot. Seems as if I severe decientcy of B12, who knew? The shots usually perk me up a bit for a while but I am not feeling too perky from this one yet.

I cannot complain about my job anymore!!! Well, I can complain about having to work, but things at my job are just so great right now. I love my new boss. she is fair and a very good manager. I love the gal they hired to help me, she cleans my desk for me, and drives me places! How sweet is that???

Really I have nothing to complain about. Well I could complain about my neuropathy and all the pain but that gets old. I could complain about how I cant do much these days and my friends just went to the beach and didnt invite me they knew I cant walk alot. That hurts. They dont understand at all how It makes me feel, its hard to get mad at them because they really just dont get it. *sigh*

See!!! I warned you!! It was a boring post.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wordless Wendsday

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Black Tuesday..

As much as I hate mondays, lately its Tuesday that have been bad days. I dont know why. Last Tuesday was awful at work, it was one of those days where everything that could go wrong did. Just a bad day. I fully expect today to be bad, just because we will get hit with another days worth of mail since the holiday yesterday.

I was searching for images of Tuesday on goggle and found some interesting ones. Also realized that Tuesdays have been bad for others too. The stock Market crash in 1929 was a Tuesday (Black Tuesday), and the world trade center buildings where crashed into and demosished on a Tuesday. Kinda makes me want to stay at home under the covers today. Hell, who am I kidding, I want to that every day LOL


Monday, October 09, 2006

I hate mondays.

And I cant figure out how to keep this from underlining! Its too early for this.

My mom isa home from the hospital. She is furious with dad for saying that she falls down alot. BUT he says he did not tell anyone that and was right there when SHE told the doctor herself she falls. She is full of crazy talk. She insisted she needed to go home because dad has surgery this week. His lung biopsy is scheduled for NEXT week. Anyway, I hope mom starts eating right, i think that was part of her problem. She just wont eat. *sigh*. I never thought this day would would come when my parents are failing like this, its difficult. Especially since I live far away from them.

Thank goodness last night was the Canadian's last night shift until next week. I do ok without him here but life is way better when he is here.

OH I bought some cheap speakers from CVS for my MP3 player and they work!! Yeah! So I have been listening to tunes at work. I promised my co worker I would update the music though, she laughed when she heard I had Thriller and Billy Jean on there. Now, I know MJ is very bizarre these days and acts/looks like a freak but in his day he made the best music! But I took it off for her.

OK off to face this day.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

My Hands Are Bananas

I dont why but I think this is hilarious! "Keep the monkeys away from my hands!"

Happy Saturday!

Friday, October 06, 2006

I have to apologize for not making my rounds during the week

Frankly this disease is just kicking me in the ass on workdays. I can work a full day (with the help of drugs) but by the time I get home the pain is much worse and I go straight to bed. I will blog around for about an hour but I have so many people I want to visit and I only make it to a few. So if you dont hear from me during the week thats why. On the weekends I get around to everyone.

Here's a picture of my parents with Stuffgirl at her graduation. Mom is still in the hospital. They didnt find any cancer (I didnt even know they were looking for that!) with the colonoscopy or the scans. I dont know when they will let her come home. In the meantime my dad still probably needs a lung biopsy but he has not heard back from the doc after he got some decent xrays. In one old xray he was wearing a moniter for his pacemaker and the wire was right over the area they needed to see.

They are talking about us getting off early today at work! Yeah! It depends on how much work we get done. So you know I will be working as fast as I can LOL.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Wordless Thursday (I know its supposed to be a day earlier but I had too much to say yesterday. Get over it)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Remember the discussion about how to put cups away?

I put them away rightside up and hubby thought they should be upside down. So being the best wife in the whole wide world I started putting cups and glasses and mugs away upside down. All was well. Until yesterday morning. I got up before hubby (when he is home he usually brings me my coffee) and stumbled into the kitchen where the coffee was already brewed (I have a timer) and took down my mug and started pouring. Into an upside down mug.

I so dont do mornings well.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Its official Men in Kilts day...

I have decreed it because men in kits are just HOT. I acn only imagine what Al Gore looks like in a kilt, but I am sure its really really HOT LOL. This is the piper that played at my sister in law's weddding in Canada last year. I dont remember his name. Thats his wife, arent they a good looking couple??

My mom is better today but she is still in the hospital. Dad is kinda pitiful, he complains about her but right now he is missing her. My mom has never been sick and never really been in the hospital so she not a good patient. Me, I am a model patient, LOL the nurses love me. Lord knows I have had enough practice.

I had to get blood work done yesterday and the vampires were having a busy day! I had to wait, usually I can just go in and get it done.

I had a winning streak going on the blog battles and maybe I got too cocky because now I am on a major losing streak. But still I cant stop, I seem to be addicted.

Oh I went and bought some banana stix last night, all is right with the world. I bought 2 boxes of banana stix and a pack of smokes for hubby. I think the checkout boy was giving me strange looks about my purchases but I dont care beacuse I have 23 banana pops in my freezer (it was 24 but I ate one last night) and I can face anything now!

Happy Tuesday

Monday, October 02, 2006

Yes this is another I hate monday post...get over it.

I cant help it. Even though job is great now without the wicked witch, I still hate mondays. I need to sleep in to be lazy. My body needs so much sleep and rest now thats its decided to give up on me. And getting up on mondays just suck.

Yesterday we went to the evil Walmart grocery shopping and I came close to getting in the handicapped cart, you know the one. I cant go shopping alone anymore, I make the Canadian go with me because I get to tired about 1/2 way through. That sucks too. Although I must admit I like having the Canadian go with me, even if its grocery shopping.

Walmart did not have my Banana Stix!!!! grrrrrrrrrrr. That sucks.

My mom is on the hospital. Dad says she has been abusing laxatives?????? Anyway he said she has been disoriented and the first question they asked him was did she have demetia. He told them that we all think she does but the doctors say she doesnt have it. The fact is she can answer questions like What day is it and who is president but if you converse with her for any length of time you see what we mean. And they are seeing. So maybe this is good and she get some help for it. But it sucks.

Also Hubby doesnt have anything he can use so I can use speakers with my MP3 player. That sucks too.

So it stands to reason that this will be a sucky monday. OH, I just can't wait.