Friday, June 30, 2006

Can you say 4 day weekend????

Yes I actually have 4 days off in a row. Of course Hubby is working all of them but tomorrow, but will be sleeping tomorrow. He is supposed to be off tonight but they asked him to work and he said yes. NOW how come he has no problem saying NO to me but not to his work? Very frustrating. So since he is working and all my friends have holiday plans with their families, I have a boring weekend looming ahead. But its better than working. And I get to sleep late. Maybe I will take myself to a movie. I have never been to a movie by myself but its time to start! I really wanted to see the Prarie home companion movie but this damn small town isnt showing it! There is a cookout /pool party at a friends house tomorrow, IF I get hubby up in time we will go but you know how much luck I had the last time we had plans and he worked the night before. He said he would go every day I asked him until that morning when he got home from he said he was too tired. Hmmm. I may have to go without him as I am bringing the chips and what is a cookout without chips???

I am optomistic about this treatment and hoping it will help me. I wont even get in the pool tomorrow beacuse I am afraid I wont be able to get out. The contact lens bottle incident will not hold a candle to the humilation I would feel If that happened. My fat ass being lugged outta the water while 20 people are looking on? ummm no thanks.

Speaking of my fat ass, my mother really hurt my feelings when I told her about what the diagnosis was and the treatment...she said "well maybe after the treatment and you are feeling better you can get more exercise and stop eating all the time" OHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I replied that I dont eat all the time, which in retrospect was the wrong thing to say because she then said "oh you know you do, you get piled up on the couch and eat ice cream all day" It really hurt my feelings so much. I have gained alot of weight since being sick and just every medication I am on has weight gain as a side effect. I just got put on a new one this week that says that too. Now I dont eat right at all, and exercise is out of the question these days but I dont eat all day. I know its her demenia talking but the hurt is still there. Really, she is a great mom but she hates fat people. She is always talking abouty how fat this person got or that person. I was on a diet (imposed by her) my whole life growing up I think thats why I balk at dieting now. I told my husband what she said , and he laughed. HE is the one that eats all the time in this house. He is so skinny and can eat whatever and he does eat alot.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH well off that subject. Lets talk about Britney shall we? I must be really really stupid but I dont get how she can cry about wanting to be left alone by the parapazzi and then she goes out and poses nude in a magazine? If they want a normal life why has Kfed had all these magazine spreads lately??? And WHO books that slimeball to be in their magazines anyway? I dont get that all. And not for a minute do I believe that pic is really her, she didnt look like that last week? Someones been airbrushed and photoshopped like crazy! I wonder if she sits around eating all day............maybe piled up on the couch eating ice cream all day.


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Multifocal Motor Neuropathy...

is that the doc told me today. It can mimic ALS and MS and other nerve disorders. No cure but the treatment can hopefully put it into remission. The treatment is called IVIG, and it uses plasma to help restock my antibodies to fight this ...or something like that. I dont really understand it all yet but Mr Fabulous if you are reading this it looks like I will keep your area of work in business for a while. The infusions lasts 6 hours and I have to go every day for 5 days, then a treatment once a month after. This should help me lots if his diagnosis is correct. Treatment starts july 10, he wanted to start it right away but next week is a holiday.

I am kind of in shock...although I knew something was wrong with me. I also have lupus, they found that 3 years ago when I had heart failure. I have no symptoms of Lupus yet but it is latent I guess. He says he is sure I have it, they have repeated the blood test several times. So I see another doc for that. Not sure when they are going to call me

Aint life grand?


Monday, June 26, 2006


oh my..isnt he something??? Julian Mahan. I may be spelling that wrong. I love him on Charmed and Lust after him on Nip/Tuck (hello bare manly buns!) I think he is all that AND a bag of chips LOL.
He has replaced Johnny Depp in my affections. Sorry Johnny but there was no hope for us anyway, with you living in France and I dont speak French. Julian is an Aussie...we speak the same language!! Its fate!

But its only 3 more nights until Hubby gets back on his shift,,,maybe with him home more I can stop daydreaming and Cole/Christian troy. Oh...reading up on him it says they have NO idea when season 4 of Nip Tuck would begin airing. I wonder if its been shot yet? I kinda lost interest after the Carver was revealed (I guessed right go me!).

On Wife swap tonight they put a wiccan high priestess in a family where the man is a male chavenist pig! Oh what wacky TV that was!

I need a life huh?


Yesterday was crazy here....

I had dogs barfing, the Puppy Star peed in my bed and Mocha got a chicken leg (my fault I dropped it) and I was running through the house chasing her screaming "Drop the Chicken DROP IT!!" ha. She took it under the bed where the little dogs take all their ill gotten booty. I scared her with the broom, then spent the next 2 hours cleaning out under my bed before I found it and changed my bed linens. Hubby of course was at work. He says that when these little dogs we have go, no more little dogs, only greyhounds. After last night I am agreeing with him. Although it was a greyhound that peed in the bed. Good thing I love them so much huh?
Here they are sleeping like angels. Ha, they are not angels, you wouldnt believe the mess under my bed!!!!

We've had storms almost every night so I have caught up some on my Dvds when the satelitte went out. I saw Office Space for the first time, how funny is that movie!!!!!!??? My new random text message today is "uh oh looks like someone's got a case of the mondays!"


Saturday, June 24, 2006

My humilation.........

is almost complete as of yesterday. I wonder if I am the only person that really really stupid stuff happens too? Its like I am a magnet for disaster or something. At work we have had problems with, well everything. The dishwasher is broken, the sink is clogged, the ice maker is broken ect. Anyway, the toilet was stopped up there for most of the week. It was a problem for me because I take that Lasix. Finally, the boss calls a plummer. They come right away (unbelievable) and they work and work and work and they have the toilet off the wall at one point. Plummer man comes out and says its fixed....says there was a bottle of contact lens solution in the line and that was a problem. We all looked in the trash and there was a bottle of Boston Contact solution for gas permerable lens! MY CONTACT lens solution!!!! I was the hell did it get in there? Plummer man said it had been in there a while!! Weirdness...and one Bitch co worker made the comment "Oh course you knew it was in there, how could you not know?" BITCH! So literally shit happens to me. I cant even lie and say it isnt mine, very few people wear gas perm lenses anymore but my eyesight is so bad they have to grind extra power in and you cant do it with Soft lens. My script for my glasses is -18.00 in my right eye and -13.25 in my left. Yes I am blind. But this is the talk of the office now. 2 girls werent there when it happened and my BOSS made it a point to tell them. THEN...I go out to lunch friday with some co workers and we met up a gal that used to work there and they had to TELL her about it. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Anyway I am soooooooooo glad to back online. I am Overdosing on internet tonight after 2 days without it. The major heat (101 yesterday) has caused terrible vicious storms every night. Today it was alot cooler (88) and so far no storms.

I am having internet issues, I am so not happy. Will be back soon, I hope.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I cant believe I complained when it was 99 degrees Tuesday...

Because it got to 105 today! way too hot for me. I feel sorry for people that have to work outside in this weather. We had intense storms tonight that scared the heebeejeebees outta my dogs but it cooled off by 20 degrees when it was over. Its still hot inside though even with the AC running.

Speaking of getting scared, I finally heard from the Neurologists office and I am scared now. The gal said the doc kept my chart to consult with his partners and she was not able to get it until today. The doc that didnt have any openings until August suddenly decides he can work me in next wendsday? I have worked for docs, I know this cant possibly be good news. But I am paraniod too so maybe I just thinking of the worst. I am trying to look at the bright side of thing is as bad as I look, I will never look at bad as Britney Spears in the Dateline interview. You just know I couldnt resist it, I tried but she looked so awful and sounded so stupid it is just so damn easy. Another bright side is I am not married to K- fed. Oh Britney, what the hell happened to you????????

I am behind on my blog reading because of the storms and now its bedtime. 5:00 comes early, thank god tomorrow is FRIDAY woohooo!


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My Heart is breaking....2502 at least of our young men and women dead in Iraq. HOW MUCH LONGER?????

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

And now for something you'll REALLY like.....

or not, I just felt like blogging a Bullwinkle tribute. Was that the funniest cartoon ever? There are funnier ones out now but when I was growing up Bullwinkle was it. Dunno why I am thinking of that tonight. I still crack up at the shirt the moose is wearing... Wassamatta U!

I promised more about the gradution. Well it was long and boring and hot but so worth it. Stuffgirl was so excited, it was contagious! I of course cried and forgot to bring tissues as usual. The bummer of the evening was that the video camera was dead as a doornail so we didnt get video. grrrr. Oh well. We'll have it figured out by next year when Kornfan graduates.

Seeing my Ex's family for the first time in 10 years (or close to it) was pretty traumatic for me. I was all set to just ignore them since I wasnt sure what kind of greeting I would get. My divorce was BAD, it was beyond bad and pretty much I have been painted evil incarnate by my ex to anyone who would listen. I am not saying I dont deserve some what he has said but other stuff was so ridiculous it would have been funny if the situation was different. But I was very close to his family for a long long time ( we were married for 13 years) and losing them was hard for me. I loved them too plain and simple. Anyhooooooooo it was hard to ignore them and they were very nice to me...very civil and they hugged me. They actually looked glad to see me! I dont know what to think but it could have been bad and it was actually nice. My ex and his Wife did not sit with his family which I thought was strange. His new wife sure is the polar opposite from me....she is tall and skinny, in fact she looked like she has lost weight and looked almost unhealthy skinny. I cant say anything, I am sure all they all talked about was how fat I am now compared to 10 years ago. I was really especially close to my SIL (ex's brothers wife) and that was hard too. We had an odd relationship, i was always jealous of her, and come to find out she was jealous of me! I was jealous of her because she was younger, skinnier and prettier and she knew what she wanted and she always got what she wanted. She was jealous of me because I had a nice big house and that I had a girl baby first. Other than that I am not what she jealous of. But we always together 10 years ago, we spent weekends at each other houses almost every weekend. Good times. We would have "girls" weekends where the hubbys would watch the kids and we would go shopping. The last time we had a girls weekend I was awful though, I was too busy on the phone to some news friends and I acted pretty bad. I never really got a chance to apologize. I tried once but she didnt want to have anything to do with me then. OH and then there was a disasterous camping trip. One lesson learned from not say to someone "oh, you should come" when other people are involved because if they take you up on it and show up everyone gets pissed! I had almost forgotten that trip, it was awful. One day I need to apologize to her if she will let me.

OK enough about that. Its been so hot this week here. I do not do very good in really hot weather, I can get overheated before I realize it. Most days its not an issue but when its really hot (99 today) I get overheated just walking to my car and thats it I will feel bad the rest of the day. Its supposed to be like this the rest of the week too! I used to LOVE summer.

I got spoiled with Hubby home off for like 4 nights but now he is back on nights tonight and it looks like 2 more weeks before he can get his normal schedule back. To fill my time and to save money I have taken up couponing again....did you know you can BUY coupons on ebay??? LOL. I have gone crazy! Its not as much fun couponing as it was the kids were living at home but sunday I saved $7 on my groceries and the way prices on groceries are going through the roof here every liitle bit helps. Anyone out there get a sunday paper and just throw away the coupons??? ACK! Dont do that send them to me LOL or sell them on ebay!


No time to post so I threw up a couple more pics of the graduation....The laptop was our graduation present to her.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

I forgot my Favorite home quote....Clicking my ruby slippers...."There's no place like Home"

I am back, we got in late last night. It was a crazy trip...14 hours in a car in 2 days. We survived, and had a very nice time. The graduation was long and boring (arent they all???) but it was wonderful too and I so glad I went. I will blog more about the graduation throughout the week, but todays Blog is all about my dad since its fathers day. I love my parents more then they know. I may be a bit screwed up in my own way but I had the best parents to guide me. I complain about my mom, she is something and sometimes we dont get along because we are both hard headed but I wouldnt trade her for anything. They are not without their flaws but I couldnt have asked for better parents. My kids could not have better grandparents. I am lucky I know to have a good relationship with my parents. Happy Fathers day Dad. I love you

Dad got his new electric wheelchair from the ALS people or the VA I am not sure which but its really cool! I tried to get a pic of him in it but you cant see the chair very well. I will try to get better pictures when I go back up in August.


Friday, June 16, 2006

ET Phone Home

Home is where the heart is

Who says you can't go home.

will be back Sunday.......


Thursday, June 15, 2006

"I've had a wonderful evening, but this wasn't it"...Groucho Marx

I love Groucho, I wish I could have met him, he has the best quotes around. Anyway. I survived the test. It was BAD people. They dont give you any kind of drugs because it would interfer with the test results. What I had was a nerve conduction velocity test and Electromyography. The second one was the bad one. They stick needles in your muscles and stimulate them with electricity to see how the muscle and nerve function is. I think its going to be bad news though. He was only going to my right leg, and he said for me to lay with my left side against the wall because he wasnt going to test that side. So he did my right leg, then he does my right arm even though I have no arm complaints. Then he said he was going to let me rest a few minutes and come back and do the left side. I said to him "you said you werent going to do the left side" and he said " well I wasn't but I changed my mind". He also kept asking me if I was cholesteral medication (I am not). He wouldnt tell me anything, he said he would let my doctor (he was a doc but not mine) explain the test results. So Now I wait. My doc was booked up until August so the receptionst is going to call me to see if they fit me in sooner. It was a rough, if I had any government secrets I would have spilled them yesterday LOL.

I still dont know anything more on the wedding couple, but I did find out they were supposed to go Charleston for thie honeymoon...if they did that was another bad start for the marriage as Charleston was drenched by Alberto this week! We had one day of bad weather and then it was gone here.

Poody said I should try to put the sleeping mask on my dog. I tried it with Wylie and she did NOT like it, you would have thought I was trying to kill her. She would have no part of it and the pic is her afterward giving me digusted looks. I tried Poody!


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

MY Secret Pal is Revealed!!!

actually she was revealed a while ago but I waited until she got back from vaction before posting my tribute!! I had the bestest best pal was LIZ!! She has me going but until the last 3 weeks and then she posted something that pretty much gave her away but I didnt care, she is still the best! Thanks for everything Liz. I even got a post card from Hawii! She was thinking of lil ole me on vacation. I heart you Liz! This is the last package of cool has a Dont Mess with Texas post card...hehe love it! As you can see The Baby loved my SP stuff too. She really wanted that sleeping mask. I guess she figures she sleeps 16 hours a day so she deserves it LOL. Dont worry I didnt let her get her paws on it!

Today is going to be so crazy I have so many errands to run to get ready for going out of town and I have to pack everything because Hubby wont have time. He usually is better than me at remember stuff so I know I will forget sometthing! Then at 1;45 I have an appoinment at the neurologist to have a EMG and ECM or something like that. I am seriously scared of this test, I have heard how awful it is. IN fact, I had an appointment in that Feb I cancelled. But they think I have some nerve damage from the virus that caused my heart failure and they wont know how to treat it until they do this test they say. I had to give in and have it done beacuse whatever it is, is getting worse. I dont wanna!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not usually such a big baby about stuff like this, lord knows over the past few years I have had many painful things done. When I was in the er the second time with almost no blood pressure they needed to get blood but couldnt get it anywhere beacause I was dehydrated and finally the er doc took some from my femeral that hurt but if I had to have done again I would be ok because I know what to expect. Its the fear of the unknown plus my dad told me grown men scream during this test (I am assuming he meant himself, he had to have it to get his Lou Gehrigs Dx). Anyway , I am sure I will survive but I am being wimpy.


Monday, June 12, 2006

Mel Really Satisfies! Mel. Its the Real Thing.

Yes I have been entertaining myself with the Advertsing Slogan generater! Fun for all, fun for the whole family! Hehe I dont know how to link to it but I got it off Mr Fab's blog. I have wasted alot of time hitting refresh. Can. not.stop.

I dont know any more details on the happily married couple, Its killing me, its a like a movie that you recorded but had the time wrong and missed the most important pivotal scene! Oh well. I wish them the best. Marriage is NOT easy for anyone but they sure had a rocky start.

I am really mad at a girl at work. I have blogged about her before, I think I called her Joan. Anyway, we are a small office and we all share printers. Friday I was running around looking for some documents I printed...I looked everywhere. I was asking everyone, and I guess she didnt hear me or was ignoring me. Anyway, I tried to look back at my stuff to recreate what I had printed and when I went into the first account, there was a note from her that she had just put in. She grabbed my stuff and worked on them herself! WTF? She is always complaining that she has more work than she can do and she is doing mine? I didnt understand it really and asked her to please tell me if she does that again because I wasted all this time looking for something she had. grrr. OK the weekend comes, I get mellow, I get over it but damned if she didnt do the same thing today!!!!!!!!!!!!! What does she lurk at the printer? Does she think I cant do it and only she can?? I reached over and snatched them off her desk, and she didnt say anything. If she keeps it up I will have to get rude on her and I hate to do that, but what else can I do? I just dont understand. At least I really satisfy huh? Hey I am the real thing!


Sunday, June 11, 2006

There is another Canadian in the world today!

Well, actually yesterday, my Sister in law gave birth to an 8 lb 8 oz boy. Isnt he a doll??? I think she had a rough go of it and they did a c section, but she is fine now. MIL is in her grandma glory LOL!

The wedding I was so looking forward to this weekend...Well, hubby was too tired to go. I knew he would be, he looked like crap friday night. But I still held onto hope that he would go. I feel really bad because it was a sit down dinner and we had RSVPed and everything. I guess until this weird work schedule eases up i wont accept any more invites like that. I am worried about him being too tired to drive to Virginia for the Graduation this coming weekend...he cant get out of that one. OH!! But some friends went to the wedding and what drama I missed!!!!!!!!! Damn I knew there would be drama this girl is a major drama queen and a spoiled rotten person. Anyway I heard she stormed out of the reception because someone from her new husbands family was there that she did not want there...or something like that. Later, the groom threw his ring at her and said he had enough of her shit and asked for her ring back!!!! I dont know the final result of all the drama. I assume they got everything ironed out out. Her parents spent MAJOR bucks on this wedding and I am sure they are so not happy right now. I cant believe I missed it!!!! But I have had a nice low key weekend spending time with Hubby.


Friday, June 09, 2006

I planned to post this yesterday but Blogger had other ideas........

Blogger has just been nuts lately. I cant comment or post and it really bothers me! See, I am a lonely gal and need me some blogger company. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr anyway....

My ex rat bastard opps I mean husband has told stuff girl that "we would be more than welcome to come to her graduation party but it would be extremely awkward for everyone" DUHHH. So is that an invite or not??? Not that I would go. But I dont know if I will have time with her yet, as the Canadian is not able to tell me how long we can stay. If we have to come back the next day, i wonder if its even worth going. IT would kill me to miss it, I drug her butt 20 minutes away to a tudor for years twice a week after I worked all day...I have alot invested in her education. ExRB took her some but after the divorce it was only me to do it. Plus who got up early to get the kids ready and out the door the school, it sure as hell wasnt him!!!! Who packed their lunches and made them do homework? *sigh* LOL its her big day but I kinda feel like its mine too. And next year we get to repeat this again with my son. Fun fun fun.

Hubby has worked all week, I have seen him a total of maybe 45 minutes combined. I really really hate this schedule. He will be off this weekend but he will sleep alot to try to catch up but at least he will be here.

I am obesessed these days with the Movie Napoleon Dynamite. I could watch it over and over and over. I was that way with Garden State too but Napoleon has better lines. "I got you a delicious Bass" is my current favorite, I am planning on texting that to random people later. Did you know there are Napoleon Dynamite action figures and toys????? I got to have me one! Yes I am BORED and going crazy with no human company at home.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Happy Birthday to the Canadian and Happy Gotcha day to Jazzy Pinkfeet

Hubby turns the big 40 today, as usual with this freaky work schedule I wont see him but maybe 15 minutes tonight before he goes to work. So I will get him a cake this weekend...he is off 2 days wooohooo. But during those 2 days he sleeps most the time to catch up. Sigh. Oh well. He asked for socks and underwear, he is sooo predictable! The picture I think I posted already but he is sleeping (what else) with the Baby Star.

Today also is the 3rd anniversary of the day we got Jazzy Pinkfeet. The story is someone threw her out a car but the story has grown in legend and I think she was just found wandering. A family rescued her and turned her into the greyhound group we were volunteering for (they thought she was a baby greyhound, she is an Italian Greyhound). I saw her and cried until The canadian relented and let me bring her home. She is MY girl, she loves her mama! She is the most affectionate dog we have, she will jump up and hug you by throwing her whole body on your face LOL. I love that silly girl.


Monday, June 05, 2006

The Devil in SC does not wear Prada, not even close!

I try not to post about my work issues much, simply because I am paranoid. As much as I complain about my job I need it dammit. But I am in a bitching mood today. I woke up this morning with the Big D. I was nauseous and my stomach was turning itself over in knots. I felt awful. I think I ate some bad tuna last night, I am not sure what was the culprit. Anyway, I call my boss at home at 6:30 and told her I would be late, and I may not be in at all. I went back to sleep but was just as sick when I woke back up at 8:30. I showered and got ready but was still feeling bad so I called and she told me to stay at home, they didn't need me. But then she tells me that this would have to be day off this week and I had to work Wends. (I am part time now but still work 4 days a week). I said ok but later I thought about it and it pissed me off. I have sick time I am entitled to and I lose my day off because I am sick? She just told me not to come in because they were not busy. It made me mad, I think she just did it because she was mad I got to go part time and keep my health insurance after she pretty much told me I wouldn't be able to. The joke I guess is on her. They told me to schedule my doctors appointments on my days off and I have one wendsday morning I am not missing so I will be late LOL. I forgot about it until this afternoon. Haha.

The pic is Meryl Streep in the Devil wears Prada. The movie comes out next year I think. I read that book, I am looking forward to the movie. My boss is not nearly as bad the Prada boss but I hope she doesn"t read the book to get new ideas.


Sunday, June 04, 2006

We passed this old train station that is being renovated on the way home.
this was the Fred's errand. I usually get cleaning supplies and toliet paper and paper towels , toothpaste and shampoo there...its so much cheaper there than even walmart! Hubby for some reason LOVES to go to Freds.

The dog food errand...see what I mean when I say this place is in the middle of nowhere??? That place is always busy busy though. I think there are lot of horse owners in that area. This was just the front of the place. behind me is where the action is but Hubby parked in a bad spot for pictures so I could sit in the shade.
No Post yesterday...

I spent the whole day with hubby...even ran errands. I was so clingy from not seeing him for like 15 days. He tells me he doesnt know when he will go back to his regular schedule, but they only let them work 6 nights now with no nights off (the 15 days was during shutdown or something) so he will be off this coming weekend. We are supposed to go to a wedding and he says he is still going but we will see. Back to me being clingy. I havent been so clingy since I was so sick, I really was BAD then. The following weekend is Stuffgirls graduation so I know he will be off at least 2 nights. I am hoping we can spend an extra day there but he doesnt know about work yet. It would be nice to spend some time with my parents, especially since that sunday is fathers day. I am lucky my dad is still with us, he has Lou Gehrigs and it usually progresses quickly but so far his has been slower thank goodness.

Oh I did make time to see the Break up Friday was NOT what I thought it would be. I liked it although when they were fighting it reminded me too much of me and My Ex. I would like anything Jennifer Aniston is in, I really like her. She looked do those hollywood types stay so damn skinny?? I guess they never eat. I think she was pushing too skinny but what do I know?

Here are some pictures of our day...see I was thinking and took these with my picture phone. I went to the grocery store while he cut grass and I didnt get pictures of that though.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Where is my template?????? Anybody??? Bueller??? Bueller????

Its gone!!! I knew it, its been abducted by aliens...or those Chicanaries! I will catch the evil villians but I have to go to work now so it will be tomorrow! Yes Tomorrow I will open up a can of whoop ass!!!

The truth is out there.