Saturday, June 30, 2007

No invite for me....

But its all good, I have been very busy pricking my fingers, learning the difference between good and bad carbs. I am also hungry all the time, which makes NO sense because I am eating. I think its just the fact I know I shouldn't eat certain things. I have never ever done well on diets. I mean I have lost weight on diets but mentally I just don't want to feel deprived. I mean, I cant drink Alcohol,don't smoke (no biggie I despise smoking yuk), I cant get a tattoo, I cant give blood. Now I cant have my beloved fruit juice or my banana pops!! I have found a low sugar banana pop, I'll let you know what I think. Anyway, I don't diet well so think of me. And this weekend with me alone (hubby is on nights and sleeps during the day)I am bored and I wanna snack. Luckily I can still have my popcorn wooohooo!

Does anyone else watch Big Love? I have blogged about this show before. I hate the concept of sharing a husband (no way could I ever do that) but this show has me hooked. I don't want to like it but I do.


Friday, June 29, 2007

Stick em up!!!

Yeah its Friday! woot!

I got nothing today, sorry. But the picture is cute :) Have a great Friday! I may not be around this weekend, I am have been dropping hints for Bec to invite me over LOL. She says I dont need an invite so she may be sorry haha.


Thursday, June 28, 2007

When it rains it pours...

And I am not talking about rain, we are still in a drought here and its HOT HOT HOT.
I am talking I have developed yet another Health problem and the doc called me in yesterday to tell me the bad news. I am now pre diabetic. They have been watching my blood sugar carefully for a while because of the Neurpathy and last week it decided to go high. They gave me a meter to check it myself for 2 weeks and keep a log and then I have to see the Diabetic specialist in 3 weeks (soonest she had). The doc said she will probably put me on medication for a while, I don't know. She just looks at me and shakes her head, said she wished she had some good news to tell me for a change! But I have to change my diet, I don't eat sugary sweets much they are not my thing. But I LOVE carbs and my fruit juice is loaded with sugar. Its going to be hard because we eat fast food so much with Hubby's work schedule, and I cant eat many salads because of the coumadin. I think one a week will be OK. Last night hubby was going to grill steaks and then after being the heat working his bike all day he decided to just run up to Hardees instead. See what I am up against??? Poody I will be calling you for all your wisdom on this subject this weekend OK??

Oh and the meter the doc gave me does not turn on! Hubby checked the batteries and it makes so sense. So I was not able to check it last night but yesterday around 10am it was 157 when they checked it at the docs office. He is going to take the meter back today and get a new one or find out what the heck we are doing wrong.

Stuffgirl broke up with the jailbait 16 yr old thank goodness! I haven't been able to talk to her much since her dad took away her cell phone until she pays the bill. I really miss talking to her every day!

I have Internet at work now and have been too busy to really do anything online, even work stuff.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I stole this post...

From Mike's homefront. I didnt use his answers though, so I am somewhat orginal. At least that is what I am telling myself. Give me a break, it was still monday when I wrote this.

Maybe I should…..Start dinner

I love…… My hubby

People would say that I’m…...a snob, I really don’t like that many people (bloggers are excluded of course!)

I don’t understand…...death

When I wake up in the morning….. I am useless

I lost… health and my my mind, has anyone seen them??.

Life is full of… and downs

My past is…... very boring.

I get annoyed when…....when co workers talk constantly and never ever shut up even when I ignore them..

Parties are….. overrated

I wish…...I could walk without pain.

Dogs ….....are dying in shelters all over, please consider adopting!

Cats….. great, I love kitties.
Same goes for cats, adopt!

Tomorrow….. is another day!

I have a low tolerance…....for crowds

If I had a million dollars…..I would buy my moms house for her and then move to Va to be closer to her.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Another lame "I hate Mondays" Post.

So its Monday. Rainy days and Mondays always get me down. And I was up late last night (for me anyway) watching the new episodes of Army Wives. Which was stupid because its on Demand but no I stayed up late. I am hooked on that show!

Hubby was home last night too. He's been working nights and goes back later this week on nights. He wants me to try to get on his new Harley and maybe us go for short rides together. So I need to get some boots that fit and don't kill my feet. Everything kills my feet so it should be interesting trying to get them in boots.

A fellow blogger lost his son last week, I don't know the blogger but Its so tragic and I feel like I know him in a way. Blogging brings people closer I think. Anyway, Keep NYC Watchdog in your thoughts today. I cannot imagine his pain. Another Blogger has set up a donation page through paypal for the family.


Saturday, June 23, 2007

A little bit of George...

Yup, that's my guy George Clooney on his Harley. He is at home in Italy, enjoying some time off. He makes my heart go pitter pat LOL. Actually, I don't know where he is, that would be very stalkery. But he was at home in Italy at some point recently. I don't think its fair he has made his home there, I mean really doesn't Italy have enough gorgeous scenery?

Not much up here. The meds for the Vertigo are helping quite a bit so I feel much better as far as that goes. Its really hot here in SC and we are in the middle of a drought too. I am staying inside as much as possible since I cant take the heat.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Today I saw Jack Sparrow....

Yes I went and saw the news Pirates movie. I was not planning on going, I saw the second one on DVD and I really didn't care for it. But Bec wanted to see it again, and she was willing to drive to my town since I had a docs appointment (of course) this afternoon. We went to the 11:30 show and we had the WHOLE theater to ourselves!!!! That was awesome, we chatted during the movie, hell we could have danced in the aisles if we wanted! I am sure most people have already seen it but it was a great movie! I love Johnny Depp, that man is such an actor! The way he brings Jack Sparrow to life! Bec was all about Orlando Bloom (Will Turner) but not me, I was mesmermized by Johnny. I was a little disappointed in the Calypso story line, what was that about? I mean after she turned into crabs (he he, she had some serious crabs har har) what happened to her after that? Was she ever reunited with her love? OH well, that was a small thing. All in all I loved it and I am glad my friend dragged me to see it.

I am still having Dizzy spells (right now as I write this even) and the doc says I have vertigo. I have some pills she gave me, but I am going to take it at bedtime. I hope it helps, I have been feeling even lousier than usual. Blah.

Happy first day of summer. It actually cooled a little here today it only got up to 90.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I saw a movie with Beavis and Butthead.

Sunday I went and saw Knocked up. I went to the very first show (12:45). I thought I was clever, the movie has been out for a while so it would not be crowded. And it was not crowded but this man brought 3 young boys to see this movie and they (Of course) sat down right next to me. In the first place what kind of idiot takes kids (they looked to be between 8-10) to see this movie? It was rated R, it has nudity, language and lots of drug use! So every time there was a sex scene or frontal nudity they would giggle just like Beavis and Butthead. Every time someone used the word in Fuck in any way they would start again. It was very ANNOYING! But besides that, why were they there? I do not understand why a parent would take kids to see that.

But I enjoyed the movie. I love all those guys, most of them were in the 40 year old virgin. I was not able to find a great quote though. There were some good quotes but nothing outstanding. Allison Heigl is awesome, I think I have a girl crush on her. She joins Stevie Nicks and Gwen Stefani as my girl crushes LOL. Not a gay crush, you girls you know what I mean, we all have our girl crushes and guys have guy crushes. Who is your girl/guy crush?

Oh, on the way out of the movie I saw a girl going into the movies with a towel. Whats up with that? Does anyone know why you would take a towel to a movie? If Rocky Horror was showing I could kind of understand, or maybe an xrated movie (ewwwwww) But I was just wondering.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

First fathers day without a father
Yeah, it sucks. I think that's why I have been so emotional lately.. Anyway, happy fathers day to all you dads out there and if you still have your dad make sure you tell him how much he means to you. I know some people had fathers that were lousy. I was blessed. My dad was not flawless, he was a mean drunk but luckily he didn't drink that much. He hated my dogs. He loved cats though, go figure. But he loved me completely, and never made me feel bad about who I was, was there for me when no one else was.

The picture, was taken in the early 50's. He served in Korea, I believe this picture was taken on the way over or from there. I had a time with this, I took a picture of a picture and I can not figure out how to turn my flash off. But i was able to fix it some with paint shop. It looks OK, so maybe I will try some more pictures of pictures. LOL If I had a scanner it would be easier but hey I work with what I have :)

I was still dizzy this morning when I got up but it seems better now so I may take myself to a movie. Hubby is working and I wanna see Knocked up.


Friday, June 15, 2007

Sometimes things don't go as planned...

Today was one of those times. I have been feeling kinda lousy all week and woke up this morning to the room spinning around me. Seriously dizzy and I am not even blond LOL. The heart doc decreased my meds last week but I didn't start take taking the new lower dose until Tuesday. The doc says the dizziness is my body adjusting to the new dosage. The heart doc was out of town but my family doc saw me and checked my blood pressure. its all over the place but not bad enough to warrant treatment. She said just rest this weekend and see if it gets better if not go see the heart doc Monday. SO I don't get to see my son graduate. My daughter is taking my mom and mom is going to his graduation party! So funny my mom with my ex in laws, she does NOT get along with my ex at all so it should be interesting to say the least. Anyway, the dizziness is a little better as long as I don't move alot. What fun. They are partying and I am the one who feels hungover!

His graduation gift is on back order, he doesn't know yet what he is getting but there is a pic of it! It all he wants and dreams of right now.

I am so disappointed.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

NO I dont wanna go to work today!!

Really why cant I live like this??? Lounging around all day, food and treats served to me. *sigh* but off I go....

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

More mountain Hounds Pics...

I don't have much today, I am just too tired. This week might kill me LOL, I dread driving 14 hours in 2 says this weekend but we have to do it. My son is graduating high school and I am going to be there. I am a little miffed that my Ex is throwing a party Friday just like he did last year for Stuffgirls graduation so like last year I wont get to see my kids. But at least hopefully it will make mom happy that we will be there at least for a small visit. She cries almost every time I call her, she's lonely but she makes no effort to go out and do new things. She quit the senior group because "I don't want to go without Jimmy". I can understand that but he is gone and she needs to try to help herself. Its hard to hear her cry all the time. Hopefully she wont cry this weekend.

Bec says the GPS can go on a bike, they used it walking in NYC and San Fransisco this year. Its really neat but I don't see that I would need one.

The pictures are the booth were she was selling her collars and Bill was trying to get orders for dog portraits, he does such good work!!!! Then just some various shots at the events.


Sunday, June 10, 2007

The road to gaitlingburg....

We drove my van and Bec brought her GPS, she's used this GPS all over the US (she's been traveling alot lately) and its always been reliable. But for some reason the GPS decided to be funny and we ended up on a DIRT road on the side of mountain. There were no other cars and the road curved all over. At first it was kind of an adventure but since the drop off the mountain was on the passenger side (where I was, Bec drove) it got kinda scary. Like Blair witch or deliverance scary. We were on this road for a long time, and they were wondering if this was the dragon's tail, a road that bikers love that is famous for its curves. Me, I didn't love it and was so glad when we finally saw signs of life (a trailer here or a small house there). I never said I was adventurous! We found out later this was not the Dragon's tail but was in fact highway 32. Go figure.

More on Mountain hounds later..

Friday, June 08, 2007

I am fine yeah!!!!!

The doctor did not even need to do a biopsy, he says its perimenapausal symptoms. I may have to have a procedure to clean out the lining of the uterus if it continues but he thinks being off my blood thinner for a few days will help. So yeah for good news!!

When I first got there a nurse met me in the parking lot and I was thinking "wow what service" but she told they didn't have power and would have to call me when it came back on. So I drive 20 minutes home, had been home 10 minutes and she called and told me to come back. So I drive 20 minutes back. But it was worth it for good news.

More good news, work is going 20Th century soon, they are redoing the office and soon I will have Internet. Can you Sirius Radio online??? I wont have time to blog (lately I have been so busy I don't have time to breathe at work) but I am still excited.


Thursday, June 07, 2007

How hot is it?????

Yesterday I passed 3 temperture signs on the way back to work from lunch. All 3 had different readings. One said 91, another said 86 and the last one said 93. I meant to call time and weather when I got back to work to see who was right but I got busy and forgot. So I guess we will never know.

Biopsy is at 2:15. Hopefully there will be no problem driving myself since the Canadian is working on his birthday. I bought him some cheesecake (his fav) and am planning on cooking pork chops tonight for his dinner, hopefully I will feel like doing that too. The ultrasound was normal lets hope the biopsy is but something is causing these symptoms!

I decided not to give the details because they are just downright gross. Does anyone use that word anymore?? That was a favorite word when I was kid, everything was gross or I was grossed out about something. I guess this tidbit of info really dates me huh?


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I have had a Bummer of a week so far

I had a post about it but I messed it up somehow and deleted the whole thing, The bottom line is I am having a cervical biopsy tomorrow. Details later, guys you may wanna skip the details later though cuz its all yucky women's stuff LOL.

The picture is my daughter and her Best Friend at Prom this year. Yes I know my daughter graduated last year but she still went to prom. Not sure how she got in LOL. Stuffgirl is the one in Purple. Now If I didn't do anything else in life I did make some nice looking kids, don't ya think?


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I hate big mouth people!!!!

Do you know anyone that has diarrhea of the mouth? They just cant shut up no matter what???? Poody, I know you know someone like that! I have a co worker like that. She talks constantly! And as much as she talks she hears every conversation, every question in that office. I cant tell you how many times I have a question of someone else and she answers! She is also a miss Know it all! She is a nice lady but she drives me up the wall, I swear if the docs would let me drink I would be drinking heavily, she would drive me to drink! Anyway, yesterday she asked if I saw the Sopranos Sunday night, I didn't and I told her I was going to watch it on demand later (I LOVE LOVE LOVE that on demand feature) and then she proceeds to TELL me who got whacked and thus RUINING the whole episode for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so mad, and she doesn't understand why I am mad about it!! Mouthy bitch! LOL

Ok I guess I just needed to vent. I did watch it last night and I am not telling any details to ruin it for anyone else. But a piece of trivia that I did not know, Steve Van Zandt plays Silvio Dante. The lady that plays his wife really IS his wife in real life! I like Silvio, he is a killer for sure but I still like him. His hair has a life of its own LOL.


Monday, June 04, 2007

I am back but I have no pictures yet.

Yes I made it home!! I am really tired, I really overdid it. That town is Crazy!! It reminded me of a beach town with all the arcades and shops. I would have loved to have seen some of the nature around, I know it was there but I cant hike so all I saw was shops and more shops LOL.

LOts of LOts of greyhounds were there, so awesome! I love them all. They did say attendance was down because of Gas prices I understand that one! The only thing was the lunch that was included in the registration sucked and the cookout we paid extra for sucked too. How can people screw up hot dogs and hamburgers LOL!!

Bec did very well with her collars. We were pleased. There were 2 other big collar vendors there and they had lots more collars but remember hers are all hand beaded. But I think the other collar vendors did well too. I bought 4 shirts, a charm and a hat for hubby. I spent too much LOL.

I have a tale about getting there that I will have to post later, now I have to get ready for work. I should have taken today off too! Booo monday!!! Bad monday.

I am posting a pic from the event website until I get my pictures off my camera. The picture is called tuckered pups, that's me I am all tuckered out :)