Friday, August 31, 2007

Its all about LYNDA today!!

Yes kids its Lynda's birthday! Woohoooooooooo! She is still a baby at 34. I like Lynda, she is pretty awesome. She helps me out with my blog when I need it. I am going to be asking something soon LOL, I am so worthless with this techie stuff.

Anyway, for her gift The Canadian and I donating to her relay for life walk coming up. I have been meaning to do this and I thought today would be a good day to step up.

Also she wants to get 34 comments for her birthday so everyone head on over to Lynda's Great Journey and show her some birthday love!

My birthday is looming on the horizon, I wonder if I can get 47 comments that day???


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

He had a really bad day???

I have been reading alot of news stories and entertainment stories about Owen Wilson's attempted suicide. I blame the paparazzi, I mean they seem to know when anyone else in Hollywood has a problem, how did they miss this one? I was just shocked because he is always smiling and lets face it, the man had the world on a silver platter! But CNN interviewed Bernie Brillstein a famous manager to the stars (although I really don't think he is Owen's manager) and this is what he had to say

"It's serious, but it's a singular case. Anyone can have a bad day, a very bad day."

A bad day???? I've had many bad days but never once thought of offing myself! The man has some serious issues and I hope he gets the help he needs. If not I would like to offer my services for him to adopt me so he can have a heir to all that freaking money. I bet I could have lots of good days with that money :)


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Reconnecting.....or not.

I've been kinda bummed out lately. I posted a while ago that I finally located my best friend from college (after a couple of years of trying). I had these grand visions that things would be like they used to be although long distance. Lots of emails and phone calls and someone I can really talk to. But it just has not happened. We exchanged a couple of emails and now nothing. I am really disappointed. I might try to call her one more time.

Then I found 2 old friends from high school on Myspace. We weren't that close though but we knew each other pretty well back then. Not BFFs or anything but still. I kinda had a crush on one of the guys back then. Anyway, I found them and messaged them and requested they add me as a friend. They did add me but no response from the messages, no comments or anything!

THEN my best friend here and now has cancelled on me for the last time. We make plans and then something better comes along and she cancels. We were supposed to have lunch Monday after my doctor appointment and she did not even call me to cancel. I called her on my way to the Doc and she told me then that her aunt was coming over. Hello...we made these plans a couple of weeks ago!!! I just hate that. So I have decided not to call her or make plans with her. Eventually she will call me, I wonder if she will even notice that I stopped calling. Now we usually talk to each other daily.

Anyway I am just kinda depressed and work is sucky too. The hard drive went in my computer and I have to work at a small workstation where there is no room to even swing a cat (that's my mom's expression and I like that one, not that I would EVER swing a cat mind you, please don't call PETA on me!!) and I don't have my comfort zone at work. Its horrible, and we don't have in house IT people we have to order the hard drive and then when it comes we can schedule a service call with our software provider. In other words, who knows when it will be fixed! My boss has been in a bad mood too and that effects all of us.

Oh I read that Scott Baio is going to be a father. Sorry Amy!

Anyway, that's my sad tale. I know its sounds like I am having a pity party but I am not really. Honest. Whatever.


Monday, August 27, 2007

Season Finales...

Last night was a big night with the season finales of Army Wives and Big Love. I watched them both and here is my review :)

Army wives was not that great. It used an ending that used to work in the 80's (Dallas, Dynasty) but is trite and overdone in 2007. All the wives (except the Redhead, cant remember her name) were at the bar off base where Roxy works and an army guy had grenades and other bomb-type things duck taped to him steps into the bar. As his fingers flex on the detonator the screen goes white. Ho hum. I did tear up when the husbands deployed though, that just sad to be without your spouse for years. I don't know how real army wives (and husbands) do it, my hats are off to you ladies!

Big love was excellent, brilliant! It tied up some lose ends but left others hanging. I love ole Roman, I am glad they didn't kill him. Harry Dean Stanton is wonderful and Mary Kay Place (mary hartman, mary hartman...who remembers her on that show??) is always good but is exceptional in this show. "I am technically the 6th wife but I might as well as be first" Great line there! I love the story line of Nicki getting addicted to gambling too. Its funny to see her in the demure clothes of the compound at the bingo place.

Anyway, I wasted 2 hours on TV last night, what did you do???


Sunday, August 26, 2007

I am empty.

I haven't posted in a while, I just have run out of stuff to say lately. Maybe its because I didn't get out any this weekend. I don't know.

I have been told I should get a medical ID bracelet or necklace for diabetes, I guess I can add my CFH and coumadin to the alerts. So I have been looking at a bunch of websites and the variety is surprising! It can be really stylish! I haven't decided yet though which one.

The season finale of Big Love was awesome! I just love that stupid show.

I get to sleep in tomorrow...woohoo. I have a doc appointment in another town so it will take most of the day. Bec is going to try to meet me for lunch and I imagine we will go at one place that involves spending money.

My blood sugar tonight was 120!!


Thursday, August 23, 2007

I think this has happened to me...

But without all the ehs? eh?

I learned alot in that diabetes class, I have 2 more classes to go.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007


This is my new word. Its a powerful word and it works when you cant think of anything else to say. Its used to bother me when my daughter would use this word but now I am finding its a very useful word. Its all in how you say it too. It goes well with the phrase "Just Sayin"

Today I have my first diabetes class. Yes they are having classes for me to learn about this disease. Its a great concept but I don't like the diabetes specialist from my first meeting with her, so I hope I get a better impression today. Whatever.

Last night at bedtime my blood sugar was 109! Yeah!


Sunday, August 19, 2007


Yesterday we took the Gold Wing out, we went to a town about 45 minutes from home. It is a known tourist spot with lots of antique stores and eating Establishments. It was hot, not as hot as last week but pretty close. Since I didn't have my walker I wasn't able to walk around as much as I would liked but it was still a nice trip. Here are some pictures.

This is just a deserted house we passed on the way. There are lots of old abandoned buildings here in SC, I love taking pictures of them. In Virginia were I am from, youdon't see this as much. There are laws and pretty much anything condemned is torn down or the owners of the land have huge fines to pay.
This is part of the main square where all the action is :)I am not sure what this is a monument too, probably something about the civil war.

How much is that kitty in the window? This is Gracie, one of the cats that live in this antique store.
It was so hot I was tempted to get in there and splash around!

This is the opera house. I am not sure what the show was yesterday but swarms of old people came out when the show was over.

Last picture I promise! Hubby hooked up the satellite radio to the bike so we can listen to Alt Nation, Octane and all those cool stations while riding! Have I mentioned lately how much I love this bike?


Friday, August 17, 2007

Evil has a face....

But I refuse to taint my blog with a picture of this Low life. Instead I conducted a poll , I questioned all my dogs and they all think he should be hanged or drowned. I hope his career is in shambles and he lives in poverty the rest of his life. There are NO words to describe the revulsion I feel when I think of this. To cleanse my blog of this evil I am posting pictures of my dogs, happy and loved. Their biggest concern is will I feed them on time or give them treats often enough or are there enough soft fluffy dog beds. THATS the way it should be.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Its a slow week for blog material.

Sorry. I have had nothing to say, no inspiration per say. I am still struggling with trying get the diabetes under control (I have been under 100 twice now, go me!), I still get annoyed at the talker at my work. Its still hot, it was up to 104 today but maybe I am getting more used to it or its not as humid because it doesn't seem that bad today. My legs still hurt, and my mom is still lonely. Oh and I am being stalked by a Wicca. Seriously, it freaks me out. There is this lady that I know, we sometimes did meet and greets together when I was volunteering with the Greyhound rescue group. I didn't like her much, she would talk OVER me when I was talking to some hapless stranger about greyhounds, she is one of those that knows it all. But I didn't really dislike her until this past year. She has copied some ideas of a friend of mine for a commercial venture, I mean at one point she was even using the other person's pictures on her website! That's low, and she is supposed to a friend? Anyway, I have run in to her 3 weeks in a row! And we live hours apart! Then my friend J says this person is a wiccan. Great, I am being stalked by a witch I don't like. I saw her again today.

I had a roommate in college that thought she was a witch, but I think she liked the idea of it and that's all. One night while I was sleeping she tried to paint my face green. And you wonder why I don't like people much???

Now I have nothing against the wiccan, just this particular one.


Monday, August 13, 2007

I am winner but I still hate Mondays...

I won a contest! me! Haha, I never win anything :) I am excited! See the really cute Apron? Its mine, all mine LOL!!! Thanks to Blondeblogger (have you visited her yet? You need to head on over and say hi ok? I'll wait here.)

Also thanks to Anotherblondemoment for the awesome prizes!

In other news, its monday AGAIN. Bummer. I loathe and despise Mondays.

I read where Tommy Thompson has dropped out of the presidental race. Who? I never heard of this guy LOL! Its kind of early but so far Dave Barry has my vote.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

WHY is it that no matter how much sunscreen I apply, I always miss ONE spot??

I really don't have much to blog about today. Yesterday Hubby and I rode the wing up to Table Rock. It was cooler in the mountains but not by much. It was HOT. We ate at Aunt Sue's, one of my favorite places :) Their fries are the best fries around. I am not supposed to eat them but I cant resist theirs, they are perfectly cooked and crispy outside yet soft inside. So I had to have some. I was bad, but I only ate about 12 of them, I took small bites to make them last.

It has cooled off a little bit here, only 95 today, way more reasonable than those triple digits we have been having. I grew up in the south and I
don't remember all this triple digit heat. Maybe Al Gore is right about global warming. Lynda mentioned desert winds on her blog a few days ago and I was reminded yesterday when the wind was so hot it took your breath away. I have never been to the desert (with a horse no name or not hahaha, I couldn't resist) but I bet the desert winds feel like that.


Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hotter than hell!

And so the blasting heat continues. Its too hot to blog really but because I love you all here I am blogging and sweating. No end in sight here in SC with this heat.

I try to learn something new every day. Today I learned that Male German Sheperd dogs shed twice a year and the female only once. As opposed to my dogs that shed every friggin day. They told us that Greyhounds dont shed and greyhounds dont bark when we adopted them. HA!!! Although I am pretty sure my little yappers taught the greys to vocialize here.

Lets talk about my hair. I have been growing my bangs out and they are past the bridge of my nose and I cant stand the hair in my eyes so I started wearing barretts to keep the hair out of my eyes. Now, I am really too old for barretts and my hair is so fine I can only use the no slip metal ones from Goodys. I look silly but its temporary until they get long enough I can do other stuff with them. Anyway, remember me blogging about the Talker at work? She is 10 years older than I am and today she came in with the same barretts in her hair!!! hahahahaha!! I have started a TREND! Middle aged women with barretts. Watch out world!!

OK Its down to 101 now. Almost glacial.

Did I mention its HOT???


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

How hot is it???

108 today and hotter tomorrow. Its 8 pm here and still 93 out there and 84 in here with the a/c running as hard as it can. My dogs are drinking so much water I cant keep the BIG pet water dispenser filled, and remember my dogs are INSIDE. Its inhumane to make an pet stay out in this kind of heat.

Anyway, I am hair is up and the clothes are off.

My fasting blood sugar was 121 this morning, the lowest its been but the doc wants me under 100 and I dont see that in sight. But I am plugging along. Tomorrow I am going I am getting a pedicure, that should make the diabetes nurse happy, she harps on footcare.

Oh I am posting this phrase for Mr Fab. Colleen has a sweet ass. I am sure her ass is nice but I think George Clooney's ass is sweeter.


Monday, August 06, 2007

Movie review Monday!

Yes I saw 2 movies this weekend. Saturday I
went to see No Reservations

This is my kind of movie so I really liked it. I am really getting into the whole chef thing, with Hell's kitchen and Top Chef. I love Catherine Zeta Jones but they almost make her look dowdy and that's hard to do! LOVE Abigail Breslin, she will always be Little Miss Sunshine to me.

OK Then Sunday I met up with J and her son and we saw:

The Bourne Ultimatum.

Awesome Movie!! I loved it!!!! I don't usually love these types of movies but I really like this series and Matt Damon is so so good. I had to include the picture with Julia Stiles, one young Hollywood star that has not been arrested for anything and you never her in the tabloids drunk or out partying all time. Anyway, go see it you will love it!! Although on a side note we went to an older theater that is 1/2 between me and J (all my friends ha ha all 2 of them live an hour away) and the place was nasty. Dirty, older seats just icky. That took away from the experience some, that place needs a renovation BAD.

On another side note, I had to leave the movie twice to go visit the restroom and the second time there was a little girl and her mom in the handicapped stall. I know there is more room in there but there are handicapped people that use that stall (me) so it kinda aggravated me at first. But as I was in there attending to my business the Mom kept telling the little girl to flush. The little girl started whining and crying and the mom kept telling her to flush. The Girl finally screamed out "But I have poo poo on my hands!!!" I thought I would explode laughing but the mom was not amused and the little girl was getting more and more distraught so I left. I remember those days with kids!


Sunday, August 05, 2007

Slacker cats!!!!! and the 500Th post.

I was watching Fallen yesterday on the family channel and saw a commercial for a new show called Slacker cats! I hope my friend Jen (ok I say she is my friend because she is the coolest cat ever and I want to be cool by association) got credit for this idea because she has been posting about her slacker cats for years! I hope this show is good. Fallen was pretty good, not as good as Buffy but then not much is.

The doctor was not thrilled with my blood sugar numbers and has upped my meds. I lost 6 lbs in the month since I was diagnosed so she was happy with that. For me to lose weight is awesome. It used to be so easy to lose weight, I am not sure if its my age or the heart drugs I am on but Its really hard. I don't get allot of exercise because of my legs but I try do do what I can. Yesterday I walked around TJ Maxx with a shopping cart, walked the whole store but I hate shopping and I hate crowds so I didn't last very long. It is tax free weekend here and the stores are JAMMED. I did buy a cute new bag, I'll save that pic for another post.

Its so damned hot here, over 100 with high humidity and the weather people say its dangerous heat for the next 6 days. My body with all its diseases does not do well in this heat. Its worse for hubby though, I don't think his Canadian body will ever adjust to high heat like this. He has been irritable and snippy. At least he goes back on night shift soon so it wont be too bad working.

Fasting blood sugar today 149


Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bad blogger

Yes, I have been a very bad blogger this week. Hubby was off and we went out riding every night after work. Last night we met some friends at Bike Night at Hooters, and then rode around the falls park in downtown Greenville. That Park is awesome, I had never been there before but I plan on going back lots! Another awesome site (not to me but you men will appreciate it) the hooters girls have new outfits, they went from white to black this year and the shorts are so short most of their asses are jut hanging out. Of course those girls are sooo tiny they dont have much junk on the trunk but what they have is hanging out for the world to see.

Hubby is back at work now and picked up an extra shift it will be next week before he will be home to go riding. Tonight he got home at 7:30 and went to bed by 9:30, those 12 hour shifts are a killer.

I did talk to a lawyer about disability, he thinks I have a case but since I am still working so many hours (about 29 a week) I will be denied immediately BUT he said they do that anyway and since I dont know where I will be in a year its probably best to start the ball rolling. I really hate this, but I am getting worse so what to do? It SUCKS.

Kornfans' guitar finally came yesterday after 2 months on backorder! Its awesome. Now I have to mail it to him.

Oh, tonight I cooked a frozen pizza for dinner and the directions said "Do not eat uncooked product" Like, who eats frozen pizza uncooked?

Thats all in the world of Mel. I see the doc tomorrow to talk about my sugar numbers and get my b12 shot and my bloodwork. Yup, the fun never stops here!


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Yesterday while I was at work....

Hubby got this great shot of some does and fawns next door. The dogs were sleeping through this!!! He was standing under our deck, thats what that beam is. I zoomed in on the second image. I love seeing nature in my backyard, but they were tearing up the neighbors lawn LOL.
I love bambis :)