Monday, September 26, 2005

We flea bombed the house tonight after bathing each took hours! We really have too many dogs. I feel like I am breathing in a noxious cloud hours after the boming. I hope I dont die in my sleep, I dont want to be done in by a flea bomb of all things. Very undignified. Not as bad as Elvis but I dont imagine I will garner as much attention as he did LOL.

I am making some big decisions about the whole rescue thing...I dont know how I can contimue with all the stress, but then I read stories that break my heart and I wonder how can I not do it anymore. I just dont think I can anymore though. Who knew dog rescue could be so stressful?? It isnt supposed to be that way I dont think. BUt the people that get things done are the pushy ones, the ones that alienate everyone else. Tonight I was made to feel like I am not doing enough. Fine. I am so outta there.


Thursday, September 22, 2005

I am home sick today. Another kidney infection, what fun! The doc couldnt do the test yesterday because of the infection so I have longer to dread it and now its 2 tests not one.

My 2 best friends went to the beach to beachbound hounds and did not invite me. Bec was afraid I was mad at her and I was. I am still not happy. They know I am insecure and get hurt really easy. Bec says that I would hate it and wouldnt be able to do stuff because of my condition, but I would have liked being asked even if I decided it was something I could not do. I felt like a fool, I was going on and on about us doing something this weekend to celebrate the 3 birthdays and they were like oh we're going to the beach. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I am being unreasonable I know it but I think I am gonna like this for a while. I'll get over it...LOL I have to,I have no other friends!!

I know I whine too much, gotta stop the whining.....


Friday, September 16, 2005

Well I am 45 today woo feeaking hooo

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Its been a long tiring week, even if it was a short work week. I cant seem to write much on weeknights, I have no time. I have more than working mothers (although technically I am one) I know but seems that way. I dont even know why the hell I am bothering. I dont know if anyone reads this. I am addicted to reading other peoples blogs though. I find it fascinating even the mundane posts. I have some I check EVERY day, more than once a day too. Its like an obsession. But its better than being a real live stalker I guess. LOL even if I wanted to Stalk I would never be motivated. Hell I am barely motivated to do what I need to do every day. Really, though. Think about what dedication it would take to be a stalker. LIke that B2K guy. He scares them crap outta me. He ran a church, showed up for work every day and still had time for all that stalking and killing? I cant watch CSI or crime shows because I cant sleep thinking someone is going slip in while I am sleeping. I can imagine that happening.

What I cant imagine is what all those Katrina people went through before they died or what the living had to do to survive. My mind cannot comprehend it all. I cry almost daily over the stories as more and more comes out. I read Rosie's Blog and she has posted a womans body floating in the water. I cried when I saw that too. I guess everyone is grieving over this.

I watch celebrity fit club so I wouldnt cry and then cried anyway LOL! Victoria Jackson is a lovely woman, and just a nice person it seems like and her dad pretty much her whole like told her she was fat! I am sure he was a good dad since she seems to have turned out so well but no ones self esteem could handle that. Victoria Jackson, you go girl! You are beauiful at any size!

Ok enough for now...later

Sunday, September 04, 2005

A long weekend for me! I am not doing much, just some mininual housework and sleeping in (sleeping in for me is anything after 7...this morning I slept until 8:15 woot). I have been watching alot of the Katrina stuff, there are some bloggers on here that went there to awesome it that? I wonder if I was completely healthly would I have done that? I doubt it..these people deserve awards and accolades or something. I didnt watch any Katrina stuff yesterday although I still kept up online. I needed a laugh so I watched Kathy Griffin's show on Bravo. she is so funny!! I just love that show...and she is a dog lover too. A real dog lover not some teacup chihuahua carrying princess. I have a teacup Chihuahua, does that put in the same league as Britney, Hililary and Paris???gak.

I have to try to find some gasoline today. My Neon wont take regular so I am limited and rumor has it that Belton is Dry!! I have stayed home this weekend to save gas, but I still need some for the work week ahead. I am HOPING for a Harley ride this weekend, its better on gas, and we can get out. Brent is in one of his lets never the house modes so I hope he takes me.

Kanye West says Bush doesnt care about Black people!! DUH!!!!! Bush doesnt really care about white people either, Kanye, he only cares if you are RICH. Now I am sure he cares a great deal for any black rich people there are out there! This country is going to Hell, led by that man. I didnt vote for him and cannot believe that the majority did.

Well enough ranting...later