Sunday, July 31, 2005

I was worrying about some people I know reading my blog, what if I offend someone and dont even know it? No worries, I just goggled my name and there must at least 1000 Melody Hamiltons out there. All more newsworthy than me. One is a rodeo queen is that not a hoot?

2 cookouts this past weekend, good friends, good fun. Trudy's son Eric is really very likable, alot of teens are all surly and dark these days. Linda and Steve didnt show up to either one, and Steve wonders why I feel the way I do. I think soon it will get a point where it will cease to matter. Cant wait to get there.

Pee diary today, not fun. I wanted to go to the dogshow but no I get to stay at home and pee in a hat. I have to go grocery shopping, just cant pee while I am there LOL. I hope the meds help, my back STILL hurts from the exam thursday.


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Balloons filled the air today on my way to work, up high and down lower. Absolutely breathtaking! There are hot air balloon champions in town for some competition. I just love watching them, they really lift my spirits. How can anyone be depressed with 25 balloons hovering above them? I am lucky I didnt wreck LOL I am not a good driver with no distractions!

Still hotter than hell here. 101 again today, tomorrow is a cold front LOL only a high of 93!! I hope it cools down for all the cookouts this weekend.


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

MAJOR heat here today. IOI in the shade is what Anna's outdoor thermometer said at 3 this afternoon. I do not function well in this anymore. Too hot to write, to hot to think.


Monday, July 25, 2005

I haven't been very good at blogging in the past so I thought I would try again.

This has been a pretty emotional week. At work they fired a girl, was really mad at first but came to slowly realize it was a good decision. Meeting of friends yesterday a "get everything off your chest" thing. At first no one said anything about stuff but then Judy started and everyone started. There was yelling and crying and I don't really know if anything was resolved. I cried almost the whole time. Bec cried and I NEVER seen her cry not even her mom died. I think that was part of it for her. Me...I am too emotional and get my feelings hurt way to easy. This is why I have so few friends I think, the fewer there are the less chance of me getting hurt. I was told I was acting like a kindergartener. Maybe I am, I sure don't mean to!

My mom was talking about how much weight my aunt has gained since she started the MS drugs. Mom said she is over 200 lbs, could I believe that?? I told mom there is a lot of that going around. I am over 200 lbs now, I know she can see me, fat is not something you can hide (I wish I could). Mom said oh you would never get like that. Hello?? Is she on the same planet?
I don't get that. I am blaming the heart failure drugs for my weight gain...LOL that's my story and I am sticking to it. I don't like being fat but hey I am alive and relatively healthy because of the drugs so I cant complain much.

more later