Friday, May 30, 2008

Going to see this today!!!I love this series, I love the bond between these women even if its just fictional. My girlfriends are few and far between (because I dont make friends easy and also i wont put up with any bullshit drama) and they mean so much to me. Last week one of my best friends was a cruise and i couldnt call or text was awful!!! But she is back and going to the movie with me today :):)

I think my blog is dying, no one visits anymore. I am just boring I guess. I like being boring though.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

we'll all float on ok....

my firstborn child left last week and its back to the routine of not hearing from her. To be fair she is working alot of hours, they require the managers to work from open to close at least twice a week. I was against her working there again this year as its a teenybopper job but she is learning alot about management and is getting good ethic experience.

Really tired just wanted to post more pictures from her visit. Yes that me in the yellow. blah.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Where did it go???

Of course I am talking about my holiday weekend. What happened and how can be Tuesday already??

I had a great day out yesterday, the Canadian was off and we went riding the Goldwing in the mountains with some friends then went to their house for a cookout. The weather was perfect.
Our dogs however were mad at us, and left a trail of stuffing from one of their toys all over the living room. They punish us when we are gone all day, luckily they destroyed their own stuff not mine. I wanted to take a picture of the mess but hubby cleaned it before I even got to my camera.

I thought about my dad quite a bit all weekend, not really sure why other than it was memorial day and he was a korean Vet. I wish I could say I am better about dealing with him being gone and somedays I am ok. But some days like yesterday I am quite devastated all over again,

Anyway its back to work today. booo.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Best visit ever!

So my daughter actually did show up last week and we had such a blast!! Well, I did lol I don't know about them. She came with a girlfriend so she wouldn't have to drive the whole 14 hours herself. The dogs LOVE Stuffgirl and loved having company and are all sad and mopey now they are gone. Me too in a way.

We did girl stuff, pedicures and shopping the first day. They took me to Hot Topic and I can honestly say I have never felt older than in that store! Stuffgirl bought me a sparkly wallet I admired in there though for a late moms day present. We went to the mineral water park where she used to hang out when she lived here. We went to a new antique shop that opened up in town (junk shop is more like it). We ate out alot, i only cooked one night. Oh, I tried Panera Bread's broccoli and cheese soup and i want MORE! Awesome stuff.

The last day we went to downtown Greenville and walked and shopped at Mast General store and then to the Reedy river falls park which is so awesome, we need to go there more. Here are some pics.

Here they are at the mineral springs park. Yes they are both 20 not 10!

She met up with an old boyfriend one day.

He even braved the dogs to come in and visit :)

Here they are all dolled up to go out to a pub and meet some other old friends.

At the falls, she is taking a picture of me taking a picture of her lol.

More pics (lots more later....)

In other news i went to the dentist on Wednesday and got a cleaning and a good report, no problems no cavities. But then Friday morning i bit down on my breakfast bacon and broke my back tooth. Luckily they worked me in, I had broken the entire side of that tooth off. It was where an old silver filling from 30 years ago had put so much pressure it just broke. He did a quick fix and now I have to have a crown. I hate dental work!


Saturday, May 17, 2008

I am no fashion expert BUT...

I think Jenna's Bush's wedding dress looks like an old chenille bedspread. I know it costs thousands and its an Oscar de laurenta (however you spell that) but its just fugly. Maybe it looked better in person than in the pics, my invite must have gotten lost in the mail.

Mariah Carey, the queen of tacky revealing clothes looks fantastic in her wedding dress. Sure Mariah can pull off almost any look with her body but her dress was understated and breathtaking. Dare I even say she looked Classy for a change?? People mag must have paid a bunch for the wedding pics cuz this is the only one I could find.
My invite didn't come for her wedding either. Whats up with my mail???


Thursday, May 15, 2008


I have no idea for a cohesive post so you get random thoughts tonight. In bullets even what more could anyone want?

  • I lost 3 more lbs.
  • My clothes are way too big now but i refuse to buy new clothes, it will jinx the whole thing.
  • Hubby is off of nightshift for at least 2 weeks yay!!
  • I dont know why I love it when he is here since he spends most of his time in the "man cave" he made in the basement. Really my testerone levels go up every time I venture down there.
  • Stuffgirl still says she is coming next week!! I am giddy with excitement, I miss that brat so much. The son is not coming and stammered out all kinds of excuses but really i am just so happy to have one my kids for a week its all ok.
  • I am going to see them and mom next month, mom is giddy with excitement that i am coming too.
  • I am quickly becoming addicted to twitter.
  • deuce had a vet appointment for a growth on his eyelid but hubby slept through it.
  • I am very disappointed in the new black Jewels novel but i keep reading.
  • no sickingly cute greyhound pics as blogger wont let me post a pic.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers day 2008

I had a great day yesterday, I was lucky that hubby was off and we went out to breakfast and then we went to the South Carolina Botanical Gardens and strolled around for a while. I have been wanting to go there for so long but with my mobility issues I didnt know if would be able to walk it, but they have lots of benches and places to rest so I was able to walk for a while without my walker. It was chilly and drizzling but it was still so pretty and peaceful.

This is looking into the pond, you can a HUGE koy and a turtle and I love the reflections in this pic.

If you look close you can see the Canadian in there. I don't know what they call this arched walkway but wouldn't it be pretty for a wedding?? LOL.

Some of the plants along the path. We didn't make it to the flower gardens, will go there next time. We plan to go more often now that we know what its like.

Both my kids called me yesterday and yes stuff girl is still planning on coming next week! She had hoped to come Sunday but there is a mandatory thing at KD (Kings Dominion) where she is a manager so she is coming on Monday now. Suits me ok, I have to work Monday but am taking Tuesday-Thursday off.

Speaking of moms, my mom is so pitiful. I never in life thought she would be so sad so depressed. The doctor is starting her on lexipro, I hope it helps. She is so lonely. I wish she had made more friends but her whole life was dad and with him gone she is just going downhill. I feel so helpless being so far away. I am going up there for a week in June, she is really looking forward to it

Thats all from here, Hope every mom had a great day yesterday!


Saturday, May 10, 2008


I always try to remember to take my camera when hubby and I go bike riding, but I don't always remember. I am so glad I did remember this past week though to get this shot. I found out they were the Snowbirds, the Canadian Forces precision flying team. They were awesome!! When they first flew over us I thought something was wrong with the bike they were so loud! We stopped at a parking lot and watched for a while. Thats what is so much fun about little unexpected trips, you never know what you will see.

I have lost weight in my fingers!!! Last year I took my rings in and them made bigger, and now with my weight loss They are way too big!! I mean really, who loses and gains weight in their fingers? Maybe the high blood sugar was making them swell and now thats under control they are back to normal. I don't know whether to have them cut smaller or wait and see what my freaky fingers will do next but I don't wanna lose my wedding rings!

I am really enjoying twitter! Since I cant blog at work and most work days I am too tired to do alot of visiting I keep up with peeps through texting.

Stuffgirl still says she is coming although she may have to get here on Monday instead of Sunday. I'll take any time I can get with her. I plan on lots of mother daughter time :):):)


Thursday, May 08, 2008

see more dog pictures

No title today, I'm blocked or something LOL

Went the the ear nose and throat doc yesterday for my dizzy spells. He says its "positional" vertigo, which makes sense because I move my head a certain way to bring on the spells. He gave me exercises to try (my bad I haven't yet lo) and a cortisone shot. He feels like its allergies bringing on the pressure in my inner ear and if so the shot will help. Too soon to see but my dizziness wasn't as bad last night.

And just to make my allergies worse i talked hubby into riding the bike yesterday, it was gorgeous here and we hadn't had any time to ride with him working so much. Plus, I never see him in the summer, he is always in his "man cave" aka the basement with all his tools and woodworking machines. He has made 2 more shelves. I really want him to get the trash compactor installed just because its so big and its sitting in front of the trash can now so I have no where to put trash where dogs cant get to it.

stuffgirl still is saying she is coming :) woohooo. she has a week to back out still though. Like I said I will believe it when she gets here. Gotta get in and work on her room, its a junk room and a real mess right now.

No reason for that pic i just thought it was adorable!


Friday, May 02, 2008

Everything old is new again

Well as you can see I reverted back to my old template. I know I know I am so challanged in this area! I didn't like the choices they have, I did find template I really love but couldn't get it to work. I am sure its just me LOL

I had to drive around running errands today and I passed several temperature signs and they were all different!! This disturbs me for some reason. One said 79, one said 80 one said 84. When I got home weather bug said it was 84. I am a stickler for the correct time and temp and I dont want to know a range of temps it might be I want the actual temp! Its a bit obsessive huh?

Hubby made a shelf for the new TV will post pictures later. Now you get pics of my dogs again :) As you can see there is no room for me on that couch. Its truly a dogs life at my house!