Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ha I am posting again and it hasn't been a year yet :) shocking. I dont think i have any followers anymore, oh well.

I am still wearing the eye patch (arrr matey) but will have cataract surgery on March 9Th and will have almost perfect sight in one eye!!! Awesome, I am excited. Downside, i have to go back to wearing a contact lens in the right eye until the cataract is ready in that one. Ugh, boo to contacts but it will be ok. I just have to get fitted for one its been 2 years since i wore them.

My 2 best friends are drifting away from me.....they want to do really physical stuff that i cant do and they have a new bestie now and i feel left out. It was bad for a while for me but now i am used to it. They say i never call them, which is true but its hard to talk and they tell me about all the fun stuff they have been doing lol. Why are good true friends so hard to come by?

Hubby loves the cardiac reahab, i knew he would. He even got put in time out for working his heart too much lol.

OK out for now Happy March and beware the Ides!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

OK so its been over a year since i posted here. I am lazy i have no excuse, i love the short feeds on facebook as a way to keep up with peeps. Met so many great blog pals thru this old blog of mine.

Its been one hell of a year here. my daughter made a decision that hurt me deeply, and after it was said and done she was hurting too. I just hope she uses more of her brains in the future.

The Canadian had a massive heart attack, according the the doc it kills most that have them this bad. My biggest fear is losing him....even though he can be extremely difficult from time to time. Lol i am sure he says the same about me. They didn't do a stent because his heart actually grew new veins or something, I don't know its all very confusing to me but the doc (who is also my heart doc a wonderful man) says leaving it alone and resting was the best thing. He was in the hospital a week and out of work for 2 months. He is back at work now and seems better than ever. Having a hard time with the heart diet though lol.

As for me in September i noticed some bad floaters in my left eye. Since my eyesight is bad to start with i went straight to the opthomalogist. He said they were just floaters and my eyes would eventually adjust to them. They got worse and worse instead of better though. I just thought it was something i had to live with but then it really took a turn for the worse while hubby was in the hospital. A line swooped down over the top of my vision and was there all the time, it didn't move like the floaters. But still i was dealing with hubby's issues and didn't go to the eye doc for a couple a weeks. I had a retinal detachment which meant immediate surgery to save the sight. I thought easy laser surgery of something but i was wrong it was awful lol. It was bad, the surgery and the recovery is all i will say. Now i have to get a cataract removed in the same eye, the surgery sped up my cataract which was already there. I can see out of that eye but the vision is not what my glasses correct for so i am still wearing an ugly eye patch until the cataract surgery, then i can get a new lens. It would cost about 400$ to get it now so there is no sense its paying that and then need another new lens after.

We lost Deuce our Greyhound this year too, again that was hard. I am down to 6 dogs now lol and Melvin has been limping some lately too. Trying not to think about losing another one. The picture is Deuce in his prime. He won alot of races but when he retired he was one lazy dog :)

I gained about 10 lbs back but so far i have leveled off. I would love to lose more but for now i am content and my blood sugar is excellent.

I guess that's all for now...maybe it wont be another year before i post again :)