Wednesday, April 30, 2008

and now for something completely different...

As you can see I changed my blog. I have alot more i would like to do it. Where can i find the prettier layouts anyone??? I know they have them but could just find the boring ones.

Hubby worked 2 nights of overtime this week and then his 4 night shift is coming up. Needless to say I haven't been thrilled with him gone. I really like him home at nights.

i had to go to the doc today and i have a nasty bacterial infection. More drugs LOL. I thought i would post a picture of my weeks worth of pills all laid out in my organizer. I really like my pill organizer, at first it would take me an hour to put the pills in the right spots but now I have it down to a science lol. go me! haha.

I added twitter and I am on there as Melsmeaningless, if you have twitter well then please twitter me! I am hooked I can update from phone. How cool is technology??

I love my new TV in the bedroom!! its huge, I feel like my bedroom should be on an episode of Cribs! The trash compactor is here not not installed yet. Its way bigger than I thought it would be.

I am looking for that widget for weather that has the girl wearing different outfits according to the local weather. Anyone know what that is called??

Thats all for updates...see I am trying to be better at posting but I am still boring as hell!


Monday, April 28, 2008

I know I've been a real bad girl...

Just haven't been blogging much, I really don't have alot to say but I can catch up up on what is going on in Mel land.

Jeopardy had her dental, she lost 2 teeth and the vet fussed at us for letting it get so bad. They said 2 of teeth just was that bad. So I feel like the worst pet owner ever but honestly I had no idea how bad they were! As soon as we can set it up her brother deuce needs one now too. I hope his isn't as expensive but it probably will be.

Work has been ok I guess. I am so ready to stay home if I feel awful and not have to push myself to get to work and then struggle to make it through the day every day.

The new washer/dryer has gotten me in a spring cleaning bug and i am cleaning and reorganizing stuff. I just started on the bedroom and working a little bit every day I am off. I have it about 1/2 done. Can only work for a short time and then rest alot LOL so its slow going.

Hubby bought me a new TV to go in the bedroom and its really big, 47 inches and i may never wanna get out of bed now LOL!!! He also bought a trash compactor. He says I will love it, I've never even thought about getting one. He has to pick it up tomorrow, I bought bags for it yesterday and we will see if its all that and a bag of chips haha!

Stuffgirl still claims she is coming to visit next month!! I cant wait.

Thats about all for now.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Long nets of white cloud my memory....

I have been thinking alot about the past. I was cleaning my closet (my new washer/dryer got me in a cleaning and reorganizing mode) and found some old pictures. Its almost like I am different person, i guess everyone changes and evolves. Also I found clothes and shoes that I have no memory of ever owning LOL. Some hideous stuff, some cute stuff. I should clean out more often!

Joe Cool tagged me with a meme, you have to write a 6 word memoir. This is hard!!! But here it is:

Wife, mother, daughter, dog lover, klutz.

Yup that pretty well sums me up LOL.

I lost 5 more lbs and now I dont have 3 chins anymore so i took a picture to commerate the occasion :)


Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm so head is spinning...

Yes still have some vertigo issues here. I think its my sinuses, or allergies. So many other bloggers have said they have this too, i am thinking it might be allergies. Its better, but worse when i get up in the mornings. Its not so bad I cant function but sill annoying and usually has a headache to go along with it.

My new washer/dryer are hooked up and yesterday I did lots of laundry, including bed comforters and dog beds. I am a laundry doing fool. I could do laundry for a living really, its one chore I dont mind at all !! Poor hubby had to take out part of a wall and redo the light switch it get them to fit but he did it all in one day. I am thrilled to be able to do laundry again. I used the dryer on the touch up cycle to freshen up my outfit for today LOL.

The big news is Stuffgirl says she is coming to visit next month!!! I am so excited but i am trying not to be because frankly i will believe it when I see her here.

Jeopardy is feeling way better on the antibotics, i hate now she has to have to have the dental. Its always a worry when greyhounds have to put under for any reason. She is our first greyhound, she started our love and obesession with greyhounds and will always be so special to us.

Gotta get ready for work. *%$)% Mondays!!


Thursday, April 17, 2008

So long and thanks for all the fish

I'm not really saying goodbye but I love this line, Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy is one of my favs! DONT PANIC!

I went to the appliance place and they couldn't have been nicer, I got the difference of what I paid vs the new sale price and a refund on the dryer rack. We have been loyal customers of HH Gregg for a while, they have always done right by us. Hubby is working on getting it all installed today but I don't know how much longer it will be. I am hoping by the weekend.

Been fighting vertigo today, not sure what caused this episode but I it feels like a hangover almost and thats not fair I haven't drank in years!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

'Cuz at night the sun in retreat made the skyline look like crooked teeth...'

our baby Jeopardy has a bad toothache, her teeth are bad bad bad. We feel awful, we have neglected her teeth. she is not cooperative at all about us brushing them so we don't brush them. We are terrible pet owners!! I did use some stuff that you put in their water that helps with their teeth but i ran out a few months ago. When we got her her teeth were bad already, dogs from the track sometimes have bad teeth but its more a problem with the breed, their small mouths contribute to bad teeth. Her brother Duece had dental 2 years ago and his teeth are bad too. Anyway, she is scheduled for a cleaning/extraction or whatever next week and I have to go to the vet today to get antibiotics and soft food for her. The vet we use is over an hour away!!! We need to get one closer but hubby really likes this vet.

I also have go to the appliance store, the washer they sold us for $699 Sunday is on sale today for $593!!!!!!!!!!! so I am off to get the difference. also the dyer rack he sold us doesn't fit so I have to take that back too. Grrr.

The lyrics are from Death Cab for Cutie...i am obessessed with thier music right now.


Monday, April 14, 2008

Just another manic Monday....

Well we bought a washer and dryer yesterday. they are being delivered today woohooo! Have to wait for Hubby to do a few things before its hooked up. The laundry is piled up, you would not believe it, like 3 full overflowing tall laundry baskets! I told him i would take over the laundry chores when they are upstairs so I guess he is holding off until we get them in. I would rather almost, the old machine is ripping small little holes in stuff!!! dunno why it is doing that. Anyway, they are front loaders with no agitator so it will be better for the clothes. We got the Whirlpool Duet sport (LOL sport how funny!!) I had to buy the special detergent and I got a rack for the dryer for tennis shoes and stuff. Now I can wash The Canadian's hats. Anyway, I am excited!! But dunno how long before he gets them installed, he has to do some stuff, not sure what.

The salesman kept calling Hubby "Jim" and we were dying, cracking up looking for "jim". Hubby's given name is James but he goes my his middle name and he has NEVER been called "jim" The salesman said they will call Jim today to deliver! it was so funny, we both laughed almost all the way home. The guy was nice, very nice I felt bad laughing at him but he must make commission so I dont feel too bad.

Its cold here again, freaking coldest April ever.

Oh and its monday. woofreakingwoooo.

humorous pictures
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Friday, April 11, 2008


This is my 666th post. Triple 6's have always been pretty lucky me even though most people don't like that # I do. My home phone ends in 666, hubby's b day is 7/6/66 and there are 3 666s in my debit card. I don't know what all this means though :)

Today I finally got to go see Leather heads, I have been waiting and waiting for this film to come out since I got to see some of it being filmed. It was pretty good. I wasn't super crazy about Renee Z in the beginning of it but she got better. I am always crazy about George Clooney. Jim from the office was very lovable in it. I liked it. OH and it only cost us $4 to see it! I think it was a special showing for senior citizens the movie theater was packed with old people! The lady in front of me had on some estee lauder old lady perfume and it was making me gag. Why do some people drown themselves in perfume? OH one more thing, I went with the coworker that wanted to beat me with a baseball bat and another coworker. Its strange doing stuff with her after that.

Its field trip Friday so I am posting a picture of one of my dogwood trees. Its in full boom right now. Dogwoods are my favorite but they never bloom long enough.


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

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This is me, or as close to me as I can get without spending anything on this. Also this is supposed to be a plus sized body shape?? Well, maybe with now since the weight loss...maybe. Anyway it kinda looks like me sorta.

We finally got our taxes done this week (I know lets wait to the last minute huh???) Now I get to start looking at new washer/dryers! I am pretty excited about this, and about getting some bills paid off. Hubby and both claim the minimum so we hopefully wont owe and usually end up getting a good size refund. I would rather do it this way, I would freak out if I owed big taxes. I just wish our income allowed us to save more, but we squeak by every paycheck with nothing left. I am assuming we are doing something wrong but we dont live an extravagant lifestyle. We are just Americans getting by. I dont know about you but the extra money we are getting from the Governmemt in May will not make up for the high price of gas and groceries.

Just some ranting, I havent had anything exciting to blog about.


Sunday, April 06, 2008

One is the loneliest number....

Hubby's been on nights, thank goodness its over, I hate hate hate him not being here at night. He LOVES working nights and makes more $ on nights but I don't care I just hate it. Luckily I have my dogs to keep me company. Night before last we had some awful storms here. I was kinda scared a couple of times, there were tornado watches and they say one sounds like a train and it sounded pretty bad. I know there is nothing hubby can do when he is here but I wished he was here. We were texting the whole storm so at least I had that. I had 3 dogs that were terrified. Star and Jazzy got up under the desk trying to hide and finally fell asleep, they were exhausted from pacing and shivering. Arent they cute??

Still not much going on here. I was going to go see Leatherheads this weekend but my co workers are all going friday this week and wanted me to wait and go with them.

Back to work tomorrow now that Hubby is off. Blech.


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Catch a falling star and put in your pocket...

Hubby and I went for a bike ride late last night (ok now for me late is after 9 pm ok?? I am SO not a late night person) and it was gorgeous, no clouds and you could see all the stars. Then I saw a falling star, he saw it too! It was so awesome! I have seen a meteor shower but never a falling star like that. Hubby has seen lots of them, I guess cuz he grew up in the country in Canada and the sky seems so much larger in Canada. I am not kidding, the sky seems larger to me there. The Canadian says its because they don't have trees so close to the roads there like here. I dunno, but I feel like seeing this Star last night was a good sign for me. I didn't take my camera so I snagged a pic from the net but this is pretty close to what it looked like last night.

Another good thing, I am getting a new washer and dryer!! Yes my life is pretty boring to get excited about appliances LOL. But I am! I cant wait to go pick them out. And Hubby agreed to put them upstairs and we will leave the set we have in the basement for his work clothes and shop rags and stuff. We have to wait for the tax refund but that takes almost no time these days/

We went riding the Gold wing again today running errands and I am just exhausted tonight. LOL Fresh air seems to wear me out! It was a lovely day high in the upper 70s. Back to work and for me and hubby tomorrow boo.


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dont you forget about me....

I havent posted much lately but there really has not been anything going on. And I have been feeling kinda Blah. I am tired of working, tired of being Broke, tired of Hubby working shifts, Tired of my kids (neither one called me on Easter Sunday). Just tired. Thats about it. Hopefully I will get out of this funk soon and I wont lose too many readers.

I tried to find a cute april fools graphic but I saw nothing that appealed to me so you get Melvin today. This is the best picture I have of my Melvin but I was vacuuming and you can see the cord on the picture.