Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Its been a week now since we lost Jeopardy and we are both still reeling from it. i have been in a down depressed mood and so has hubby, he is probably worse off than me. i am spoiling my other dogs rotten. Its very strange, we still have 7 dogs but the house is so empty without her. We decided to put her ashes in the bedroom, close to us because she always wanted to be with the us. She always was with us, we are not used to her not being here yet. We are especially spoiling her brother Deuce, its like a part of her is with us still because we have her blood brother but he is not like she was at all. He is more aloof, he could care less where we are unless its dinnertime lol. but sometimes when he looks up a certain way, the expression is hers.

I turned 48 yesterday. Yeah i am alive another year!! go me lol. My kids forgot to call me until today and it hurt my feelings but i had to shake it off, can't stay mad. But man do i have some leverage for guilt feelings later lol


Friday, September 12, 2008

Rip my sweet girl...

This is a post that's really hard to write. Wednesday I took Jeopardy to the vet, a friend went with me to pick her up and down since she couldn't jump in the van. (hubby was working a project with no time off) I knew she was bad, and i was prepared for bad news but i was NOT prepared for what i had to do. She was in severe kidney failure, the vet suspected a tumor but there was so much fluid in the xray he really couldn't see one. But it didn't matter, it was a matter of days or maybe weeks at the most. The Canadian made the decision...i couldn't do it. But i did have to be with her , it was very peaceful. Needless to say I am devastated, and hubby is even worse than i am, she was devoted to him and followed him everywhere. He feels awful he wasn't there with her.

Ive said it before but death sucks. I am so not good at dealing with this.


Thursday, September 04, 2008

I really didnt mean to go this long without posting again. Geez where does the time go??

I feel better about things I guess. I have alot to be grateful for so i am concentrating on those rather than the bad stuff :) And I have more friends in blogland than i have in real life!! Thats cool...thanks guys for all your encouragement!!! you are the best!

I dont have much to say. is actually wearing her hearing aids, she calls them her ears! Yet last night on the phone she still said "huh" a bunch of times, old habits die hard I guess. She hates not being to drive and get her own groceries. I dont blame her there.

One of my greyhounds is having these dizzy episodes, she's had them for a couple of years but right now she is having one and its been going on for almost a week. I hate seeing her like this!! She might have been a bit better last night but today she is not looking so great. She's 10 now so i worry about every little thing. I posted a cute pic of her, need to take some new ones.

I did get that coffee maker, i ordered it for my birthday :) It is as awesome as i thought. My birthday isnt until next week but i am using it now lol.

I will take some pics of my beading and post them soon. Dont expect too much i am a beginner, there is so much to learn!! I need to post pics of my haircut too as soon as I find a good one.