Monday, January 30, 2006

Monday monday...

Work is so gonna suck this week. New employees and month end, should be a great combo.

About the James Frey thing, evidently he DID to try publish the book as fiction and no one would publish it. So the publishers are to blame? I dont know what to think, so I am officially closing the subject LOL.

Big changes is the Candian accepted a job offer and will be working swing swift. Its a really good job, the pay is good, he couldnt turn it down. But I dont do well alone at night so I will have to adjust and then there are the dogs to consider. They require alot of work in the mornings. They all adore him, as you can tell from the pic. I just am not my best in the mornings but we will adjust. I said that didnt i?

we will see


Saturday, January 28, 2006

Coming out.......

I had a good friend come out to me this week. This was not a big surprise but the anguish she is feeling along with the elation of being in love was something to see. She is miserable yet happy at the same time. She was truly afraid of how I would react, remember this is the deep south. She has children and is going through a lot of crap right now. I have never cared about that, friends are friends as far as I am concerned. She and I have had our issues though, she lied to me several years ago. I absolutely despise being lied to. I try not to lie ever, and I really really don't want my friends to lie to me. Not to say I haven't lied, I have. Big ones. But I am awful at it, and feel so bad that I just cant anymore. I did lie to my boss this week but I don't feel bad about that, my big boss lied to me to get me to stay when I tried to quit. SOOO any lies there I don't feel bad about, as long as they don't hurt a co worker. Anyway I forgave her (my friend) but we will never be as close as we were. I really really feel for what is going through though. I think Love is Love. Period.

Speaking of Lies, everyone is commenting on James Frey's lies. I saw Oprah just SLAM into him on TV. It was awesome. Oprah was mad boy howdy! It made me think of that old Jim Croce song...I want to make up a new lyric...You don't pull on supermans cape...You don't spit into the wind...You don't pull the mask off the lone Ranger and you don't F with Orpah! " It made for good TV I guess. I don't know how I feel about his lies. as I said above I hate being lied to but I didn't read the book and have no intention of reading it so I guess it doesn't matter to me. Its a shame though, from what I understand the guy is a brilliant writer..Why didn't he market it as fiction? Well, its not hurting the sales. I just ordered some books online and they had it listed as the #2 bestseller there this week. So maybe it does pay to Mess with Oprah??? No NO I just wont believe that!

Big news here in meaningless land but I have posted too much for now... It will have to wait


Thursday, January 26, 2006

Yes, they are greyhounds.......

I post pictures of my dogs often, just because its my blog and I really dont have much of a life outside the home. I am owned by Greyhounds. I have other breeds of dogs too, but I cannot say enough of the greyhounds. They are the best breed of dog I have ever owned. I always had little dogs, and I was pretty intimated by the size of them at first. But they are not that big to me anymore, I guess its just what you are used to. The ex racers are loving and sweet and grateful. I am committed to the cause of the ex racers. There are so so many that are bred looking for the the "the best and the fastest". Many of them dont make the cut, or they have started losing or are just too old to race. They usually dont race them past the age of 5, and the average life span is 14 years. They all need good loving homes. So if anyone is thinking of getting a dog or adding one, read up on the breed and see if a greyhound is right for you. Be a winner, adopt a loser!

Mike mentioned Italian Greyhounds. I have posted Jazzy Pinkfeet's picture. She was thrown out of a car window (or jumped, the story gets jumbled) and the people behind the car stopped and got her and called our greyhound group. They thought she was a greyound pup. I cried until hubby let me bring her home and she has been with us almost 3 years now. Italians are cute and sweet and the most loving dogs but they are NOT docile like greyhounds. They are a pretty hyper breed. They are also more diffucult to housetrain than a greyhound. But they both have one advantage. They are called hypoallergenic. Alot of people that are allergic to dogs just arent allergic to greys or italians.

OK i am off my soapbox now. I used to go every saturday and take the greys out to meet potential adopters. Because of my health I have had to give that up. But its still something for which I have alot of you can tell LOL.


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wendsdays annoy me....

Really, the middle of the week, Hump day, its all downhill from here. Yeah I have heard it all. But its too far away from the weekend and not near the beginning of the week either. Wendsdays are just there. Perhaps when I am a woman of leisure (ha) and not working I will have a whole new respect for the day.

Anyway to brighten up a drab wendsday I am posting head shots of Jeopardy and Melvin. Now, you Hollywood agents out there will all be in a ditter and wanting to cast them in movies and all that but they are retired. Lucky ducks!

I have been tagged for what I look for in a lover. hmmm.. I am not looking! But here they are 8 things I want in a partner. Males only need apply.

1. A sense of humor!
2. no back hair please...
3. knows when to be gentle and when not to be.
4. arrgg this is hard...must love dogs.
5. slightly OCD (to counteractr my clutter mania)
6. has to love women who have a little padding...or alot in my case
7. communication is a must
8. support me in whatever stupid thing I do, and care for me when I am sick.

Now I am supposed to tag 8 people but geez everyone I know is already tagged!!!


Monday, January 23, 2006

For Stuff Girl.....

I tried to send the daughter this pic through AIM but it didnt work so here it is for the world to see. Its my Chihuahua, Raven. She just had a bath. Aint she cute??

Not the best day here, nothing to post. It was dreary and rainy and cold and yeechhy. I went to Chic Fil A at lunch and some stranger women decided to tell me about her husband. Evidently he has glaucoma and is going blind and cant see jack but the DMV in their wisdom renewed his drivers license. Why she told this to me I dont know. I just wanted to eat chicken and read my book. This happens to me alot, strangers will start conversations with me. I dont get it, I try to do the Garbo worked for her..but not for me. "I want to be alone"

Oh well Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow.........


Sunday, January 22, 2006

Another weekend has flown by....

Well its almost monday again. How I dread mondays. Actually mondays arent that bad once I get up and get to work, but its sure hard to get there. My boss has not even mentioned me cutting back my hours, and my doctor knows these people so he thought I woud not need a note from him but I guess I will be getting one. I worked 40 hours last week.

Hubby had a job offer friday but it was way below what he was hoping. he would have to be on 2nd shift and not a supervsior anymore. He doesnt care about the 2 nd shift thing but I do!! I dont think he is going to take it but he has been so worried about his work and what they may or may not do there. He has been out playing with the "boys" all weekend, he races RC cars for fun. Says it gets his mind off things. I made him take me out to breakfast this morning just I could see him some!

After breakfast I went grocery shopping at the local store. While I was checking out there were 3 cop cars out there arresting someone that had just stolen from the dollar store in the next building. I live in a small town so this was BIG, everyone was looking, and 3 cop cars is probably at least 1/2 of the force! It was like watching fox....Bad boys bad boys...whatcha gonna do? I think If I were to steal that I would pick another place other than the dollar store though! I mean, everything is a $1, right? I guess I dont have that criminal mind.

I took some pics today, my camilla bush is blooming. And I am stealing an idea from Nicki and posting pics of some of my favorite things.


Angelina Ballerina....

I was watching something on either e! or VH1 yesterday about celebrity breakups. I only saw a minute of it but they were talking about Billy Bob Thornton and Laura Dern. They said that when he married Angelina Jolie he was still engaged to Dern! I didnt know that! Here is a blub I found off the net....

What they've said: Both Dern and Thornton were telling magazines earlier this year of their plans for marriage and their happy home life. Then … "I left home to work on a movie, and while I was away, my boyfriend got married, and I've never heard from him again," Dern said in the October issue of Talk Magazine. "It's like a sudden death." After the split, Thornton was quoted as saying: "God bless her … I hope she's so happy. I want her to be so happy. But it was over. That's all."

So Jolie has made a habit of breaking up marriages. I tell you Hollywood wives out there, if your significant other is makinga movie with Jolie BEWARE! And she goes both ways too, so both genders need to worry! If I was Jen I would have scrapped all my plans when I found out Brad was making a movie with Jolie and been on the set every freaking day! I have heard that Melanie Griffith does that with her Hubby Antonio. I used to think she was silly but now I see she is a smart smart woman who is keeping what is hers!

I have alot of worries but I dont have to worry about Jolie stealing my man, I doubt they will ever meet but if they do I will be there!!!


Saturday, January 21, 2006

My Kids....

I am so sick of being a downer lately! Hopefully things will look up soon here. But in the meantime I decided to stop being morose and think about good things. My kids are awesome. They ripped my heart out several times and stomped on it, but I guess all kids do that..I am sure my mom would have a list of times I did that to her. But all in all my kids are the best and I don't say it enough but I am damn proud of them! My daughter is 18 now and very level headed. I havent been called in the middle of night because she was picked up by the cops or drunk or god knows what she is exposed to. I know what I was exposed to and I am not stupid to think my kids dont face challanges like that every day. My 16 yr old son will fool you, he has sure fooled me. I never thought he would be atheletic and here is a gold medal and scholarship winner in Grappling. And he can play the guitar by ear, and play it well. I couldnt even play paino after years of lessons and I had all my hearing (he has lost some hearing due to ear infections and lots of surgeries). My kids dont live with me anymore and I miss them every day. (thats where the ripped out heart came in) but they have their own lives they are doing a pretty good job. They are not straight A students and niether one will go to an Ivy league school but that never mattered to me. They make me proud every day.

OK enough of that!!! I am faced with so much laundry today. I didnt catch on the laundry last weekend and it sure seems like there is more laundry than possible for 2 people to create! So today is laundry day. wooohoo. Feel my enthusiam...


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tag! You're IT!!!

I was tagged by Lynda....wooohooo! I love these things but sometimes I really have to think about stuff. Anywho....

4 jobs you have had:

1. police dispatcher
2. bookkeeper
3.Medical assistant
4. health insurance specialist

4 movies you could watch over and over

1. Grease
2. Dirty Dancing
3. Sleepless in Seattle
4. Steel Magnolias/Chicago ( I cheated but I have so many!!)

4 places you have lived

1. Chester, Va
2. Radford, Va
3. Richmond, Va
4. South Carolina

4 TV shows you love to watch

1.Sex in the City
2.Buffy the Vampire Slayer!!!!!!!!!!! (the best show ever!)
3. Joan of Arcadia (I still cant believe they cancelled that!!!)
4. My Name is Earl/X files (OK I cheated here too LOL)

4 favorite books

1. Gone with the Wind
2. Clan of the Cave bear or any in that series
3.Harry Potter (any)
4. Highlander (or any in that series)

4 places you have been on Vacation

1. Virginia Beach
2. Outer Banks
3. The Bahamas
4.Jekyll Island Georgia (and I am going back soon!)

4 websites you visit Daily
2.Blogger sites

4 Favorite Foods

1. Shrimp cooked anyway
2. Scallops
3. O'Charley's loaded potato Soup
4.fried eggs, bacon and toast

4 places you would rather be right now

1. eating dinner out at O'Charleys or well...eating out anywhere!
2. In Virginia with my kids and my parents
3. Jekyll Island
4. on a cruise to anywhere

4 Bloggers you are tagging

1.Boob Sweat (cuz I just love that name!)
2 Nicki
4. Thora


I think I fixed my blog time!

Yup I think I fixed it. Go Me! Here is a post to test and see if I rock.

I cant figure out the split screen on the TV, its too technologically advanced for little ole me I guess. I can get one split screen up but not another. I am sure if my kids were here they could do it right the first time with no instructions.

Speaking of kids, I am a bad daughter. I didnt call my parents this week. I had nothing but bad news and I just didnt want to deal with bringing them down. They worry about me so much. So they ended up calling me and I spilled my guts as to what a bad week last week was. I need to call them more while I can, we will be changing our cell phone plan to something cheaper with less minutes soon. Financial changes are coming to this house and it sucks. I am being cyptic but the place hubby works is hanging on by a thread. And my job...I have no idea what is going on there. Love it when your life is up in the air!

Here is a picture of a friends house all decked out christmas. Hubby was smoking when he took the pic and I think the smoke gives the pic a cool effect.


Monday, January 16, 2006

I got Nuttin to say.......

I am bummed to be working when so many have today off. I am sure I could contemplate MLK's contributions to the world if I was off. As it is my mind will be on health insurance yet another day. I wouldnt mind but those bank and post office people get more time off....I mean it, everytime I turn around they are off! I know this because one of my work duties is the bank and PO run every day. They are very smug about it too. I guess I would be smug too though so I dont really begrudge them. All you bank and PO people, I love you but today I am just resentful as hell LOL!

I found this Pic on Perez's blog this morning and thought I would post it, I know there are alot of fellow Grease fans out there. Olivia looks great and healthy! She is a long term cancer survivor. She looks like Kathy Hilton in this pic though.


Sunday, January 15, 2006

I had a Homer Simpson moment.....

I wrote about missing the OC so I could watch My Name is Earl this week. What I didn't realize was that with this new TV I got for christmas, I can watch a split screen!! DOH!!! I was reading the book today to try to figure out to do it. It looks like I can see two TV shows at the same but only listen to one. The instructions are very complicated, I think I can do alot with this TV but who knows with this instructions. They are in English, I checked but still I have no clue what it all is saying to me. Its pretty bad when a TV is smarter than you are. Up to 12 shows at a time can be on so you can decide what to watch!

I have been watching the Logo network some this weekend, it has some really cool shows and documentaries on it! I wasnt sure what to expect but I really like it. Right Now Xena is on. Gotta love that Xena!


Saturday, January 14, 2006

Call Me Deacon Blues....

I was in my car running some errands this morning listening to the radio. Radio here sucks bigtime. I end up punching the dial relentlessly, searching for something new and fresh in vain. Not one station here has played anything by Hot Hot Heat or well, anything new. Anyway, today the classic rock station played 3 songs in a row by Steely Dan! I used to LOVE Steely Dan and had quite forgotten about Walter and Donald. I remembered all the words to the songs. My Old school still doesnt make sense to me, although I got they dont wanna go back Anandale. Anyway, this isnt much of a post but hearing great old music is like an old forgotten friend and it made me happy.

"They got a name for the winners in the worldI want a name when I me Deacon Blues........."


Friday, January 13, 2006

New Drugs and work SUCKS

Warning...whining follows....

I went to my yearly appointment with the cardiologist, things are worse which I knew because I could feel it. He is changing my meds, and wants me to cut back more on work hours. Well. the cutting back on my hours went over like a lead boss acted pissed at me! Really. Gone is the sympathy. She actually was hateful. I dont know what I am going to do. And stress is bad for me he says so I am trying not to stress out about it.

On the good side of things though, I know its too early to tell but I think I am not as tired on this new meds. Wishful thinking, maybe but I really felt better yesterday.

Then last night I find the schedulers at the networks have both of my favorite shows on at the same time now!! Now, I dont watch alot of network TV but I love My Name is Earl and The OC. I had to choose because I dont have a working VCR or Tivo. GRRRRRRRRRRRR. I watched My Name is Earl , thank gooness it was good cuz if it was lousy and I missed my OC for nothing........


Monday, January 09, 2006

Dog Food Issues...

The dog food we were using was recalled because it caused some dogs to die due to Mold on the corn that was used to make the food. Or something like that. Our dogs only ate 2 meals out of the tainted bag before we found out, but I saw on NBC tonight that just eating one meal could case fatal liver damage!! ACKKKKKKKK! My dogs dont act sick and still are eating like minature horses (well they would eat like horses if we let them) so I think they escaped any damage. I hope so. Its been over a month and we have yet to settle on a dog food that is reasonably priced and good for them. I would love to feed the high end expensive stuff but with 8 dogs and fosters sometimes we need to go as cheap as we can without resorting to Ole Roy or something. I bought some more Diamond food tonight, the lamb and rice and now its made with NO corn so I figure its safe. I hope so anyway.

Oh...and if you want a chuckle...I didnt realize Hubby forgot to dog food and when I got home he had a Migraine brewing and so I had to go get the food. I HATE going back out after I am settled in for the night. Anyway, I forgot to change my shoes and had to go into the feed, lawn and garden store in my SLIPPERS! Yes the gawd awful butt ugky but comfy as hell slippers. to quote Thora....meh.


Sunday, January 08, 2006

This one has me quite stumped....

I was tagged yesterday, and I am having a hard time coming up with 3 things I do that no one knows about...well I can think of a couple things that I cant share them!! ack!! I have racked my wee brain all day. So I may modify it a little....

1. this is something I dont do. In the winter, I go sometimes for weeks without shaving my legs. I am not very hairy, so its not that much of an issue and I dont wear dresses in the winter. I have one friend that was totally freaked out by this if anybody who reads this is.... just deal with it. LOL

2. This is something I did. I did the Opposite of Sherry, 15 years ago I had a breast reduction. I hated my breasts!! I was miserable. I have always hated them...I developed early and was teased alot as a kid. I realize now that the other girls were jealous maybe cuz they couldnt wait to get them, and some of them developed quite late. The surgery was the best thing I have ever done for myself. It was painful...very painful but I would do it again in a heartbeat! I had 3 1/2 lbs of boobs removed.

3. I am addicted to the internet. Seriously. If something goes wrong with my computer I am the one freaking out. I actually go through withdrawel if I cant get online. We dont have internet at work, but most of my time at home is online. Hubby is too, so we sit side by side at our desk that he built for 2 computers. Now I have my laptop so I have a backup!! ha...yes I know I am pathetic.

Now I get to Tag people...mahahahaha! I really dont remember who I tagged last time. Oh well. Gary, Nicki and Boob sweat.


Saturday, January 07, 2006

Who Loves Lazy Jammie days??? I do do!!

Yes I am claiming this day and making it Mel's Lazy day! The Canadian is gone racing (remote controls cars, its a guy thing I guess) and will be gone ALL day. I am gonna take naps if I want and stay in my jammies all freaking day if I want!! Its MY day. I was tired this past week. I am tired alot, and I am so tired of being tired!! I go to the Cardiologist wendsday but he hasnt been real helpful. I am lucky to be here, I am lucky I respond to drugs yeah yeah yeah. I know. But does he REALLY know how I feel? I dont think so, he doesnt have 25% heart function, so how can he really know? I dont like to whine so you wont see many posts like this. I know I am luckier than most, and I am here. SO I am maxin and relaxin and chillin and having myself a quiet lay around day. GO me! wooot! Of course I have laundry and dust staring at me but I am going to try to ignore them! ha.

OH I reread my last post and it sounded like I caught Tom Green Smoking! hahaha! I found a picture of him smoking, it could have been an old before cancer picture. But it looked funny like I just walked in on him and caught him. Nope I have never caught Tom Green doing anything, never met the man although his blog is great, check it out!

OK back to being Lazy. The picture is of my 2 greyhounds Jeopardy and Wylie, looking out the door waiting on the Canadian to come home. The bitches sure love him haha. I have learned laziness from greyhounds, they have a masters in Lazy. I am not worthy! People think they are high enegry because they race them...HA!


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Cancer sucks....

My friend's sister lost her 7 year battle with cancer yesterday. It was bad, not at the end but she really suffered before that. I am trying to find some faith in something that would explain the senslessness of it all. I have tried to have faith in the past but I have a hard time with that. She was 44 years old.

Anyway, I am staying upbeat. I couldnt think of a picture to post so I thoiught I would post a picture of a cancer survivor. Lance Armstrong came to mind but then I settled on Tom Green. I like Tom Green, he makes me laugh. Although I found of him smoking and I hope he has quit by now. Isn't that like feeding cancer?


Monday, January 02, 2006

Movies VS Books

I watched a couple of clasic movies yesterday, they were on TMC and I had never seen them before. They were Sunset Boulevard and To Kill a Mockingbird. Sunset Boulevard was on first, I couldn't believe how risque it was for the times. They didnt show anything but it sure was implied. When it went off I got up and started to do some stuff around the house. The Candian was listening the the TV while he worked on the cabinets in the kitchen and he told me that to Kill a Mockingbird was coming on and I should watch it. I wasnt interested but he had read the book in school and was raving about how good it was. Hubby is not a book reader at all so I watched it. It was awesome and moving and just a wonderful movie. When it was over I went online to to order a copy of the book. He asked me "Why would you want to read the book when you just saw the movie?" OH OH OH ...he doesnt get it. To me any great book is so much better than the movie..they cant tell the whole story in a movie. Books are precious and irreplaceable to me. I know why I never read this in school. I grew up in the 60's and and was right in the middle of desegration in a southern State. I was bused to an intercity school until my parents moved to sububia. Even in suburbia, i think the teachers didnt want to start anything by having that book on the reading list. I could be wrong but thats my thoughts. Anyway now I cant wait to read the book, I have been reading everything online about Harper Lee I can find. And I think that little girl should have won the oscar...not Patti Duke! But I am curious as to how others feel...books or movies bloggers? Which is better?