Monday, February 27, 2006

I am tired of being considerate!!!

Ok I am about to whine yet again. I had planned on getting my packing done this past weekend. I didnt get it done because I neglected to realize that Hubby being on nights would necessitate him sleeping in the bedroom where all my stuff is. No big problem, I had laundry to do before packing anyway. I laid some stuff out but got no packing done. But I figured....he will be off on monday so I can start monday and finish Tuesday and still not be behind. If you read the previous post you KNOW how I am about planning. BUT I come home tonight and he is in bed. And is STILL in bed alseep. I would wake him but he didnt call me today so I have no way of knowing if he just went to bed before I got home or what! So its almost my bedtime now and I am still not packed and we are leaving early early wendsday!!! So I am kinda freaked. And I asked him to put some stuff on my laptop and show me how to set it up...he hasnt done that either...or checked my car for interstate travel. My car is old and worn out and I really hate driving it on the interstate. ARGGG. I am looking forward to getting away. The picture is from Last year at the event I am going to this weekend.

ON a different subject, Grey's antomy was awesome last night. I still cant get over Meredith and George., and the age old question can men and women just be friends? Not on this show!


Sunday, February 26, 2006

I am a weird person..

Just took this personality test for lack of anything better to do. OK I do have stuff to do, but its not fun stuff LOL. Anyway. I realized as I was anwering the questions that I am just weird. For one thing. I am not a very social person. I have a real good friend now but she didnt like me when we first met, it wasnt until we were alone together that the real me came out. I clam up in most social situations. I enjoy social situations but I clam up. Another big personality trait of mine is that I plan obessessively. I plan everything and I do NOT do spur of the moment spotaneous things well. This was a BIG problem in my first marriage. My ex is major implusive with his time, rarely plans events. He is not impulsive at work or anything like that but in his free time he doesnt need to know what he is doing next. Me I do...I need to know IN ADVANCE what I will be doing with my free time. I plan my work projects as well but not as much. I get crazy when my plans are altered or changed at the last minute. I also like my routine and hate changes, thats why the Canadian's new work schedule has affected me as much as it has him (he LOVES his new job BTW). LOL I guess thats why I get upset when the dogs wont come in when I want them too...but they are dogs, I need to realize that!

Today for instance, I have to some major grocery shopping since I will be out of town next weekend and wont be able to do it. My decision is when to go? I like to go early, but Hubby is sleeping and me coming in dragging groceries would wake him. So I guess I will go in the afternoon and time it so he will be getting up about the time I get home from the hunting and gathering. See!!! I cant even be sponanteous about a trip to grocery store!! I am turning into Monk!


Saturday, February 25, 2006

Yes I am addicted to Television.....

My name is Mel and I am a TVoholic. I always have been, even when there were only 3 channels. When we first got cable TV I stayed up nights unable to sleep with all the choices! I remember watching MTV nonstop for days, breaking for college classes and that Pesky job I had. I miss the old MTV with the VJ's. I know it sounds like I had no life, but I did. I didnt become a violent sociopath because my parents didnt moniter my TV viewing. I didnt moniter my kids TV time, although they knew they werent supposed to watch certain shows. They did anyway...I know this. Whats up with parents like Madonna...her kids dont watch TV? Come on Madonna, loosen up (I thought I would NEVER say that!) Anyway, TV has been so crappy lately that I have had to give my title as a TVoholic. There has been nothing on I want to watch obessessly. I am so over American Idol and The OC has lost my interest. BUT now I have new fav show! Grey's Atatomy. This show kicks ass! I cant wait to see what they do next. I read the writers blog and any tidbits I can find. It turns out though that I am not alone, alot of fellow Bloggers are watching. Who knew?

This week I got a card from my GYN that said that pap was normal!!!! WOOOOOT! I am normal people! after having so many abnormal ones and getting the dreaded "phone call" and having really fun procedures done I have had 2 normal paps in a row.

Now I am rambing. I am off to visit Target and see how much of my paycheck I can spend.


Friday, February 24, 2006

hurray for Friday!!!

Well this was the first morning of Hubby's new midnight shift. I started off good this morning but now its all gone downhill. The dogs are outside barking and acting up and they wont listen to me and come in!!!! GRRRR. Its 6 am, I KNOW the neighbors just love me. I am going to have to bribe them I think with treats. I had things on schedule until now. And I had to take a break and get sick because of having to move around so much. LOL I am so spoiled, when Hubby is here he does all the morning chores and even will bring me my coffee while I fight the nausea. I get so sick on my stomach when I first get up, I think that's from the meds I take before I go bed. Its not a problem if I can sit still for a while.

Now I am not whining but I have a figure out a better way to get the dogs to behave in the morning. They are SO good in the house. but they get outside and they start playing and its like I don't exist. haha...just like real kids actually!!

Speaking of whining...,I just read the People magazine interview with Britney Spears where she complains that she cant be a normal mom because of the Paparzzi. Oh...CRY me a freaking river Britney!! What is wrong with these stars that have everything EVERYTHING! and they complain because the pararzzi. She cant be a normal mom??? Normal new moms cant jet to Vegas and Hawaii at the drop of that hat. Normal new moms are dazed from the lack of sleep and having to go back to work to pay the mortgage. That girl is an idiot. I think the pararzzi should boycott her and then would she even have a career??

Not that I am bitter or anything as I take my tired ass off to work. BUT TGIF!


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

You Are Miss Piggy
A total princess and diva, you're totally in charge - even if people don't know it.You want to be loved, adored, and worshiped. And you won't settle for anything less.You're going to be a total star, and you won't let any of the "little people" get in your way.Just remember, piggy, never eat more than you can lift!
The Muppet Personality Test

I found this through Miss Mud Pie's Bog its SOOO perfect for me. I have always thought I was I was Miss Piggy, now it is confirmed.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

No Body puts Baby in a corner!

Is this the face of a pizza stealer??? Yes. Baby stole my pizza tonight. I would wish a tummyache on her but I would end up cleaning it up so I cant even wish for that. Good thing she is so cute and lovable.
I didn't need that pizza anyway.


Monday, February 20, 2006

Another posty and another manic monday...

We just got home from the service for my friends dad. I feel like I have been beat up, I can only imagine how she feels. It was short but touching and very small. She is still saying she is coming to Jekyll Island, I wasnt sure if she would come after all this.

I got another cute posty from my Secret pal! I would link to it but I dont know how yet. I am working on it though.

My bluetooth for my phone stopped working. grrrrrr. The canadian says its my phone not the bluetooth as he checked it out on his phone and he said it worked fine on his. He is loving this that I am having problems with the phone. If I hear one more time..."You had to have the cute phone, you should have gotten one like mine" I will scream! LOL. He is going to take it to Verizon this week and see if they can figure out what is wrong. I really like that bluetooth, its great for driving and cooking. I can talk to my parents and play pogo at the same time hehehe.

My dad ordered his wheelchair this week, a nice electric one. We all knew this was coming but its still very final. I warn you in blogland I will be a basket case when I lose him.

the photo is Deuce and Wylie on the couch this weekend. I wonder why we bought new furniture, as you can see there is no room for us!


Sunday, February 19, 2006

I am so not computer savy....

Most of the day today has been spent trying to get a blogroll up on my blog. I followed the instructions but so far only managed to wreck my template so I got a new one. Now I am scared to try again! I know its not THAT hard! Everyone else has done it! I guess everyone else is just smarter than me. I wanted it up so I can still go to my favorite sites while on vacation. I have to take lasix every day so that means at least 2 - 3 hours a day I have to stay in close to a bathroom. It sucks but Its something I have to do.

I am posting finally the pictures of my phone and all the goodies I got with it. Now that the time thing is fixed I am super pleased with it! I just love it. But the battery life is not as long though because its smaller, the battery is smaller. Hubby can get almost 4 days of a charge but mine only lasts about a day.

I have to call my parents this afternoon. My mom is so depressing. Everything is gloom and doom to her anymore. She used to talk about her mom getting that way and now she is her mother! Its a vicious cycle. I know, I should not feel this way. I love her dearly but I get depressed when I talk to her. At least I can still talk to her. my friend whose sister died last month dad died thursday. She has lost her whole family within 6 months! Her mom, her sister and now her dad. Its just awful! I guess I will stop complaining about my moms depression huh???


Saturday, February 18, 2006

I got a Posty! Life is good.

Here is a pic of hubby's hand...this was taken last night, almost a week after. Its amazing how fast it is healing. I tell him he heals so fast he is really an alien! I heal slow, and the least little thing will scar me.

Stuffgirl is doing good. They cut out 2 wisdom teeth and pulled the other 2. She is in some pain but really sounds ok. She is taking codiene.

I got a cool posty from my secret Pal Bumby! It made my week...thanx to Sherry for starting this secret pal thing.

Oh...I read where actor Chris Penn died of the same thing I have. Its kinda sad because he had a history of drug abuse so naturally i think alot of people thought he died from that. Its looks like he had been to a doctor and maybe misdiagnosed ( i was misdiagnosed my 2 told me I needed to take Iron!!) because he had some cough syrup he had been taking. Very sad. He was really young too.

ookie on to happier thoughts.....only 10 days until my vacation!! I am going to Sandy Paws on Jekyll Island. I went last year and had a blast. We are taking 2 extra days this years so we can more time to explore. I am going with a bunch of girls and we are sharing a villa.


Friday, February 17, 2006

Horray for Friday!!! Happy happy joy joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am always this glad when the weekend gets here. I need to sleep late and putter around the house. I need to recharge the batteries, or something like that.

No real weekend plans, we were invited to go snow tubing but the Canadian said Hell to the no! Hehe. One would think he would miss winter sports but he doesnt at all. Said he would go skiing but not with his hand messup up. Oh...I forgot to post about his hand. One night this week, he went to bed way at 6. He used to do that all the time so I didnt think much of it. But when I went to bed and turned the bedroom lights on there were drops of blood on the floor. So I am checking all the dogs to see which one is bleeding. I suspected Wylie, because it kinda looked like when she was in heat ( the dog had to be spayed TWICE she had 2 sets of reproductive weird is that?). After I insulted and violated her but checking her butt, I couldnt find anyone bleeding. Hmmm. It turns out Hubby had cut the hell out of his hand using the circular saw (I think thats whats it called, I dont know tools) . It probably needed stitches but being the he man he wrapped it up to stop the bleeding and passed out. I had no clue. Cluess as usual. Anyway, its better but its still bad. He really should have had it looked at, he might have done some tendon damage. Men!

The daughter is having her wisdom teeth out today. She is beyond thrilled...not. But she got her drivers license this week too. The pic is her with her wisdom teeth LOL. Notice the picture of Spike on her wall.


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Where for art thou Secret Pal??

Sherry started a Secret pal Blogger group and I am just too excited for words! I have to fill out this list do my secret person can learn more about me.

1. Favorite candy/cookies/snack food. Popcorn, pretzels, salty stuff. Linders Milk chocolate truffles are my favorite candy....hmmmm they are so so good...melt in your mouth...smack your momma good!! hehee. My favorite salty snack is Puff n corn...its like popcorn without the hull. I crave salty food which I am NOT supposed to have.

2. Favorite type of music Alternative rock, classic rock and some top 40 pop. NO country music please! My parents shoved country music down my throat growing up and I just cant listen to it any more! Although, I can watch Kenny Chesney videos all day...oh does he sing??? ha!

3. Favorite scent I like fruity floral or tropical smells. Victoria's secret Lovespell, or endless love are reallllly nice.

4. Birthday 9/16/60

5. Anniversary 12/23

6 Other Special date My kids Birthdays 11/20 and 5/22

7. I celebrate Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah/other Christmas in a bah humbug kinda way

8. Pets? (type of pet & their name) Oh now you will be sorry. OK I have 8 dogs, 5 Greyhounds, a chihuahua, a min pin and an Italian Greyhound. Names Raven, Mocha, Jeopardy. Melvin, Deuce, Wylie, Jazzy Pinkfeet and last of all the Baby aka Star.

9. Married? Yeppers!

10. Do you read? (tell what your favorite thing to read is) I LOVE to read! I read anything and everything. I love romance, not the bodice ripping type but the funny contemporary stuff. I cant read murder mysteries too much cuz I am really paraniod and when hubby is on night shift I would obesses about stuff like that.

11. Favorite color? pink!! Can you tell?? LOL. I love purple too.

12. Do you collect anything? What is it Flamingos, Chihuahua and greyhound stuff (figurines, Tshirts ect). Minature teasets.

13. Any hobbies? Reading and blogging, surfing the net and playing games on

14. Favorite drink. Tim Hortons Coffee....the best ever and I am almost out hint hint!! LOL. I get it off ebay unless I can con some of the Canadian's relatives to send some.

15. Favorite vacation place Someplace tropical. I am going to Jekyll Island in 2 weeks woot!

16. List anything else that you can think of that may help your Secret Pal to get to know you a little better. I like smelly candles. I like to watch movies. I like to take pictures of stuff. I hate Licorice and seeing doggies live their lives on a chain...makes me wanna sneak into people's yards and liberate them!

Well thats it Thats me. Happy hump day. Day 3 of Hubby's new schedule. I dont like it much but the pay is good and he says its easy so far. He likes it and thats all that matters.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Surviving Valentines day....

Alot of people complain about valentines as commercialized, or that it makes those who are single have a bad day. None of that relates to me. I just try to survive. Valentines days is cursed for me, and I really dont know why. Example....3 years ago on valentines I was walking my Wylie. She was a puppy then but she was full size (about 50 lbs) . The grass was wet it had been raining. Hubby pulled into the driveway and as soon as she saw him she took off. 45 miles an hour is how fast they can go and get to that speed in some cases in 2 strides. I believe it. My feet slipped and she dragged me onto the concrete drive chin first. First time in my life I ever passed out. I had a lovely trip to the Er to get 7 stitches and treated for a concussion. Other valentines night...I wake up unable to breath. The start of my heart failure incident. Another valentines. I fall down 2 flights of steps...backwards. (dont ask). So when valentines comes around I dont sweat the tokens of affection, I am sweating waiting to see what is going to happen this year! I didnt have long to wait. I woke up at 3 am this morning in terrible pain. I know that pain. Its a lovely bladder infection for valentines. Haha, though, the tables are turned on you evil valentines day...I have drugs left over from my last bout with this!!! I have beaten the VD demon. I think I am going to bed now though, I dont want to press my luck any further.

My pink phone was my present and a sweet sappy card. AWWWW. Mailed my kids choxie candies from target...they love candy. Stuffgirl thrives on sugar. My son will eat pretty much anything thats not tied down. Perfect gifts for them. I got the canadian his very own black bluetooth as he was lusting after my pink one. That bluetooth is awesome. look ma no hands!


Monday, February 13, 2006

OK here is the picture I tried to post last night. Disturbing isn's it?? Yoko took this, and it has some religious signifigance, kinda like an altar to him. The water respresents nurishment to help him on his journey to the other side. I dont know what to think of this picture, but its an image that will stay will be forever now.


Sunday, February 12, 2006

John Lennon musings.......

They had a beatles block of music on the oldies station today. It made me think of John Lennon and what a waste that he died at 40. I came home and read up him. I really didnt know that much about him. I wasa born in 1960 and the beatles were just there. I was too young to know what their music meant. I liked it ok but they played them constantly so I guess I took them for granted. Listening back I realize how genius his music was. But get this...he was a wife beater! Geez I did NOT know that....he who championed peace. I understand he regretted this later in life but still. I read quotes from him where he admitted it. People who are genuises though usually have problems . Also he was addicted to herion. I didnt know that either, although I knew he did drugs, I think they all did.

They are filming a movie about the guy that shot him. I think this is awful, for once I agree with Yoko. They actually filmed outside the Dakota., where she still lives. That Chapman guy is getting the attention he wanted. sad.

On the phone front...I got the pink phone and its so purdy!! I also got a pink case and a pink bluetooth headset. I love the phone but there is a problem with the time on keeps locking up. There is a software fix and I spent most of the day in Verizon trying to get it fixed. I was there for like 3 hours, and I was tired and grumpy when they told me for some reason they couldnt complete the download and I would have to bring it back another day. I wasnt happy. Bt what can you do? It works good and I used the hell out of it today (free weekends I call my parents and relatives) so I guess all is well. The canadian offered to take it back on his day off, thank goodness I just dont think I could face that place again this week. It was sooooo busy and the lines were awful. Maybe phones are the valentine of choice this year?? great thing was I got a $100 trade in credit and $100 mail in rebate so it really was cheaper than my other phone.

Its late and I hope the spelling is right in this.... OH I had a picture of Lennons blood splattered glasses but it wont let me post pics tonight.


Friday, February 10, 2006

Paint the mother pink!

I remain clueless as to how men think today. It amazes me when men complain that they dont understand women. Women are easy! At least I am. It takes very little to make me happy. Really. Honestly. I have started the Memiors of a Geisha, maybe after I read this I will have some clue about men. Actually just one man, If I could just figure out the one I live with I will be doing good.

Because of events this week on the home front, I have decided to get what I REALLY really want (no its not zig a zang ah), the Pastel pink motorola Razr phone. Verizon just lowered the price of the pink one to he same price as the black one. It pretty much is like the one the Canadian got. so after playing with his and going to the store today to check out the samsung 950 I have decided I really like the motorola features better. I like the wide screen and larger font. I have poor eyesight and can barely see the screen on the 850. The camera is WAY better in either one but ....well...I just love the pink!!!! I love it I love it! I want bling on it too LOL Gawd I am SUCH a girl. I cant help it. As a girl I always wanted a tiara and never ever got the pink phone is like that. If I dont get it I will always be kicking myself and wondering if life would be better with a tiara/pink phone. I like the samsung 950 but its icky red. blech. So not me. I go tomorrow so make the decision or red. sure its $100 more for pink but really I am so worth it.


I will never understand men.......

Yes, this is the truth. I just dont get them. And it makes me wanna scream ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! Maybe in my next life I will be a lesbian so so maybe maybe I can understand my partner. Cuz I dont get it now. I dunno women can be pretty mean to each other too. Maybe I am better being clueless. All I can say is I BETTER have a something given to me on valentines day. I dont care what but I better get something after this week!!!!!!

I went to the dinner after all. The girl at work actually apologized to me for being so scary...thats the word she used "scary" LOL. I guess she was hormonal. I was surprised, she usually doenst apologize. Me, I apologize for everything, things that are not fault I apologize for. I wish I could stop but thats another story. Anyway, we all went and it was OK. It wasnt as much fun as I thought though, maybe a pall was cast over the event after all that.

I hate my new cell phone, I have a sanyo scha850 and the screen is too small and it keeps turning off for no reason. I had to take it back yesterday and have them reset it. I have decided this one is not for me. I will have this phone for 2 years probably so I want to get something I like. Any advice out there as to what I should get? a friend said the samsung scha950 is better and its red! I dunno about red, I am more of a pink gal.


Wednesday, February 08, 2006


A co worker told me I was selfish yesterday. See, there is an ex coworker that had quit and we have been trying since Decemeber to get together with her. Anyway, I called her and set up the time and the resturant and her and I were going out but I also told the others at work (but NOT the bosses) so they could come if they wanted to. This one other coworker, called other people and asked a bunch of people to come too. She kinda took over, which was ok I guess. But she is POed because I had already chose a restuarant last week when I was setting this up before she got involved. Bottom line is I guess she does not want to go there. She came over to my desk and said I was selfish and only thinking of myself. Well, yeah, I didnt know wthe whole world was coming! I dunno, I have thought about not going at all but then that would give her satisfaction. I do know I will never ever ask a group of people again. Someone had as their blog topic Mean People suck true!!

I had all kinds of issues with my new cell phone yesterday, it is so different that what I am used to. LOL I didnt bring the book and could not figure out how to get it off speaker phone. I dont even know how I got it on there LOL! But I think I am taming the technological beast. I have 15 days to decide if I am keeping this so I want to be sure. BUT the best thing is I am in my daughters network now and she called me last night (boyfriend issues), and we talked for 1/2 hour for free! Now she call me when she wants. See, in the past, she rarely called and her excuse was she could only call on her dads cell phone. Then she got a phone for christmas but would only call on nights or weekends. I am just thrilled she called me at 7 on a tuesday for no reason! Now to get my son a phone in this network.


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What a monday!!!

Actually monday was beboppping along just fine until I got home. I got a new cell phone so I had to play with it and add all my contacts and all that and it was 7 before I decided to feed the dogs...BUT there was NO dogfood!! To quote my friend Mike "shit and Crap!". I ask hubby if he picked up dogfood...he just sat there shaking his head. He had already changed clothes so that meant I had to go out. But it was after 7 and everything was closed!!! (small town living at its worst) The feed store closed, the pet store closed. So I went to the grocery store where some 18 year old high school dropout decided it would be really cool to back up into my car! Did I mention it was POURING rain?? LOL. So I stood in the rain for 20 mintues getting his info. He didnt even know he hit me! He was driving a big SUV thing and I drive a neon, one of the most dangerous cars in America (really it is! How lucky am I??) Believe me when an SUV hits a neon the person in the Neon feels it.

But I got a new cell phone like I said so all is good. I am IN the network now hahhahahahaha!! I am in! I feel special now. Hehehe. I love my cell phone...I am addicted to it. sad isnt it?


Sunday, February 05, 2006

Greyhound surfing the web....

I have nothing today, so someone asked if I would post more dog pics. LOL Be careful what you ask for cuz I love to take pictures of the mutts! This is Miss Jeopardy checking out the internet. She often will stand and stare at the screen just like she is reading it or something. I would think she is just terribly smart for a dog but she also drinks out the toliet when there is always fresh water in the kitchen.

My day was too boring to write about...I got my laundry done though...and I have already cooked tomorrow nights dinner!!! woohooo! GO me!


Saturday, February 04, 2006

Brokeback Mountain

I saw that movie today and wow. What an awesome movie. Of course I cried though, no one told me someone dies in it...although with it being an Oscar contender I should have guessed. It was just gorgeous, the scenery, the way the camera work was done. Heck I dont know anything about making movies but you can tell the director was going for a certain look. The acting was flawless. I was very surprised by Heath Ledger (who has been my daughters biggest crush for about 5 years now), he seems very Tommy Lee Jones in this. I think alot of people might miss out on this because of the subject matter, but I am glad I saw it. Hehe...Mel gives it 2 thumbs up!

I had to go get more blood drawn today because they messed up thursday but it wasnt bad. The lady recognized me and whisked me on back where they took 10!!!!!! vials. I am done with all that for a while anyway now.

Only one more month until my vacation woooohooooooooo


Thursday, February 02, 2006

My day as a human Pincushion....

Today I went the hospital, I had a glouclose tolerance test and an MRI which is am sure costs more than I make in a month. Thank goodness for insurance, I really am grateful for that. I was there from 8am until 2. I read a whole book. I got complimented twice on my shoes. (my cheap 6.99 freds shoes) I have many holes and bruises in my arms. I have bad veins, and am allergic to the tape they use so I look like a junkie! But when I called work to explain how late I was and I just had to eat(I was fasting and by 2 my hands were shaking) and then I would come in, my boss told me not to, that it was slow and they didnt need me! So that was good. I was able to go the DMV and get my handicapped thingy for my car which I hadnt had time to do! That was good because they dont open on saturdays here. Also, there was no line...woohooo! Thats unheard of! Anyway, I made a photo montage of my day. I spared you the sight of my pincushioned rashy arms though.

The canadian's job will not start next week, but the week after. The shifts are 7-7 so he wont be getting home until 7:30 or 8 am. I dont think the dogs will wait that long when I get up at 5:30. But I have a plan now so all is well.


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Boredom makes you do strange things....

Nicki said she was bored last night and posted some awesome pictures of herself. It make me think of this picture of stuffgirl aka the daughter. This is what she does when she is bored. LOL She has too much time on her hands. But her job is seasonal and its starts back up in march I think so I am sure she will be complaining that she doesnt have time to be bored then.

I am miffed at the Canadian. He doesnt seem to recognize that I have valid concerns about the mornings. The issue is, the basement steps. Physically I am not able to tackle them until I have been up for about an hour....something to do with my fluchtuating blood pressure and the drugs I am on. 2 of the dogs will NOT go down the deck steps upstairs and will only go outside through the basement door. He says he has tried to teach but they are not having it. So they will have to learn to wait for an hour in the AM instead of going immediately. Surely that is not too much of a dog that was rescued??? LOL